Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 7 the natural and built environment. The main aim is to create spaces that will contribute to empowering a state of wellbeing in peoples’ daily lives. And projects certainly come with their challenges, namely the covid-19 pandemic, when the team had to maintain high standards despite the fluctuating market prices, material availability, and human workforce shortage. The positive aspect of this disruptive period, however, turned out to be that people became more aware of their surroundings and their strong impact on their daily balance and wellbeing. Healthy air, lighting and safety have gained an important place in spatial design, whether it involves residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. For BllendDesign, the pandemic determined the need to stay committed and dedicated to its initial focus on human-centred design of resilient spaces. Indeed, the team maintained those high standards, having recently designed two luxury residential projects in Athens Southern Suburbs, Varkiza and Vouliagmeni. The projects currently at the construction and final execution drawings phase, incorporated intelligent management of LED lighting with occupancy sensors which adjust the intensity of the lighting according to the natural light flowing into the space and the presence or movement of people. Natural vegetation was chosen, always supported by water supply systems and exploitation of rainwater with hidden tanks for water collection, management and fire extinguishing options in case of emergency. This approach aims to restore the human relationship with the natural environment and the biorhythms of health and wellbeing, in a setting that nurtures safety, balance and security. Another project that the team is proud of completing is its award-winning Agora Floreasca Urban Theory, a leisure mall in Bucharest which is focused on creating a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy food and beverages, alongside physical and mind rejuvenation all day long. The mall officially opened to the public just before the covid outbreak. Helen gives an insight into what went into the project: “We really think the meticulous attention to detail, use of innovative and certified products, successful lighting design, and focus on people and how they experience their surrounding environment in order the maximise their benefit was really successful. We established the place as a meeting spot that emits a sense of security, safety, and a relaxed, ambient environment that enables people to relax and connect.” Now more than ever, BllendDesign values the need to create spaces that live and evolve together with their inhabitants, and the team will continue its strong effort in this direction. All of its current and future projects will follow the path of designing spaces that take responsibility towards contributing and forging the right circumstances for occupants to achieve balance and wellbeing at in their homes, at work, and in recreation environments. All of this cannot be achieved without studying nature and incorporating the lessons learn so far to inform better design. Company: BllendDesign & Research Office Contact: Helen Brasinika, Design & Research Director, Co-Founder Email: [email protected] Website: