Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 10 Apr22637 roviding truly exemplary European White Oak flooring, SIMPLY OAK™ is a business that has made a name for itself with its continued provision of the best services in oak flooring and construction. Plying its trade for builders, designers, architects, and end users, this business is led by wood construction specialist Victoria Player, an expert in guiding her clients through the process of choosing and installing a new beautiful floor that will enhance any home, office, or business with a timeless elegance. Critically, Victoria has developed this reputation and the experience to back it up over her 21 years in working in the high-end luxury market. Her career in the luxury commodities field first began in the private jet market, but has since expanded vastly with her move into flooring – a growth that has allowed her to gain significant favour and good will from clients across the residential and corporate markets both – and resulting in the favour of a vast roster of people who go on to leave her glowing reviews and refer her to peers. Nominally, this ever-expanding client list is the international luxury flooring market, professionals and home owners alike who appreciate being able to benefit from the worldwide export of prestigious European White Oak in a manner that is still ecologically and socially responsible. Thusly, Victoria has dedicated herself to both quality and sustainability, as she knows that SIMPLY OAK™ is one of the front runners in the sale of a precious material. Maintaining these standards across the board has allowed her to build a company that is famous for both customer service and customer results, with its portfolio boasting several outstanding finished projects that show that the proof is indeed in the pudding. SIMPLY OAK™ has followed Victoria from Oxford in England to Miami Beach in Florida, and nowadays, when she isn’t taking exemplary care of her clients, the founder can be A bespoke oak flooring provider with an ethical throughline and a deep dedication to its clients’ happiness and satisfaction, SIMPLY OAK™ works hard to provide the highest quality of wooden flooring to its international clients. Having innovated a way to engineer European White Oak in such a way that allows it to withstand all manner of environmental conditions from intensive humidity to arid regions, it has made itself a darling of the global luxury design and construction industry, with clients in all corners of the world and endless knowledge in its work. P found out on the water enjoying the best that Miami has to offer and using that to fuel her passion for her work. SIMPLY OAK™’s entire brand, due to this, is based in a true love of the business and a dedication to the market that permeates its whole structure. Moreover, whether it’s advising a client on how and why to incorporate European White Oak into a home or building, setting up the installation, or working to fit itself to a client’s specifications in cases where a client has something incredibly specific in mind, they can expect to enjoy uncompromising customer service at every turn. This is further emboldened by the craftsmanship behind the products that SIMPLY OAK™ sells. Each and every flooring element that they sell to their clients undergoes rigorous quality testing, sourced from landowners who adhere strictly to sustainable practices, and implement bespoke, traditional milling methods into their work. Due to this, it only sells certified FSC® and PEFC™ standard products, and promises that its bespoke flooring will dignify any environment with a new lease of life and timeless elegance that will fit all manner of aesthetic design choices, looks, and feels. With an in-depth dive into every product that it sells available on its website, SIMPLY OAK™ is more than happy to talk through them via phone call or email, too. Available in Herringbone, Chevron, and Parquet, its panels are available in a variety of colours and textures, with bespoke whorls and detailing that are completely unique to each piece, telling the story of the Leading Suppliers of White Oak Flooring Products 2022