Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 40 In the future, HWCD is aiming to design more buildings that encourage comfort as well as indulgence, reflect the luxurious nature of the location and, finally, create an atmosphere that will change the way people see sophistication and lavish living. We look forward to seeing it flourish even further as it continues to evolve ahead of the curve. Contact: John Villar Company: Harmony World Consultant and Design (HWCD) Web Address: armony World Consultant and Design (HWCD) is an international design company with multiple bases – London, Shanghai, and Barcelona are hotspots for HWCD’s 800 design specialists. Being based in these locations, HWCD has its fingers in lots of pies – it is spread far and wide so that it can have a positive impact on a global scale. This award-winning, seasoned team of imaginative individuals are there to do things bigger and better – for your benefit. HWCD calls its process the “making of luxury” and, with this memorable team, it weaves a cloth of pure enchantment in the form of living spaces. Its ‘Six Senses’ resorts and spas are designed to soothe the mind by creating a feeling of peace – they do this through their clean, spacious areas kissed by the incoming sun and, nestled in the surrounding scenery, HWCD’s designs promote a feeling of being at one with nature. Making use of all the senses, HWCD uses every inch of space to create a safe place for you to unwind and allow yourself to melt into your surroundings – being held by the environment, you can even feel refreshed very shortly after arriving. The ‘Six Senses’ Ibiza structure is located only 30 minutes from the airport, near Cala Xarraca Bay, and it is surrounded by beauty – this brings a flock of people to it with ease of access. The Marabella ‘Six Senses’ spa is based in the centre of the southern coast of Spain; the Marabella spa introduces the pinnacle of relaxation for its visitors from all over the world. And there is more where that came from; HWCD has created a plethora of safe-havens that take us to a new level of relaxation, serenity, and harmony. With a portfolio of spectacular and magnificent spaces, HWCD is proud to continue its work to the world – just as we are proud to present HWCD with the prestigious accolade of Most Innovative Luxury Hotel Interior Design Firm 2022. It is clear that these hotels are one step ahead of the game, and we would like to take a moment to celebrate their use of space, senses, colours, textures, and natural essences such as light and heat. From timeless design through to extremely clean, modern class, HWCD has a wide spectrum of strengths. HWCD’s ultimate vision is to create sumptuous and opulent designs for its exclusive and private clients and property developers. For extravagant living and intricate design, visit HWCD. Most Innovative Luxury Hotel Interior Design Firm 2022 Harmony World Consultant and Design (HWCD) is a wildly creative, structurally sound, and deeply knowledgeable design company that is taking the industry by storm. Here we look at its work, ethos, essence, and enthusiasm as it wins this highly enviable accolade. H Apr22708