Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 41 such close relationships with their clients. Working collaboratively with owner, consultants and contractors has allowed for a dynamic approach that responds quickly and effectively to any challenge that might arise. The team are always looking to implement their own ideas, pushing forward into bold new territory based on the successes they have achieved in the past. This can mean challenging clients to work more efficiently than they might otherwise have done to create a better workplace. The team is ideally positioned for growth as a life science boon in the Houston area takes effect. To meet this growth, the team are exploring the potential of establishing a presence in Dallas. It’s clear that the expert eyes of these stunning architects are in understandably high demand. We celebrate the team’s remarkable success and look forward to seeing what they do in the weeks and months to come. Company: Scientia Architects Name: Ardis Clinton & Cynthia Walston (founding partners) Email: [email protected] Web Address: hen Ardis Clinton and Cynthia Walston founded Scientia Architects, they did so because they shared a passion for planning laboratories. The work they do is invaluable, providing much needed environments for uncovering scientific discoveries. Partnering with their clients, their designs are truly challenging the norms of design in order to create something unique in every sense of the word. The demands of the laboratory workplace and learning environments are specialist in nature, and the team at Scientia Architects have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to trends, issues, and best practices to ensure truly innovative designs. This is the prism through which the team develop new designs, drawing on the specific demands of their clients and their businesses in order to secure success. Hiring an expert in this field is vital to securing success. The team’s work has seen them take on projects that have had an enormous impact on the way in which scientific developments are made. One of their most recent projects has been the Rice University New Engineering and Science Building in Houston, Texas. This project was an incredible 250,000 SF replacement lab building, built from the ground up. With construction underway and completion set for 2023, the Scientia team have acted as lab programmers, local architects, and collaborative lab planner throughout. Their skill and versatility has made them invaluable partners to their clients. Of course the project has not gone without incident. The building was fast-tracked, so the core and shell was going up before programming could be completed for users. The nature of the building also changed mid-flow, from one which would be primarily for engineering with minimal chemical use to one which would host materials science with intense chemical use. Adapting the infrastructure to accommodate this change was no easy task, with stringent codes and guidelines to fall in line with, but it was one which the team completed in good time. The changing nature of a project is one which is almost inevitable and is why the Scientia Architects team maintain At the heart of Scientia Architects is a passion for scientific discovery. The team’s skill, however, is in empowering others through the creation of inspiring spaces. When it comes to developing designs which are practically minded and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure, there are none finer. In BUILD’s Architecture Awards, the team were recognized for their tremendous skill. We dig a little deeper to uncover the foundations of their success. W Apr22402 Best Laboratory Architecture & Design Specialists 2022 - Southern USA