Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 39 Brown Architecture strives to remain ahead of the curve through technological advancements and, more importantly, through a creative and intelligent approach to design and implementation. 2022 will see the company prioritise the creation of an equitable society, leveraging its expertise in the field to create projects that will enhance the community and the surrounding environment. Furthermore, Kimberly Brown Architecture is enthusiastic about developing educational facilities and schools, and discovering the ways in which buildings can aid learning and enhance user’s quality of life. Contact: Kimberly Brown Company: Kimberly Brown Architecture Web Address: ince 2019, Kimberly Brown Architecture has been designing sustainable commercial, residential, and institutional projects. Its portfolio contains an abundance of cutting-edge international works, including schools, theatres, museums, and public buildings. Such projects, be it in China or the United States, boast sleek, contemporary elements that ensure efficiency and comfort. Moreover, each project is infused with the client’s voice, their ideas, their requirements, and aspects that will exceed their expectations. The company strives to create designs that will enhance the lives of the inhabitants or the community using the space. As such, it is clear that client-centricity, and people on a whole, are Kimberly Brown Architecture’s primary focus. This approach is complimented by the firm’s unique methodology, which has been designed to be systematic, efficient, and flexible. Consequently, the company has cultivated a portfolio filled with high-quality designs and builds across a range of sectors. For example, one of Kimberly Brown Architecture’s residential projects, Brooklyn Brownstone, combines muted colours with rich woods to create a cosy and modern home. The kitchen uses darker, warm tones to frame the room, which draw the eye towards the focal point, the views of the bustling streets below. Indeed, the floor-to-ceiling window is divided by a glass door leading to the balcony. Perhaps the most interesting project that Kimberly Brown Architecture has undertaken is that of the Metropolitan Oval Sports Facility. The design is highly innovative, bringing together biophilic design and modern architecture, and utilises advanced technology. Comprised of solar panels or solar paint and a membrane designed to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, the facility’s plans feature a community garden, a rainwater harvesting system, and native plant systems integrated into the retaining walls. This design would greatly alter the way in which architecture projects are fulfilled going forward. In today’s world, this shift is a necessity, the world – which is resource-drained – is under great stress and, as a result, it is imperative that projects are conducted in a manner that is both economically and environmentally responsible. It is with this in mind that Kimberly Best Civic & Cultural Architecture Firm – USA & Most Innovative Sport Centre Design (USA): Metropolitan Oval Sports Facility, Queens Over the past few years, Kimberly Brown Architecture has dominated the architecture scene throughout New York. Its exceptional reputation and passion for design has enabled the business to venture overseas, undertaking projects in China. In turn, it can be assumed that Kimberly Brown Architecture is set to have a greatly successful 2022. S Apr22614 Kimberly Brown Architecture