Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 22 The context of each project is very important, so the team is sure to gather as much information as possible prior to starting work on it. This ensures clarity with regards to the client’s requirements and what the finished project needs to look like. It’s not always smooth sailing for the team, though; each project has its different challenges, but Besnik says, “That is the main beauty of architecture”. The studio’s latest project was Biodent Dental Clinic, an existing building in a very dense, chaotic residential neighbourhood. The challenge, therefore, was to transform a building with a deep residential identity into a medical one and give it a new life form by presenting a completely new design while preserving the old structure. Besnik comments, “We are proud of how satisfied our clients were with this project, and more importantly, the satisfaction seen in every patient that walks into the dental clinic. The mission was to distract the patient from the purpose of the visit once they get inside the clinic and I think we achieved that.” BGStudio and its projects truly benefit from their location of Albania, a developing country that has transitioned drastically over the last 30 years. The construction industry in Albania is booming and it has been for many years, especially during the time of the pandemic. During recent years, the country has also entered an era where every day, more and more projects are being built by world-famous architects. This is a great opportunity for local studios such as BGStudio because it enables it to exchange different experiences with well-known international studios. Competition is high, but so are opportunities. Indeed, it is an exciting time for BGStudio and its homeland. Besnik shares the studio’s upcoming plans with us, “2022 is going to be a very exciting year for BGStudio, since we are growing and working on some very interesting projects that involve future technology.” Watch this space! Contact: Besnik Grainca Email: [email protected] Website: GStudio was founded on the basis of a collaborative team with expertise in art, architecture, and technology, among other areas. These specialisms merge with every project that is undertaken, and the team is constantly developing their skills and knowledge on the job, with Besnik Grainca saying, “The only way to stay competitive is to keep up-to-date and to learn something new every day. The studio is an oasis of books and materials on architecture, art, and the latest technology.” This enables vast innovation and creativity, which the team combines with taking inspiration from their surroundings. As Besnik says, the aim is to “understand the mysterious formulas that make nature so beautiful and translate them into designs”. Best Architecture & Interior Design Firm 2022 – Albania & Healthcare Project of the Year (Balkans): Biodent - Dental Clinic BGStudio was founded by CEO, Besnik Grainca in 2015 and offers a range of services in architecture, urban design, interior design, landscape design, and consulting. The company stems from Besnik’s years of extensive experience within the industry, and it is a studio shaping the building environment towards new paradigms in the country of Albania. In light of the studio’s extraordinary awards success, we take a closer look at its approach to projects. B Apr22505 BGStudio