Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 35 responds to the climate as it endeavours to create sustainable, passively designed homes that are comfortable all year round with minimal technology required. The studio’s approach has earned it a reputation. One of excellence and positivity. As AO Design Studio is operates in a regional area, its reputation is everything, as much of its business is acquired through word of mouth. Yet this is only one of many elements that makes the business unique. In addition to its reputation, AO Design Studio’s internal culture has bolstered its position within the industry. The company operates similar to that of a university studio, which means that it is much more open to experimentation, evolution, and new techniques. It is constantly learning. Consequently, it can be expected that AO Design Studio will continue to grow and develop as time progresses. In 2022, AO Design Studio has plans to bring new team members on board, as this will introduce new skills and ideas into the business. Furthermore, the business is working on a range of projects, and it has many in the pipeline. One such project is that of X House, which AO Design Studio hopes will start construction in the upcoming months. Yet the project that the studio is most excited to see complete involves the rebuild of two houses lost during the Black Summer Bushfires, as AO Design Studio is looking forward to helping its clients settle back into their homes. Contact: Tony O’Meara Company: AO Design Studio Web Address: ounded during the aftermath of the 2020 Black Summer Bushfires, AO Design Studio was established based upon a humanistic approach, through which it continues to help clients accomplish their dreams. AO Design Studio has evolved greatly over the past two years; however, its passion for client satisfaction has remained the same. Indeed, this mission has only strengthened over time, and the design studio strives to accomplish it through developing long-term relationships with its clients. Of course, this objective is represented through the business’ mission statement, ‘to design beautifully detailed buildings that are unique to each client and location they are designed for.’ AO Design Studio offers a plethora of services in order to cultivate bespoke pieces that aligns with its clients’ goals. For example, it provides solutions stemming from master planning and schematic design right through to detailed construction drawings and interior design. This full range of services enables the business to follow the client throughout their architecture experience, ensuring that the client receives a premium standard of customer service from the beginning to the end. AO Design Studio is currently offering its expertise to a project in rural New South Wales. The company was tasked with the creation of a 32 sq. m. star gazing eco cabin that can accommodate up to four adults and a child. In turn, AO Design Studio has designed a cabin that takes a contemporary take on the traditional ‘slab hut’, it features a rainwater collection system, solar panels with battery storage, and its own septic system. This was the company’s main challenge. In order to fit all of these elements into such a small space, AO Design Studio had to utilise a wealth of creativity. It did, however, pay off, and the project is now moving into its construction phase. When working on a new project, such as the eco cabin, AO Design Studio takes a fresh approach. The company is enthusiastic about delving into jobs that allow it to explore new territories and ideas. As such, the company collaborates with its clients, and this is AO Design Studio’s area of expertise. It prioritises working closely with these clients, striving to gain an understanding of the brief, the client’s vision, and their lifestyle so that the project is in keeping with the client’s needs. Moreover, it is imperative for AO Design Studio that the design Best Emerging Regional Design Studio 2022 – NSW & Rising Stars in Sustainable Building Design 2022 - NSW In a world that is being crippled by a climate crisis, it is imperative that businesses in all sectors focus on ways to make their practices more sustainable. The architecture industry, for example, is currently undergoing an overhaul, with a plethora of new eco-friendly techniques being introduced. Taking up this challenge in a regional setting is the Australian company AO Design Studio. F Apr22509 AO Design Studio