Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 33 We at wedi are one large family and are always there from start to finish to help in each project, no matter how small or large it might be. The culture we live by speaks for itself and it makes an impact to all our customers from the professional and also personally level.” This is the exact attitude that every executive should have as they lead a team of conscientious, committed, and capable individuals. Teamwork is all about collaboration, what you can bring to the table, and what you can take on board from others. It is important to collaborate so that we can overcome obstacles together. “Not only do we highly invest in our people to set a new industry standard but we also highly invest in R&D to reassure the quality and innovation of our product portfolio to offer a true and full industry system that nobody has ever seen before in the Australasia market all backed by a true and full manufacturing all-inclusive warranty,” Peter adds. He knows that it is of utmost importance to trust in his team as well as the products being created. Things could have been tough for wedi, much like other businesses found, but, with its expertise and incredible products, wedi has been able to not only stay afloat but to exceed all expectations. Peter says, “Time is from essence in this unpreceded time that COVID has brought to us. Skilful labourers are hard to find but with the wedi products you will be able to speed up your jobsite from traditionally 4 days to 4 hours.” It is clear to see that its expertise, professionalism, and teamwork gets it through even the toughest and largest of jobs – this fills us with faith and respect for the business. In the future, wedi is going to continue pushing the industry forward, working together, and working towards the goals of its customers. We are proud to present it with the award of Best Shower & Wet Room Systems Supplier 2022 – Australasia and we wish it even more success in years to come. Contact: Peter Beckmann Company: wedi Web Address: aving begun in 1983, wedi’s very own expert tiler, Helmut Wedi, introduced the 100% waterproof, directly tileable building board and founded the company in Emsdetten, Germany. He knew that it was a strong breakthrough for the industry and so he created wedi to carry on the tradition. Generations passed and wedi has continued to be a trail-blazer in the industry. Now in over 50 countries, wedi’s products are taking over and transforming the wet room experience. wedi completely trusts in its immense ability to produce the best products for its customers, and its vision reflects this. wedi’s team believes that it is most important to put the customer first and, with its innovative products, wedi’s true colours clearly shine through. Director, Peter Beckmann, tells us, “wedi is the global leader for waterproof underlayment systems. Our overall mission is to deliver the highest quality of products with the most technical knowledgeable people in the field to make every internal wet room 100% waterproof and safe for the consumer at every time.” Understanding how important it is to have a strong team behind him, Peter adds, “The key are our people behind the products. Best Shower & Wet Room Systems Supplier 2022 - Australasia wedi is an amazing design and fine products that won’t leave you having to redo your bathroom over and over again. We are proud to present this enviable accolade to wedi as it reaches new heights and continues its tradition. Here we speak to wedi’s Director, Peter Beckmann, about its success in winning this incredible award. H Apr22619