Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 Duggan Associates Ltd has become one of the Midland’s leading architectural design and planning firms – a feat it has accomplished in five short years of business. During this time, it has faced dozens of challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues. However, in spite of these issues, Duggan Associates Ltd has blossomed and become a recognisable face within the industry. Best Architectural Design & Planning Firm - Midlands BllendDesign is a multidisciplinary design and research office developing unique identities in the fields of architecture, landscape, interiors, furniture, and lighting design. In light of the firm’s extraordinary awards success, we take a closer look. Best Multidisciplinary Design & Research Office - Athens

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Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 3 Contents 4. Duggan Associates Ltd: Best Architectural Design & Planning Firm - Midlands 6. BllendDesign & Research Office: Best Multidisciplinary Design & Research Office - Athens 8. Project1 Studio: Best Commercial Architecture Firm - Eastern Ontario 10. SIMPLY OAK™: Leading Suppliers of White Oak Flooring Products 2022 12. B Russo Designs: Best Hospitality Architecture Firm - SouthCentral USA 14. DDBranding: Most Influential Design Branding & PR Company - China 16. Habitations: Best Home Improvements & Architecture Support Firm - Southeast USA 18. kiklos architects: Best Boutique Architectural Design Studio - Middle East 19. Austin Fox Architecture: Best Emerging Full-Service Architecture & Planning Firm - South Florida 20. Studio VA: Best Architectural Design & Refurbishment Studio – London 21. George El Khouri Architects: Most Community-Focused Architecture Practice – Australia & BUILD Design Innovation Award 2022 22. BGStudio: Best Architecture & Interior Design Firm 2022 – Albania & Healthcare Project of the Year (Balkans): Biodent - Dental Clinic 23. Vallee architecture: Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Firm - Greater Montreal 24. SMD+: Best Design Management Advisory Firm - London 25. AD&D (Architecture Design & Development): Best Architectural & Interior Consultancy - UAE 26. YDS Architects: Most Innovative Architecture Practice 2022 - Japan 27. Graphite Security Ltd: Best Commercial Security Design Consultancy - England & Wales 28. Urban A&O: Most Innovative Sustainable Design Firm – USA & Best Industrial / Commercial Development Design (USA): Project Energos 29. Skala Studio Ltd: Best Health-Orientated Design Company - South East England 30. Expo Convention Contractors: Best Trade Show & Special Events Contractor - South Florida 31. Nanna Lagerman: Best Public Space Interior Design Studio – Nordic Region & Most Innovative Workspace Design: The Lamb 32. Geveko Markings: Best Road Marking Solutions Provider 2022 33. wedi: Best Shower & Wet Room Systems Supplier 2022 - Australasia 34. Arkio: Leading Providers of Architect & Designer Collaboration Tools 2022 35. AO Design Studio: Best Emerging Regional Design Studio 2022 – NSW & Rising Stars in Sustainable Building Design 2022 - NSW 36. AXD Architects: Best High-End Furniture Showroom - Mexico City 37. Murat Gedik: Best Architectural Futuristic Concept Design Practice - Turkey 38. Salagnac Arquitectos: Best Tropical-Style Architecture Company - Costa Rica 39. Kimberly Brown Architecture: Best Civic & Cultural Architecture Firm – USA & Most Innovative Sport Centre Design (USA): Metropolitan Oval Sports Facility, Queens 40. Harmony World Consultant and Design (HWCD): Most Innovative Luxury Hotel Interior Design Firm 2022 41. Scientia Architects: Best Laboratory Architecture & Design Specialists 2022 - Southern USA 42. HF Planners, LLC: Best Work Environment Planning & Design Firm - Northeast USA

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 4 May22070 ver the past five years, Duggan Associates Ltd has lent its knowledge to an assortment of architecture projects across the United Kingdom. As a result, its portfolio heaves with over 115 projects spanning across both the public and private sectors and has culminated in the acquisition of three prestigious awards, including BUILD 2021, for Best Architecture & Development Firm - Midlands 2021, Retail Project of the Year - Midlands 2021, and the Corporate Livewire 2021 Awards. Indeed, in its short lifetime, Duggan Associates Ltd has accomplished great success. This is, in part, thanks to its high-quality architecture services that cover projects from their inception to completion. Duggan Associates Ltd typically takes on roles such as handover management, principal designers, and contract administrators. It fulfils such positions for a range of projects – office, residential, commercial, industrial, and heritage plans – within which it strives to deliver meaningful and responsible designs to its clients. Duggan Associates Ltd has undertaken projects across the United Kingdom with a particular focus on the Midlands area. One project saw the company work with a popular coffee shop chain, for whom it oversaw the project drawings, and took on the roles of architect and principal contractor. Moreover, throughout this project, the team had to overcome an array of challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. The global crisis resulted in material shortages and supply logistical issues. O Duggan Associates Ltd has become one of the Midland’s leading architectural design and planning firms – a feat it has accomplished in five short years of business. During this time, it has faced dozens of challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues. However, in spite of these issues, Duggan Associates Ltd has blossomed and become a recognisable face within the industry. Best Architectural Design & Planning Firm - Midlands

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 5 However, the Duggan Associates Ltd team were equipped to overcome the aforementioned obstacles and delivered the 1800sqft. project in six months. Additionally, in collaboration with RDC Ltd., the company aided with achieving planning permission for 40 houses with an adoptable road and landscaping. The project then proceeded to the construction phase. On top of this, Duggan Associates Ltd provided its expertise from inception to handover and assisted in procuring an affordable housing partner for 12 of the 40 houses. In order to consistently produce premium projects with a fast turnaround, Duggan Associates Ltd strives to abide by a stringent planning process. The company’s approach involves information gathering, communication, pro-active planning, and coordinating upfront material chains. Furthermore, due diligence and planning in advance, through all of the above criteria, has enabled Duggan Associates Ltd to increase programme performance, and provide more reliable delivery in accordance with its clients’ expectations. For Duggan Associates Ltd, the client is at the epicentre of business. It endeavours to prioritise the client and the subsequent brief at all times, maintaining a great awareness as to what the project entails. The clients wants and requirements are paramount to the bespoke methods that the company utilises. This approach is necessary in an industry that is built upon clientcentricity, and Duggan Associates Ltd wholeheartedly embodies this attitude. The company distinguishes itself from its cohort by streamlining the architecture role, combining it with a solid set of unwavering core values. By infusing this into its operations, Duggan Associates Ltd is then able to reduce communication lag and can allow for its clients to have more direct oversight into the process – more inclusion – and gives them the confidence to allow the company to act in their best interest. Crafted by Sean Duggan, Duggan Associates Ltd’s founder, this devotion to the client greatly reflects his experience within the industry. Sean boasts an extensive architecture career, beginning with his BSc in Architecture from Anglia Ruskin University where he gained a Special Commendation from the Director of Studies & Awards Board. Prior to the creation of Duggan Associates Ltd in 2017, Sean spent time working for multiple architecture firms, and has furthered his skills by sitting on the boards of numerous organisations, such as the esteemed Royal Institute of British Architects. The company has experienced a number of trials, with the most notable being the Covid-19 pandemic. In the post-Covid era, Duggan Associates Ltd has noted that many challenges are stemming from logistics in the delivery of materials and maintaining client expectations. On a broader scale, the current financial situation in the United Kingdom is causing a number of potential obstacles. Duggan Associates, under Sean’s leadership, has developed an array of proactive techniques that have aided it through a plethora of challenges and allowed it to consistently priorities its clients interests. Henceforth, Duggan Associates Ltd has walked onto the path of success, and it is continuing to gain higher levels of prestige. Going forwards, the company hopes to continue to serve clients and communities with exceptional architecture services, exceeding their expectations at every turn. It plans to use its expertise to deliver meaningful and responsible designs to its clients whilst growing its team and further bolstering a collaborative network within the construction community. As such, throughout 2022 and beyond, Duggan Associates Ltd intends to continue delivering substantial projects in size and number. Contact: Sean Duggan Company: Duggan Associates Ltd Web Address:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 6 Apr22683 llendDesign has acquired a reputation working in residential properties and commercial branded environments, which in their majority have received international distinctions, including the Gold International A’ Design Award for the Agora Floreasca Urban Theory Leisure Mall in Bucharest, and Europe’s Best Leisure Interior for Rook Cafe Delicatessen, a food and beverage space that was developed in a site of archaeological interest and roots in Greece. Co-Founder and Design & Research Director, Helen Brasinika comments, “We feel blessed and very proud that our work has received wide and international recognition, bearing the credentials of very prestigious and established international design competitions.” From the very beginning, BllendDesign has embraced an understanding of the enormous impact a building and its surrounding environment can have on life and wellbeing. Every project it undertakes therefore starts from the axiom of ‘people first’, and by incorporating research-informed data, the team aims to bring or realign the balance of all the elements that constitute the surrounding environment. Helen Brasinika was born in Greece, but lived abroad for many years, from which she gained an insight into the multi-cultural and educational backgrounds of different continents and infused them into her approach towards design and lifestyle in general. This includes the far east and its holistic approach to every organism, playing a vital role in treating the natural and man-made environment from an organic perspective. Helen and the team choose to apply this approach in every phase of the design process, allowing elements from various disciplines to be incorporated in order to achieve the client’s visions and goals without compromising on the company’s social mission. The focus of BllendDesign gradually developed from small scale residential and office projects in Attiki and Athens, to getting commissioned for upper scale and demanding projects that require expertise and know-how in the healthcare, hospitality, and commercial sectors all over Greece. During the past eight years, it has expanded abroad by getting involved in the design, research, execution, and project management BllendDesign is a multidisciplinary design and research office developing unique identities in the fields of architecture, landscape, interiors, furniture, and lighting design. In light of the firm’s extraordinary awards success, we take a closer look. B for very demanding commercial and residential projects in Bulgaria, Bucharest, and Emirates. Speaking of this journey, Helen says, “It is a transforming and sometimes painful evolution that demands diligence, focus, daily education to remain knowledgeable, efficiency, and effectiveness in a rapidly evolving and competitive sector. “When I say painful, I mean that you constantly have to try to find balances, realign, negotiate, and keep a healthy distance in order to give the best at work, and focus on family as well. Travel and cultural immersion is my way of recharging inspiration ‘powerbacks’.” Every time the team begins a new project, it sparks inspiration and a determination to work hard in order to deliver an architecture project that is always better than the last. Helen states, “We work hard in order to give our best design concept and essence, and we love every project we have designed so far, no matter how big or small.” BllendDesign is currently involved in projects within urban regeneration and residential design in Greece and Bucharest, as well as hospitality design and wellness. The focus, as always, is on sustainability, adaptive re-use, and energy efficiency, innovation, and resilience. All projects follow a people-first initiative, implementing experiential data, material, and technology innovation, while balancing the relationship with Best Multidisciplinary Design & Research Office - Athens

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 7 the natural and built environment. The main aim is to create spaces that will contribute to empowering a state of wellbeing in peoples’ daily lives. And projects certainly come with their challenges, namely the covid-19 pandemic, when the team had to maintain high standards despite the fluctuating market prices, material availability, and human workforce shortage. The positive aspect of this disruptive period, however, turned out to be that people became more aware of their surroundings and their strong impact on their daily balance and wellbeing. Healthy air, lighting and safety have gained an important place in spatial design, whether it involves residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. For BllendDesign, the pandemic determined the need to stay committed and dedicated to its initial focus on human-centred design of resilient spaces. Indeed, the team maintained those high standards, having recently designed two luxury residential projects in Athens Southern Suburbs, Varkiza and Vouliagmeni. The projects currently at the construction and final execution drawings phase, incorporated intelligent management of LED lighting with occupancy sensors which adjust the intensity of the lighting according to the natural light flowing into the space and the presence or movement of people. Natural vegetation was chosen, always supported by water supply systems and exploitation of rainwater with hidden tanks for water collection, management and fire extinguishing options in case of emergency. This approach aims to restore the human relationship with the natural environment and the biorhythms of health and wellbeing, in a setting that nurtures safety, balance and security. Another project that the team is proud of completing is its award-winning Agora Floreasca Urban Theory, a leisure mall in Bucharest which is focused on creating a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy food and beverages, alongside physical and mind rejuvenation all day long. The mall officially opened to the public just before the covid outbreak. Helen gives an insight into what went into the project: “We really think the meticulous attention to detail, use of innovative and certified products, successful lighting design, and focus on people and how they experience their surrounding environment in order the maximise their benefit was really successful. We established the place as a meeting spot that emits a sense of security, safety, and a relaxed, ambient environment that enables people to relax and connect.” Now more than ever, BllendDesign values the need to create spaces that live and evolve together with their inhabitants, and the team will continue its strong effort in this direction. All of its current and future projects will follow the path of designing spaces that take responsibility towards contributing and forging the right circumstances for occupants to achieve balance and wellbeing at in their homes, at work, and in recreation environments. All of this cannot be achieved without studying nature and incorporating the lessons learn so far to inform better design. Company: BllendDesign & Research Office Contact: Helen Brasinika, Design & Research Director, Co-Founder Email: [email protected] Website:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 8 May22213 here are not many cities in North America that have entirely different cultures in close proximity, but that is what you find in Ottawa. On either side of the river, you go from Ontario (Mainly English speaking) to Quebec (Mainly French speaking). While the popular consensus is that this is a limitation, they see this as a huge opportunity to add diversity and interest into the urban fabric of their metropolitan area. When Ryan and Danielle founded Project1 Studio, they noticed that there was a number of Canadian cities that were smaller than Ottawa with architectural practices that were really doing exceptional work, so they thought, “Why can’t this happen in Ottawa?” They went on to build a firm with the desire to do something different and to break the mould of typical local practices, which meant starting with a core set of values that were more ambitious than simply getting work and generating revenue. These founding values relate to why they do what they do. It is not a mission statement, it is closer to a set of core beliefs defining the firm and why the team continues to push, reflect, and innovate day after day. These are: believing in the value of an open mind; believing that the quality of the built environment has a profound impact on how we live our lives; and believing in crafting thoughtful projects that are beautiful, efficient, and challenge the status quo. Ryan tells us, “These beliefs have informed our decision making as a firm, both at the scale of the individual project and in terms of the strategic direction of the firm. We believe that as architects we bear a huge responsibility in the evolution of our built environment because we are creating the backdrop in which people will live their lives. From being part of the skyline of a city to designing the apartment where someone might experience personal milestones, the impact that design can have on enhancing lives cannot be understated. Every project needs to be unique, and needs to speak to context, proposed use of the building, and it needs to be authentic to its urban setting.” An example of this is one the larger projects the studio is currently developing, a 20-storey residential building in an existing urban neighbourhood. The site is at the corner of a ‘bow-tie’ intersection which creates a sharp point on the lot, and this is something Project1 wanted to express in the design, with the owner being quick to make reference to the Flatiron building in New York City. Ryan explains, “We highlighted the geometry of the site in the expression of the building, with the podium levels coming to a very sharp point. We also wanted to express height, and we achieved this by aligning balconies on the short elevation to enhance the verticality of the project. It will be a striking building that will improve the area and is already getting attention.” However, as is typical with the process, there has been push back from the community and city planning staff. There are questions about height, about density, about car traffic, all of which are things that Project1 hears about all the time. Ryan comments, “The dilemma in these conversations is that T Project1 Studio (Project1) was founded by husband and wife, Danielle Powell and Ryan Koolwine almost nine years ago. With a passion for their location of the city of Ottawa, Ryan and Danielle really believe in its potential to be something unique, an inspirational hub for an aspirational architecture firm. We got in touch with Ryan to learn more. Best Commercial Architecture Firm - Eastern Ontario

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 9 everyone agrees that suburban sprawl needs to be reduced and that we should be building more densely, but as soon as you propose density you are met with loud opposition.” This is where the team has seen the unexpected benefit of the post-covid way of doing things. Previously, there would have been community meetings, typically gathering residents that have set aside their typical evening routine to come to a community hall and speak in opposition to the project. In general, people who are in favour (or at least not opposed) of a project will not go out of their way to sit in a room and speak up against angry neighbours, so the entire conversation can take a very negative tone even though it is not actually reflective of the opinion of the community at large. With virtual meetings, people are able to join without leaving home and there has been a lot more positive comments about proposed projects now… at least in the chat section! So, how does Project1 approach working on a project in the first place? Ryan tells us, “Understanding the goals and objectives of the client is always the first step. We are design professionals, and we are adeptly skilled at crafting architecture and interiors, but we are in the service industry. We begin by working with our clients to understand what their broad goals are, size of building, number of residential units, etcetera. From there, we look closely at the subject site to understand the existing conditions and the current urban fabric. If we are designing a high-rise building surrounded by low-rise buildings, our approach to design is substantially different than if this highrise was surrounded by similar density.” He continues, “Then, we work on understanding the identity of the site, understanding what influences there might be, either from historical uses of the site in the past; perhaps there are unique view opportunities, or perhaps this project is the last piece in the puzzle, and is meant to be quieter and integrate with the neighbouring buildings. The key is understanding the site, understanding the neighbourhood, and then taking a position with the design of the building. If the position we are taking is that the building needs to be muted architecturally, that is a decision we are making. Taking a position on design doesn’t have to mean doing something loud, attention seeking, or creating a landmark building. What is required is being invested enough in what you are doing that you form an opinion from which to start.” Overall, it is crucial to create value for clients that they won’t find elsewhere. For its developer clients, Project1 shows them that it understands their needs. Ryan says, “We know that they need to see the development potential of a site, that the financial model of the project needs to work, and at the same time we need to design a building that will facilitate approvals. While we’ll never get the approval of everyone on a contentious file, having a beautiful building that gives something back to the community often makes the approvals process much smoother.” The studio also places huge value in assessing its workflow and internal practices in the office. Ryan states, “We have a saying here that if we’re doing things the same way now as we did them five years ago, we’re doing something wrong. There are always new tools being developed and we are big believers in streamlining our process and constantly finding ways to improve. I think this is something our clients notice and something they appreciate.” He goes on to say, “We don’t strive to be included in lists (‘best this’, ‘fastest growing that’), we don’t see why that should matter. Instead, we spend our time being as educated and current as possible on the areas that we encounter regularly in this incredibly complex industry that we are fortunate to be part of. Knowledge and passion are powerful differentiators.” And now, the Project1 team is in a fortunate position to be building a reputation as a thought leader in the industry, which is giving them exposure to some very interesting projects. Ryan says, “We love cities, and mixed-use buildings are a key component to active neighbourhoods, so we will continue to specialise in this market sector in the future.” Company: Project1 Studio Contact: Ryan Koolwine Website:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 10 Apr22637 roviding truly exemplary European White Oak flooring, SIMPLY OAK™ is a business that has made a name for itself with its continued provision of the best services in oak flooring and construction. Plying its trade for builders, designers, architects, and end users, this business is led by wood construction specialist Victoria Player, an expert in guiding her clients through the process of choosing and installing a new beautiful floor that will enhance any home, office, or business with a timeless elegance. Critically, Victoria has developed this reputation and the experience to back it up over her 21 years in working in the high-end luxury market. Her career in the luxury commodities field first began in the private jet market, but has since expanded vastly with her move into flooring – a growth that has allowed her to gain significant favour and good will from clients across the residential and corporate markets both – and resulting in the favour of a vast roster of people who go on to leave her glowing reviews and refer her to peers. Nominally, this ever-expanding client list is the international luxury flooring market, professionals and home owners alike who appreciate being able to benefit from the worldwide export of prestigious European White Oak in a manner that is still ecologically and socially responsible. Thusly, Victoria has dedicated herself to both quality and sustainability, as she knows that SIMPLY OAK™ is one of the front runners in the sale of a precious material. Maintaining these standards across the board has allowed her to build a company that is famous for both customer service and customer results, with its portfolio boasting several outstanding finished projects that show that the proof is indeed in the pudding. SIMPLY OAK™ has followed Victoria from Oxford in England to Miami Beach in Florida, and nowadays, when she isn’t taking exemplary care of her clients, the founder can be A bespoke oak flooring provider with an ethical throughline and a deep dedication to its clients’ happiness and satisfaction, SIMPLY OAK™ works hard to provide the highest quality of wooden flooring to its international clients. Having innovated a way to engineer European White Oak in such a way that allows it to withstand all manner of environmental conditions from intensive humidity to arid regions, it has made itself a darling of the global luxury design and construction industry, with clients in all corners of the world and endless knowledge in its work. P found out on the water enjoying the best that Miami has to offer and using that to fuel her passion for her work. SIMPLY OAK™’s entire brand, due to this, is based in a true love of the business and a dedication to the market that permeates its whole structure. Moreover, whether it’s advising a client on how and why to incorporate European White Oak into a home or building, setting up the installation, or working to fit itself to a client’s specifications in cases where a client has something incredibly specific in mind, they can expect to enjoy uncompromising customer service at every turn. This is further emboldened by the craftsmanship behind the products that SIMPLY OAK™ sells. Each and every flooring element that they sell to their clients undergoes rigorous quality testing, sourced from landowners who adhere strictly to sustainable practices, and implement bespoke, traditional milling methods into their work. Due to this, it only sells certified FSC® and PEFC™ standard products, and promises that its bespoke flooring will dignify any environment with a new lease of life and timeless elegance that will fit all manner of aesthetic design choices, looks, and feels. With an in-depth dive into every product that it sells available on its website, SIMPLY OAK™ is more than happy to talk through them via phone call or email, too. Available in Herringbone, Chevron, and Parquet, its panels are available in a variety of colours and textures, with bespoke whorls and detailing that are completely unique to each piece, telling the story of the Leading Suppliers of White Oak Flooring Products 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 11 trees from which they were made. The rough-sawn timbers of it tell an additional story of the expertise used in the crafting process, turning the raw materials of the woodland into a product that passes the strict selection procedures they are then put through, resulting in SIMPLY OAK™’s consistently mind-blowing quality timbers. The size, grading, and quality are all strictly measured through standardised processes that allow it to ensure that utmost excellence is maintained at all costs. Moreover, it is Victoria Player’s belief – and therefore the belief of SIMPLY OAK™ as a company – that seeing is believing when it comes to standard control and testing. This means that the company regularly visits the sawmill in order to ensure that its standards are being followed to the letter, and it welcomes customers asking it about the mill in more detail, with the employees of SIMPLY OAK™ being proud to give a client as in depth an insight into how it handles its work as they wish. Additionally, when it comes to its mill’s technologies, it is determined to only make use of the most innovative options. This has meant that its drying kilns are all state-of-the-art, operated by highly skilled staff; the result of which is wood with the optimum moisture content for installation in any country. With its incredible service of the international market, this has endeared it to each of its customers, all of whom have been consistently impressed by the products and the way the resulting flooring adapts to any environmental effects such as humid or particularly dry regions. The wood is stored in a climate-controlled warehouse that allows it to be profiled into solid boards and top layers both. In short, the engineering that goes into the wood is just as important as the cut and the installation, allowing it to gain a reputation for each individual element of its work being utterly flawless. Once a perfectly crafted and created board has been produced by its incredibly innovative machinery, SIMPLY OAK™ works hard to move it on to the surfacing and colour finish stage of the process, which is either carried out by machine or by hand. In more cases than not, the by-hand method is used, as the crafters like to ensure a personal touch goes into every one of their products. Packaging is chosen depending on where the product is going and how, with different options to ensure that whether by road, sea, or air, the flooring arrives in perfect condition. Therefore, SIMPLY OAK™ has proved itself to be the best of the best, hands down, on an international level, and is excited to continue proving its place at the head of the pack long into the future. Company: SIMPLY OAK™ Contact: Victoria Player Website:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 12 Apr22411 ver its years of experience in the wide, diverse, and inspired field of architecture and design, B Russo Designs has gained an unblemished reputation in the service of hospitality / retail design, development and construction. Fundamentally, its efforts have become synonymous with an expert artistic flair and a recognisable stylism that creates beauty and aesthetic prowess everywhere it goes. By operating in a way that allows it to leave a distinctive trail of exemplary, client focused, and unique builds in its wake, it has accrued a vast portfolio and an expansive live of clientele for whom it is the design-and-build one-stop-shop when creating a new retail establishment. Its final products always promise to exceed clients’ expectations. In this manner, a big part of its reputation has been its ability to take an initial concept or idea – whether fully fleshed out or more free form – and guide it from its fledgling stages into something that is ready to be fully realised, all without losing that core of what the client wants. This is a true talent, and one that B Russo Designs has spent years developing; the application of this talent for its builds consistently results in one-of-a-kind establishments that the client, their staff, and their end customers can take pride in operating out of. Moreover, B Russo Designs takes pride in developing its designs in harmony with the surrounding environment. Creating a synergy between the build and the local context, it ensures that the client’s new space fits the vibe of the peers that will be their neighbours, and appeal to the people who live – and shop – in the area. Thus, to do this, it takes its time to do the research, both regarding the client and the place they wish to transform, developing relaxed, comfy, and unforgettable locales that defy expectations and demand attention, thrusting the client to the forefront of consumer’s minds. Encouraging clients to peruse its portfolio for the undeniable proof of its incredible work ethic, talent, and project management, it is pleased to welcome clients back time and again. This is one of its very favourite kinds of projects to do, and when working with its familiar faces, it is always excited to see what fresh challenges and opportunities they will put before it next, as the B Russo Designs is always enthused by a chance to flex their comprehensive architectural knowledge. O As a true design and build firm, B Russo Designs specialises in the novel and the fashionable. Throughout its processes, taking a client from the initial concept and design to the final drawing, and then all the way through to the final product, it will deliver quality spaces with the utmost artistic integrity in every line and shape. Due to the innovation that goes hand-in-hand with this, and the respect for the client as the most important voice in the development of the property, it makes itself an active partner to its client, and lifelong friend. Best Hospitality Architecture Firm - South-Central USA

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 13 Having most recently put this to the test for the Steve Fields Steakhouse, its biggest challenge in this build was overcoming municipal issues regarding getting the go-ahead for the exterior façade’s design. As B Russo Designs could not add more square footage to the building, it worked with its clients to find ways around the limitations placed upon it, whilst still using as much of the existing building as possible in order to keep the space totally in synch with the surrounding structures. After all, standing out in an area isn’t about sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s about blending in enough to fit, whilst utilising enough sparkle and uniqueness of composition to draw the eye of the curious and discerning consumer. This methodology has enabled it to turn the Steve Fields Steakhouse into a classy, sophisticated, and elegant build in which the client has a great deal of pride, and that their diners have been incredibly excited to visit, reclaiming its spot as one of the shining stars of Dallas eateries. With Steve Fields, as with every project it undertakes, the relationship it builds with the client is of the foremost importance. Achieving, producing, and developing the most cost-effective, value-added project that maintains the integrity of the final design in an outstanding manner, its schematics and renderings have helped the client to visualise how incredibly each design could be. Therefore, simply by trusting B Russo Designs to do what it does best, a client can trust in the excellence of the studio and its experts to develop something that fits their needs perfectly. Functioning with staff and guests alike, another element of the B Russo Designs experience that sets it head and shoulders above the rest is its specific focus on the hospitality industry and creating spaces within which the businesses of this sector can serve their customers. Its experience in serving this specific demographic has meant that it has been able to gain an indepth understanding of the challenges the staff and customers of such establishments face, and how it can best mitigate those through design. Thus, its spaces allow labour to operate efficiently, at as low a cost as possible, whilst keeping the focus on the comfort and safety of the clients they serve. The result is a space that is as perfectly styled as it is high value, with capital expenditures ensured to be high due to the amount of allure that the space itself will have to potential customers, drawing in foot traffic and reservations by simply existing. With its service of the Texas market, its robust operational model, and long-lasting client relations – one of which is in its 20th year – it has been able to support the state in the uptick of new people moving to the region that it is currently experiencing. With Texas being such a great haven for budding businesses, and B Russo Designs ensuring said businesses start their work on the right foot with the best designed establishments, it looks forward to pushing forward with its highly anticipated concept sales plans, hoping to enlighten investors as to the specifics of this plan soon. Company: B Russo Designs Contact: Bruce Russo Website:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 14 Apr22416 ounded by branding expert, Melody, DDBranding is a company that has very much been following in her footsteps since its inception. Inspired by her creation of the B2B revolution, ‘The Big Brand Strategy System’, this company is the culmination of her hard work in developing branding and PR as an industry for the better, efforts that have taken place over the past 16 years. Fundamentally, having accumulated experience in large real estate, design, and corporate fields, she has made herself a foremost expert in the goings on of the modern corporate world, using her knowledge of how contemporary players interact and who they are to remain abreast of its changing trends and developments. Nominally, this expertise ensures that she and her clients are always one step ahead of the game. This has been a critical element in securing DDBranding as one of the world’s foremost branding experts, able to connect the right company and product with the right market with reliable levels of success. Holistic, strategic, and practical, Melody’s Big Brand Strategy System focuses on trend forecasting and global branding as a worldwide operational exercise, and it has quickly become a pioneering game changer for companies both in DDBranding’s home country of China and further afield. The brands it specialises in are real estate, design, and home furnishing, in short. When serving its clientele in these fields, it takes on the responsibility of getting to know the company from top to bottom, focusing on brand strategy and positioning in order to find the best way to represent a business to its market. Thus, constructing these images is a true labour of love for DDBranding and its clients, as its team will conduct brand planning, communication, and creative design with sophistication and empathy in order to ensure a client can put their best foot forward, showing the world the efficacy of Chinese design skills. Having served over 50 different brands, pushing several clients into the ‘billion-dollar club’, DDBranding has gained a solid reputation for invaluable brand consultancy. Having helped companies across real estate, hotel, and design, it strives to ‘influence the times in order to reach the future’; this pertinently shows the commitment to shaping the future of brand creation for the better by helping the companies of today to adapt in a changing world. Thus, its efforts are fundamentally transformational, and highly practical. It carries an ethos of putting one’s money where one’s mouth is, always working hard to back up their ideas and advice with action that shows a client the logic behind it, showing them the workings of the strategic and systematic project management skills in its ranks. Therefore, despite its respect for the bigger picture, it can also fine tune every element of the process to home in on the nitty gritty details. This ensures that no element of brand creation goes unaddressed, cultivating China’s top branding talent in order to form a team who are truly the best of the best with addressing their day-to-day professional work, the highly specialist elements of their job, and the challenges that come their way. Indeed, there have been many challenges over the course of DDBranding’s life cycle, all of which it has powered through and thusly learned from. Its latest project, a refresh of a 30-year-old airline, put all its skills to the test in that it was so used to serving growth companies, and is thusly unused to serving companies with an annual output of over $50 billion. However, its nurturing, professional, and encouraging culture as a company – as well as the glowing reviews that previous clients have left it, including the wordof-mouth referrals that such clients go on to give – have been attracting more of the latter, a group that this airline is a part of. It, therefore, responded by incorporating a lot of work with regards to providing professional strategies based on the current stage of the company into the process, starting with the top level and moving into the integration of various service areas later. Nominally, the greatest challenge for companies like DDBranding will always be the unification of this top level. This is because there is a tendency, especially in larger companies, for there to be somewhat of a disparity between the perception of what the branding should be between the various high-level professionals, F After 6 years of experience in platform construction – and with the founder boasting 16 years of exemplary brand development and public relations work – DDBranding has served a multitude of the world’s foremost real estate and design companies. Having expanded into home furnishing since then, it has been creating bold new opportunities for its clients since the very beginning, breathing new life into its clients brands in order to show the international corporate world that an old business can in fact learn new tricks. Most Influential Design Branding & PR Company - China

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 15 with strong opinions from each that could cause contention if left unaddressed, which is not what DDBranding wants. Instead, it hopes to foster an aura of collaborative creation in its work, taking on board client feedback and ensuring that communication is the connective tissue between each milestone. Allowing specific changes as well as all-round brand revitalisation as a result, DDBranding has elevated each of its clients to their best selves. Having kitted them out for success in a world where corporate development strategy is a critical part of business planning, its personalised strategy allows it to inject the friendliness and charisma back into public relations and branding efforts, Critically, this ensures that the resulting strategies have an aura of vitality to them, and that the client’s company has a unified objective, characteristic, and theory that is clear to stakeholders, partners, and customers. Moreover, having developed the Big Brand Strategy for long-term stability and growth – all with the most exemplary customer service in mind – it is proud to say that each professional within its ranks uses their own depth and breadth of industry experience in their work, only suggesting action when it is backed up by proven results. Using this knowledge to great effect propels DDBranding’s clients into the next era for their business to great effect, presenting clear and intuitive models that, by their very nature, speak for themselves. This, in the future, is something it is keen to continue, upgrading its services and keeping abreast of changing design trends so it can ensure that its results remain at the head of the pack. Company: DDBranding Contact: Melody Zhu Website: ¬¬

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 16 Apr22452 esidential design and construction is a field that touches virtually everyone and captivates the attention of individuals from all walks of life. In today’s highly competitive and expansive internet-driven market, it can be a difficult industry to stand out in. Though it was not their intent, Habitations has done just that by simply providing superior architectural design services with the client’s vision, and comfort with the design process, always at the core of their efforts. Critically, Habitations’ success in the industry has come about by demonstrating their craft not only to clients, but to annual peer review in multiple categories. Although client reviews are important, it is most comforting to new clients when presented with the exceptional recognition of other industry professionals nationwide. Their annual submissions are not just for quality in design but also quality of construction drawings. This is a critical part of their ongoing mission to reflect and improve. It is that process that ensures the build is complete when the client’s total satisfaction is achieved. Although not a major focus, the Habitations team has enjoyed many successful projects in the area of historical renovation/ restoration. These buildings call for a very special skillset, in terms of design, to bring history and new technology together in harmony. In recent years, Habitations’ custom design bookings are increasingly robust while its renovation/retrofit portfolio is still the backbone of the practice. A portfolio that reflects the reality of change in the U.S. economy and the increasing values of existing homes. Consistent throughout these diverse design commissions, the studio’s growth has been fuelled by the team’s philosophy that the designer is the client’s guide and advocate to an increasingly complex industry. Founded by Robert Platt, Habitations, LLC is a team of talented and thoughtfully focused individuals. Robert’s 42 years of experience, coupled with the combined talents of his team, allows Habitations to take on interesting and challenging projects ranging from custom home and major renovation designs to historic restorations. At the foundation of their success lies a culture of communication, client education and expectation management. As a result, their clients have ushered Habitations into a place of trust and respect in the Metro Atlanta home design market and beyond. R Best Home Improvements & Architecture Support Firm - Southeast USA Habitations’ success has been further bolstered by its commitment to improving the craft of residential design for the future. Mr. Platt and his associates never wish to rest on the laurels of their past accomplishments. Rather, they maintain a finger on the pulse of the industry, constantly evaluating the advent of true and sustainable innovation vs trends and marketing wizardry. The studios bedrock is one of respecting tradition while maintaining an open mind to possibilities. Says Platt, “The practice of residential design becomes more complex as the years pass, while the world of codes and ordinances constantly adapts to keep pace with performance and technology. Habitations respects the regulatory side of the industry as they work to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the of the community. This progression must be consistently reflected in the documents and drawings that the modern residential designer produces. To that end, today’s designer has become a necessary part of life, much like lawyers or CPAs. The pandemic has led to a boom in the renovation industry in the U.S. It has significantly impacted how we live as families and a society. Now more individuals are working from their homes, requiring their homes to adapt. Parents and adult children are combining resources and creating ‘hybrid homes’ that meet their joint needs far better together than apart. This, among other ‘new realities’, has created a growing demand on the industry as

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 17 a whole and the professional designers that serve it.” Habitations has continued to serve their clients in this new landscape with the practiced experience and attention to detail that it has been operating with since its inception, guiding its clients by demystifying the home design process. Approaching the project as the consumer’s advocate, Habitations is creating relationships that endure well beyond the build. The client’s voice is paramount during the design and build process. Taking ownership of the project is approached more from the perspective of being given stewardship. The Habitations team works to create a more relaxed and informed decision process that minimizes “decision fatigue”. No two people are the same, and in like kind, no two projects are the same either. Each project reflects the unique personality of the client. Collectively, design projects provide vivid microcosms of the greater industry. Viewing them in this way, one can track the consistent evolution in trends, codes, education, skillsets, and more. Looking through the Habitations portfolio, one can see how Habitations fluidly incorporates these changes into the clients’ designs. Robert Platt and the Habitations team are doing far more than just designing homes. With a keen awareness of all that has been said to this point, they are working to create the design studio of this millennium. A studio that is accessible. A studio that is nimble and responds, rather than reacts, to change. A studio that recognizes the client’s concerns as they venture into some of the most important decisions of their daily lives. Because of this approach, Habitations has not survived the rigors of the pandemic, but has in fact thrived. Now, in parallel to the business of design, Platt and his team are working to improve the industry that has provided them so much. As an industry partner working with a state college, they co-created a new course specifically for residential design in today’s world. A course designed to encourage young creative minds to pursue a career in this field with greater academic latitude. On another track, they are launching a new streaming web series called “Nuhaus Knows”. This program is designed to educate the consumer by exposing them to the true world of home building using real projects and real clients in real time. Delivered on a platform of humour, Platt feels that “Laughter makes learning almost effortless”. These things, and so much more, are why Habitations received the recognition of Build Magazine. We encourage you to check them out. We’re certain you’ll see what we did. Company: Habitations Contact: Robert Platt Website: