Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 38 of Costa Rica XVI edition of 2023 – solidifying the firm as truly one of the best in the industry. Furthermore, BUILD takes pleasure in being able to feature the prestigious business, as there is no better fit for the title of Best Tropical-Style Architecture Company - Costa Rica. Contact: Lucca Spendlingwimmer Company: Salagnac Arquitectos ourists flock to Costa Rica for sun, sea, and sand. Its natural wealth has made the country a hotspot for travellers, as whilst Costa Rican territory makes up 0.03% of the planet, it holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity. In essence, it is a paradise – a hub for nature and wildlife – and therefore the country receives millions of travellers annually. Henceforth, the nation has implemented dozens of environmental preservation initiatives. In order to harmoniously unite tourism with sustainability, it is imperative that eco-friendly design floods its architecture industry. Salagnac Arquitectos is the creation of Lucca Spendlingwimmer and Evangelina Quesada, two architects trained in Costa Rica. The company entered the scene in 2006, bringing with it a new wave of contemporary tropical architecture, and quickly achieved a wealth of success. Moreover, the fledgling company was accompanied by a mission. It endeavoured to support the construction of projects that develop and contribute to the evolution of its architectural niche in a sustainable manner. As such, Salagnac Arquitectos makes use of bioclimatic design. This means that it takes a variety of environmental factors into consideration, such as the local weather conditions and the natural landscape. By utilising these factors, Salagnac Arquitectos ensures that its projects are in keeping with the surrounding are. For example, the firm regularly implements camouflage and mimicry into its designs, and it further utilises adaptation to the land, water run-off information, coverage area ratio, and environmental technology. In addition, the firm works collaboratively with its clients, creating projects that fit with the client’s ideas and requirements. Be it furnishings, remodelling an old space, or creating a project from scratch, Salagnac Arquitectos has the perfect solution. Its clients’ wishes play a fundamental role in the firm’s approach to projects, as it strives to guide its clients through the architecture process with the utmost accuracy and taste. Consequently, Salagnac Arquitectos has been recognised by numerous publications thanks to its devotion to both the customer and the world around them. Its unique approach has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Arch Daily, Architizer and Dezeen, some of the largest architectural platforms running right now. Perhaps most impressive is that the firm was recognised as the winners of the National Architecture Biennial Best Tropical-Style Architecture Company - Costa Rica Bioclimatic design is an integral part of Salagnac Arquitectos’ repertoire. It prioritises creating designs that fit perfectly in the Costa Rican landscape, as it wholeheartedly believes in sustainability and environmental preservation. In turn, Salagnac Arquitectos has established itself as a leading figure in the industry. T Apr22508