Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 11 trees from which they were made. The rough-sawn timbers of it tell an additional story of the expertise used in the crafting process, turning the raw materials of the woodland into a product that passes the strict selection procedures they are then put through, resulting in SIMPLY OAK™’s consistently mind-blowing quality timbers. The size, grading, and quality are all strictly measured through standardised processes that allow it to ensure that utmost excellence is maintained at all costs. Moreover, it is Victoria Player’s belief – and therefore the belief of SIMPLY OAK™ as a company – that seeing is believing when it comes to standard control and testing. This means that the company regularly visits the sawmill in order to ensure that its standards are being followed to the letter, and it welcomes customers asking it about the mill in more detail, with the employees of SIMPLY OAK™ being proud to give a client as in depth an insight into how it handles its work as they wish. Additionally, when it comes to its mill’s technologies, it is determined to only make use of the most innovative options. This has meant that its drying kilns are all state-of-the-art, operated by highly skilled staff; the result of which is wood with the optimum moisture content for installation in any country. With its incredible service of the international market, this has endeared it to each of its customers, all of whom have been consistently impressed by the products and the way the resulting flooring adapts to any environmental effects such as humid or particularly dry regions. The wood is stored in a climate-controlled warehouse that allows it to be profiled into solid boards and top layers both. In short, the engineering that goes into the wood is just as important as the cut and the installation, allowing it to gain a reputation for each individual element of its work being utterly flawless. Once a perfectly crafted and created board has been produced by its incredibly innovative machinery, SIMPLY OAK™ works hard to move it on to the surfacing and colour finish stage of the process, which is either carried out by machine or by hand. In more cases than not, the by-hand method is used, as the crafters like to ensure a personal touch goes into every one of their products. Packaging is chosen depending on where the product is going and how, with different options to ensure that whether by road, sea, or air, the flooring arrives in perfect condition. Therefore, SIMPLY OAK™ has proved itself to be the best of the best, hands down, on an international level, and is excited to continue proving its place at the head of the pack long into the future. Company: SIMPLY OAK™ Contact: Victoria Player Website: