Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 23 Architecture, therefore, takes an approach based upon Pascal’s own experiences, rather than those of others. This led the company to quickly establish itself as a unique and proactive firm that is willing to subvert the status quo and introduce a plethora of styles and inspirations. Pascal Vallée has been building upon his architectural experience since 2005, where he has worked in a variety of roles, including as a project manager, construction manager, teacher, architectural technologist, inspector, and more. As the leader of VALLEE Architecture, he utilises his skills to continuously evolve. His team benefits greatly from this approach – it allows for freedom, creativity, and passion to grow. ‘Our job is not to do project to win awards but to serve our clients with experience but also a fun approach. Our team does a wonderful job to provide in person conversation as much as possible to preserve the “human” vibe in each project,’ he explains. For many industries, the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a great challenge, yet in Quebec, it increased the demand for construction services. VALLEE Architecture was in the epicentre for this explosion, and consequently, it had to alter its approach. Not only did the company have to continue producing custom designs, but it also had to make them available at a faster speed. This trend has continued into 2022, which has increased the strain on labour and the city’s planning approval services, resulting in numerous delays. VALLEE Architecture is currently developing a sister company that will be entering the business world soon – this platform will allow for the purchase of custom home designs to the population in a more streamlined manner. Subsequently, VALLEE Architecture plans to turn its attention towards turnkey projects. Contact: Pascal Vallée Company: Vallee architecture Web Address: ince 2015, VALLEE Architecture has been offering premium services to clients across Montreal – this began with consulting, and after a year, evolved into custom home design for both new builds and renovations. The company fit perfectly in this niche, which, at the time, was home to an underserved market, and began its journey towards great prestige. Moreover, it was during this time that the company’s mission underwent a transformation. Indeed, rather than just creating nice designs, the company began to strive to supply construction drawings that reflect knowledge, intellectual approaches, and precision through high-quality planning and presentation. The company has become increasingly distinguished, which has resulted in the acquisition of a range of exciting projects, not only in terms of size but also in the uniqueness of their environment. For example, one of VALLEE Architecture’s most recent projects entailed the provision of a bespoke cottage design that fit the sloped landscape and construction challenges. With little room for compromise, VALLEE Architecture was able to design a project that would both fit with the client’s budget and its environment – the project offers panoramic lake views throughout the home and its surrounding land. In order to navigate such challenges, budgets, and requirements, VALLEE Architecture takes a stringent approach to business. The company works closely with clients, beginning with a consultation that covers the project’s budget, which enables the project to move forward without any financial stress. However, VALLEE Architecture believes that the most important element to consider is the ‘leap of faith.’ Pascal Vallée, the founder, comments, ‘the main factor in a project is to detach the client’s references to his actual living where a new project always provides a new vibe and new ideas. The “leap of faith” from the client to the professional is evident but required to be able to provide proposition that will lead the clients in an anxious pattern at first.’ It is the final product that alleviates the client of this anxiety, where they finally see the results. In such a competitive market, this can be a rather exhausting process, as it requires a great amount of analysis. VALLEE Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Firm - Greater Montreal VALLEE Architecture is a residential architecture firm that creates bespoke designs for a diverse clientele. Operating for seven years, the company has evolved greatly – and 2022 is going to be no different. Indeed, this year VALLEE Architecture will be launching its sister company and is planning on altering its services in accordance with the new arrival. S May22245