Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 15 with strong opinions from each that could cause contention if left unaddressed, which is not what DDBranding wants. Instead, it hopes to foster an aura of collaborative creation in its work, taking on board client feedback and ensuring that communication is the connective tissue between each milestone. Allowing specific changes as well as all-round brand revitalisation as a result, DDBranding has elevated each of its clients to their best selves. Having kitted them out for success in a world where corporate development strategy is a critical part of business planning, its personalised strategy allows it to inject the friendliness and charisma back into public relations and branding efforts, Critically, this ensures that the resulting strategies have an aura of vitality to them, and that the client’s company has a unified objective, characteristic, and theory that is clear to stakeholders, partners, and customers. Moreover, having developed the Big Brand Strategy for long-term stability and growth – all with the most exemplary customer service in mind – it is proud to say that each professional within its ranks uses their own depth and breadth of industry experience in their work, only suggesting action when it is backed up by proven results. Using this knowledge to great effect propels DDBranding’s clients into the next era for their business to great effect, presenting clear and intuitive models that, by their very nature, speak for themselves. This, in the future, is something it is keen to continue, upgrading its services and keeping abreast of changing design trends so it can ensure that its results remain at the head of the pack. Company: DDBranding Contact: Melody Zhu Website: ¬¬