Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 25 discourse of reception and appreciation of architecture and interior design in the 21st century city. AD&D prides itself on ensuring the highest level of quality by taking each project all the way, from initial ideas to handing the finished building over to the client. This way, at any given phase of a project, informed design, budget, and material decisions can be made that will ultimately lead to the best possible outcome. This applies to architectural design, interior design, master planning, as well as furniture design for residential, commercial, hospitality, or public projects. Whether the client is an individual or a corporate entity, AD&D will provide a sustainable project not only in terms of environmental sustainability, but also financial sustainability, and user experience and functional sustainability. Ideally, the client is willing to invest some additional time and research from the outset of a project in order to ensure that AD&D’s holistic approach will lead to achieving a sustainable, authentic, economic, and sensory outcome through good design. Previous successfully delivered projects in regions as diverse as the Middle East and Europe include not only high-end private villas, but also smart residential developments, a mixed-use whiskey distillery, bed and breakfast, event location company headquarter, and diverse office fit-outs. Currently, among diverse concept studies, another high-end residential project in Dubai, UAE is in the process of obtaining authority approvals and a luxury residential development comprising of three multi-unit apartment buildings, and a villa is under construction in the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany. Once again, AD&D is committed to maintaining high design standards, sustainability standards, building material standards, and craftsmanship standards, and therefore delivering homes to people, inspiring workplaces, and sensory experiences within the built environment. Company: AD&D (Architecture Design & Development) Contact: Florian Oettl Email: [email protected] Website: he AD&D team challenges themselves to provide holistic, sustainable, whole lifecycle building concepts by implementing latest technology standards but also natural, authentic, and detailed materials. Its smart planning of natural and artificial light contribute to a very human, sensory experience, as well as the global architectural Best Architectural & Interior Consultancy - UAE AD&D (Architecture Design & Development) is passionate about architecture, interior design, master planning and good design. Its international team combines the creation of space with a way of thinking and research that fosters high-quality design and tailor-made concepts. In light of the firm’s extraordinary success within the Architecture Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what it can do for clients. T Apr22705