Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 16 Apr22452 esidential design and construction is a field that touches virtually everyone and captivates the attention of individuals from all walks of life. In today’s highly competitive and expansive internet-driven market, it can be a difficult industry to stand out in. Though it was not their intent, Habitations has done just that by simply providing superior architectural design services with the client’s vision, and comfort with the design process, always at the core of their efforts. Critically, Habitations’ success in the industry has come about by demonstrating their craft not only to clients, but to annual peer review in multiple categories. Although client reviews are important, it is most comforting to new clients when presented with the exceptional recognition of other industry professionals nationwide. Their annual submissions are not just for quality in design but also quality of construction drawings. This is a critical part of their ongoing mission to reflect and improve. It is that process that ensures the build is complete when the client’s total satisfaction is achieved. Although not a major focus, the Habitations team has enjoyed many successful projects in the area of historical renovation/ restoration. These buildings call for a very special skillset, in terms of design, to bring history and new technology together in harmony. In recent years, Habitations’ custom design bookings are increasingly robust while its renovation/retrofit portfolio is still the backbone of the practice. A portfolio that reflects the reality of change in the U.S. economy and the increasing values of existing homes. Consistent throughout these diverse design commissions, the studio’s growth has been fuelled by the team’s philosophy that the designer is the client’s guide and advocate to an increasingly complex industry. Founded by Robert Platt, Habitations, LLC is a team of talented and thoughtfully focused individuals. Robert’s 42 years of experience, coupled with the combined talents of his team, allows Habitations to take on interesting and challenging projects ranging from custom home and major renovation designs to historic restorations. At the foundation of their success lies a culture of communication, client education and expectation management. As a result, their clients have ushered Habitations into a place of trust and respect in the Metro Atlanta home design market and beyond. R Best Home Improvements & Architecture Support Firm - Southeast USA Habitations’ success has been further bolstered by its commitment to improving the craft of residential design for the future. Mr. Platt and his associates never wish to rest on the laurels of their past accomplishments. Rather, they maintain a finger on the pulse of the industry, constantly evaluating the advent of true and sustainable innovation vs trends and marketing wizardry. The studios bedrock is one of respecting tradition while maintaining an open mind to possibilities. Says Platt, “The practice of residential design becomes more complex as the years pass, while the world of codes and ordinances constantly adapts to keep pace with performance and technology. Habitations respects the regulatory side of the industry as they work to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the of the community. This progression must be consistently reflected in the documents and drawings that the modern residential designer produces. To that end, today’s designer has become a necessary part of life, much like lawyers or CPAs. The pandemic has led to a boom in the renovation industry in the U.S. It has significantly impacted how we live as families and a society. Now more individuals are working from their homes, requiring their homes to adapt. Parents and adult children are combining resources and creating ‘hybrid homes’ that meet their joint needs far better together than apart. This, among other ‘new realities’, has created a growing demand on the industry as