Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 42 only allowed for heads-down work but easy collaboration. They team also built in meeting rooms to allow for video conferencing with clients and other team members. The results are truly stunning, offering a bright workspace that reflects the high-end clientele being served. Since opening their doors, the team have worked on over 900 projects and are aiming to break the 1,000 mark before the end of 2022. They have built exceptional relationships with their clients which has assisted them in securing exponential growth over the years. Whilst many would have struggled with their current rate of expansion, HF Planners, LLC has thrived on the challenge. Their present is something justly celebrated in BUILD’s Architecture Awards, and their future is assured to be one of continued and impressive success. Company: HF Planners, LLC Name: Caroline Shelly Email: [email protected] ased out of Branchburg, NJ, the team at HF Planners LLC has gained an impressive reputation in the design and construction industry. The designs they develop focus specifically on the unique demands of a company and has opened the door to working with a wide range of organisations. Whether it’s a humble start-up or a Fortune 500 firm, this team is able to embed itself in a company’s culture and support their changing needs as they evolve and grow. The three pillars that stand the foundation of HF Planners LLC’s work are planning, design, and management. When clients turn to this team, they do so because they want them to resolve any headaches in the development of a project, and as such, the team is made of an impressive range of Certified Interior Designers (CID) and LEED accredited professionals. They take on the stresses of running a project, using their expertise to ensure success. From the beginning of every project, the team has been proud to work alongside Facility Managers, Human Resource teams, Business Owners, and company leaders to name but a few. Early discussions allow for the development of personalised solutions that meet individual challenges. The phases of planning, designing and management follow, with various interviews and renderings produced to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the direction of the project. This approach has allowed the team to take on many projects of various different types. Growing companies have a range of requirements that can only be met by specialists. The HF Planners, LLC team offer a workplace which is scalable, which lowers operating costs and which minimises a firm’s ecological footprint. Instead of creating a space which is only suitable for the needs of the present, they have thrived through creating workplaces which meets the demands of the future. Over the last few years, the demands of the workplace have changed in ways that no one could have predicted at unprecedented speed. One of the most recent projects undertaken by the team showcases this mindset perfectly, with a client who had purchased a 4,500 square foot office building which did not fit their needs or incorporate their current corporate branding style. Having analysed the business’s work habits and customer interactions, the HF Planners, LLC team were able to unify the space into a single workspace which not Best Work Environment Planning & Design Firm - Northeast USA Over 20 years in the industry have seen the team at HF Planners, LLC rise to incredible new heights of success. Their focus on interior design, workplace strategy, and facility management has ensured that businesses can be as productive as possible in workspaces that as functional as they are beautiful. In BUILD’s Architecture Awards 2022, the team achieved breath-taking success. B May22697