Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 37 a slanted roof which enables the accumulation of rain and snow water, and it is totally covered with a solar panel which produces all of the energy needed for the property. The self-contained structure rests on three bearing bases which reduce the impact of the building on the soil so the rain and air can reach it. Then in 2016, Murat’s Chinte ottoman design was the winner of A’ Design Award’s Furniture Design category. This furniture piece is a three-in-one consisting of circular parts which can be used separately as required. Indeed, having taken a look at some of his most iconic architecture projects, we have gained a good idea of just what makes Murat Gedik the Best Architectural Futuristic Concept Design Practice in Turkey. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Murat’s designs and he now continues to follow is architecture dreams, creating groundbreaking designs, both domestically and internationally. Contact: Murat Gedik Website: / ased in Istanbul, Murat Gedik is no stranger to receiving awards for his work. His most recent accolade was in last year’s London International Creative Competition (LICC) where he was listed as a Finalist under the in Build (Architecture) category. Alongside this, he saw success within the A’ Design Awards for his trailblazing designs between 2013 and 2016. In 2013, at the OIB car design contest, Murat achieved second place within the Ergonomy category for his design. In 2017, Field of Flowers Residential Villas was the Special Mention in Excellent Communications Design Architecture category in the German Design Awards. Also in 2013, Murat’s Field of Flowers Residential Villas was the A’ Design Award winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category. A highly unique creation is a block composed of four villa units which have the mechanism to rotate 360 degrees each day, inspired by the sunflowers, giving each the chance to enjoy the panoramic view. Then in 2014, Murat’s MG Assos electric car design won in A’ Design Award’s Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design category. Assos is an electric car with spare batteries. These lithium ion batteries would be compact and activated once the main battery is consumed, providing extra energy to the vehicle to avoid stranding. It was in 2015 that his OXY2050 polluted air purification project was named the winner for the Futuristic Design category in the A’ Design Awards. And futuristic it is. OXY2050 floats over the polluted area and absorbs the polluted air. This absorbed air mass is treated with chemical solutions. After treatment, the purified air is released through sprayers until the air quality becomes moderate. Also in 2015, Murat’s BSG Residential Villas saw success within the A’ Design Awards Architecture, Building and Structure Design category. A contemporary design, it includes As an award-winning Architectural Designer, Murat Gedik designs futuristic, environmentally-friendly architectural concepts, automobiles and furnitures within the experience over 30 years in industry. Join us as we explore some of his pioneering designs and the success he has achieved with them. B May22349 Best Architectural Futuristic Concept Design Practice - Turkey Murat Gedik Design Architectural - Interior - Automobile - Furniture - Product