Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 24 In addition, a significant component within SMD+ success is the company’s founder, Sylvie Milosevic. With over 18 years of experience under her belt, Sylvie has gained a true understanding of the industry – she knows how to navigate challenges, build efficient teams, and ensure efficacy. Moreover, Sylvie has built a strong reputation by leading and managing major projects such as the Olympic Games in Paris, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Akoya Ventura Mundon. Most recently, Sylvie has recently taken part in the development of the world’s first artificial intelligence city in Saudi Arabia, NEOM, which boasts a record-breaking budget of half a trillion dollars. Ultimately, Sylvie has worked for many years in the corporate field with some of the best firms in the built environment industry such as Arup, AECOM, ,Adeas, Benoy, Berkeley Group, Egis Group or NEOM. She also developed key partnerships while developing SMD+ with some of the prestigious companies such as BDO, JP Morgan, Newable, Innovate UK, London Business Hub and Another Design International. SMD+ is also an active member of the French Chamber of Commerce for the last several years and continuously advocate of building business across the channel with Europe. In 2022, the company will be celebrating its sixth birthday in style – it has a multitude of exciting plans that it will be enacting over the course of the year. SMD+ believes that 2022 and beyond will solidify the company’s presence within the market thanks to the introduction of new experts and the enhancement of its leadership team. The company’s digital SaaS platform named Biomimicry Design Hub is in the process of being reinvigorated, and the team are looking for Co-Founders to join SMD+ and boost their SaaS presence on the digital market. SMD+ is also shortlisted by French Tech. The team hope to successfully enter the programme so they can focus on developing further their strategic product and prepare it towards raising funds. Additionally, SMD+ will resume its attendance at several conferences in real estate and infrastructure, such as REBEC in Belgrade. Contact: Sylvie Milosevic Company: SMD+ Web Address: MD+ is on a mission to improve the world through providing high quality services centred around the latest trends in design, architecture, and technology. Exquisite architecture and design can be incredibly powerful – it has the ability to unite communities, ignite passion, and inspire individuals. Consequently, innovation is at the heart of what SMD+ does. It utilises its knowledge and understanding of both local cultures and challenges to create a lasting landmark destination for clients and consumers. Indeed, SMD+ enables transformation, drawing on an agile approach and creativity to design and fulfil a unique visual solution. Henceforth, in the six years that the company has been operating, it has garnered enough success to partake in international projects. Perhaps one of its most prestigious projects is found within its collaboration with the French government entity, Egis Group. It is here that SMD+ has been working on the 2024 Olympic Games, for which it has been providing project management support and assisting in building the team for the delivery of 30 different sports venues. As with any large-scale project, the company has faced an array of challenges, including the use of heritage sites, new builds, retrofit building, temporary structures, and infrastructure. Yet on a larger scale, the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and on-going war in Ukraine, have certainly had an impact on not only the company, but also businesses across the globe. There are numerous unprecedented and unpredictable changes taking place, which is resulting in a new wave of architectural practices. The emergence of Metaverse and Artificial intelligence at the heart of infrastructure projects will push the industry towards unprecedent change on how we will collectively experience the living experiences of tomorrow. However, such challenges have been eased by SMD+’s approach to business. Prior to the commencement of a project, SMD+ strives to gain an understanding of the client’s values, brand, vision, and any foreseeable challenges in the project. Furthermore, the company evaluates the risk and identifies any potential issues which then informs the creation of a team of experts that will be equipped to respond to any challenges during the development phase. SMD+ believes that every project should aim for a sustainable approach from its inception, which, combined with quality craftmanship and a touch of innovative technology, will result in successful development. Best Design Management Advisory Firm - London The architecture industry is currently undergoing a complete transformation, and at the heart stands SMD+, an innovative design management advisory firm. The company has worked on a plethora of ground-breaking projects across the globe – including the 2024 Olympics or the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with VINCI. Indeed, in just six years, SMD+ has accomplished success that many firms could only dream of. S Apr22476