Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 21 that draw from a range of sources – which is why no two of George’s designs look the same. Simply, his designs ‘fit’ into their locations, standing in harmony with the world around them. Additionally, his high-rise builds have a feeling of being non-invasive, which could potentially be attributed to the large windows that lace their sides. It is unsurprising that George El Khouri Architecture has been recognised by numerous awards. In 2022 alone, the company has been recognised by three awards, including a spot on the shortlist for the Chancellors Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Canberra. Furthermore, George El Khouri Architecture received the Order of Australia OAM’s Medal for Outstanding Service to Architecture and the Community. Of course, these are only two of the many that have been presented to the business over the past three and a half decades, including distinguished tribute for Architectural Services donated for a cancer lodge for a public hospital where a wing has been named in his honour. Its accomplishments are endless, truly representing the expertise and professionalism of George El Khouri Architecture. Consequently, going forward, the company will be continuing to work amongst the community. While his practise is undertaking designing residential buildings George still devotes time assisting clergy with architectural advice and concepts, which will be utilised to create churches, care facilities, function centres, schools, childcare facilities, and community parks and welfare centres. In addition, he is currently working in collaboration with Australia’s most decorated architectural practice, Durbach Block Jaggers Architects on a 220 apartment, high-rise build with a ground floor shopping centre. Contact: George El Khouri Company: George El Khouri Architects Web Address: rchitecture holds a great amount of power – it is a great influence on communities, cultivating a sense of pride, identity, and belonging. George El Khouri Architecture is a firm that creates such a feeling within towns and cities thanks to its devotion to creating sophisticated and uniting architectural designs. Indeed, for over 35 years, George El Khouri Architecture has been serving the area by creating magnificent and peaceful community churches, care facilities, schools including residential apartment buildings Moreover, he has a passion to spend a great amount of time working with members of the community, which results in efforts being donated by all. In essence, much of his work stems from a collaborative effort. At first, this proved to be a great challenge, as the initial concept changed and infused with the styles of others. However, he now believes that this is an inevitability, and has accepted that his concept will change. George views this as a way to give back to the Australian community – which, over the years, has served to be a great inspiration. His travels, culture, and his Arabic background skills have enabled George to gain a wider understanding of various cultures and community needs, which he believes is what equipped him with the ability to express passion and creativity through architecture. On top of this, he has been practicing as a registered architect, licensed builder and developer since 1984, which has evolved his skills through practical means. George has worked on a variety of large-scale projects, including those outside of Australia. Following the end of the Lebanese civilwar, George personally funded and developed a website about his parents’ village, funded the planting of trees, and undertook restoration work for the village square and church. Churches appear regularly throughout George’s portfolio – he thoroughly enjoys helping the community preserve their culture and identity, which is a feeling that is rooted in his diverse background. Moreover, George has worked on numerous luxury residences and apartments, high rise offices, and educational centres. Perhaps his best-known project, however, is that in which he became involved in the interior fit out for the Parliament House of Australia. His designs are sleek, minimalistic, and bright. A quick glance at his digital portfolio shows a range of contemporary designs Most Community-Focused Architecture Practice – Australia & BUILD Design Innovation Award 2022 Working amongst the community is George El Khouri Architecture’s passion. Each design is created with people in mind – with a deep understanding of how the creation will impact those around it. Henceforth, George El Khouri Architecture has become a highly-trusted company, with accolades coming from some of Australia’s most prestigious establishments. A Apr22502 George El Khouri Architects