Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 36 As AXD continues to take on new projects, the main idea revolves around creating an iconic structure which is unexpected yet surpasses the client’s wildest dreams. A space in which people wish to be in, a spot that will become a reference point and a conversation piece. The team researches and educates the client on the best use of the space in order to maximise its use, making sure to take care of the surrounding space in which the structure will be situated and blending it in harmoniously. Axel goes on to say, “We have created a style all of our own. We keep away from trends that will fade in time. We prefer simple volumes, natural materials, and value the structure of the building as if it were the spinal cord of the project. This is why we feel it is important to show our unique style off and integrate it as part of a whole look and not hide it.” And this remains the case as the firm moves towards a very bright future, with interesting projects on the way that are almost all located at beach destinations, where the recession impact is not as harsh. Axel shares, “True to our calling and vision, we will produce spaces that will become a destination point, the place to be, that will have the “WOW” effect on those who visit. Our success is directly related to the enjoyment of the clientele.” Company: AXD Architects Contact: Axel Duhart Email: [email protected] Website: XD Architects prides itself on providing a complete white glove service in the form of outstanding architecture, alongside developing respectful relationships with clients. With meticulous attention to detail, the firm’s projects are crafted with sustainability in mind while not exceeding the client’s specified budget. The firm’s mission is to build top quality architecture, which starts by developing an idea in line with the client’s requirements, and then getting involved with the construction team. Alongside this, its interior design team’s focus is on the interior and furnishing concept, adding those finer details that make a space comfortable and a joy to spend time in. All teams work together with great discipline and transparency to timely deliver outstanding results. Teamwork forms the solid foundation of AXD, with all opinions being important, whether they come from the most senior or youngest members. The company owner, Axel Duhart only considers himself the leader of this great team, where everyone contributes in their area of expertise, which is the core of the success of each project. The team recently completed a big scale project which was that of a hotel in Cancun, where the balance between form and function was an absolute must. Axel tells us, “We envisioned a beautiful aesthetic structure, in a unique backdrop setting of the Mayan Riviera. By its pyramid shape, it became obvious it couldn’t be placed anywhere else.” The design didn’t come without its challenges, including the requirement to imitate the beauty of the Mayan seashore with an artificial blue lagoon for guests to bathe in. Surrounding this tranquil hectare-size lagoon is the hotel and stunning views of the Mayan Riviera. Generally, AXD has been facing challenges across the board in the form of the Mexican political scene being difficult to navigate, as well as there being a decrease in investors and the work becoming more complicated. Business was flowing smoothly for the firm until the covid-19 pandemic reared its ugly head in 2020, with projects having to be postponed or simply cancelled. However, the good news is that now it has reached the light at the end of the tunnel, as in any cycle, business is in an uprising stage, renewing and restarting. Axel and his team are convinced that each time a door closes, another one will always open. Best High-End Furniture Showroom - Mexico City AXD Architects (AXD) designs world-class housing, commercial, and office projects, with its multidisciplinary team’s expertise being in real estate development, from the location of the property, financial engineering, and turnkey construction. In light of the firm’s awards success, we take a closer look at what it can do for clients. A May22437