Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 32 representatives in more than 20 countries around the globe. Beyond ensuring that their workforce understands the needs of local people, this allows them to dig more deeply into the operation of each location. The impact of Geveko Markings goes to a range of places and the team make sure to be as aware of possible of each. The mark of success for this intrepid team is the way in which the business has been able to thrive over the last few years. Drawing on a track record of excellence has brought Geveko Markings truly amazing results. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they deliver in the weeks and months to come. Company: Geveko Markings Email: [email protected] Web Address: oad markings are universal symbols, designed to communicate clearly and effectively with people from around the world. To create these markings, however, requires a great deal of skill and ingenuity. Since being founded in 1924, the team at Geveko Markings have been able to develop, manufacture, and distribute horizontal markings of all sizes, material, colour, or form. In more than 80 countries around the world, Geveko Markings plays an invaluable role in ensuring safe, sustainable, and efficient mobility. They guide people to their destinations, advise them on how to travel as safely as possible and do so in a way that embraces colour and clarity. Whether it’s on the road, in the playground or across the length and breadth of a cityscape, the team at Geveko Markings are able to deliver truly exceptional results at all times. Seeing the bigger picture has been crucial to securing success for the Geveko Markings team. They know that the right mark in the right place can protect people for years. The team’s work creates safe zones for unprotected road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, prams, and wheelchairs, with tactile road markings to assist the visually impaired. In a world where traffic flow is an essential part of minimising environmental impact, the team are also able to support their partners through their incredible road designs. Whilst adapting to the needs of the present day, the team’s success is no modern invention. Instead, they build on years of expertise in this precision field. Geveko Markings has played a crucial role in forming and developing the infrastructure of the industry. Starting out in Scandinavia, the team has been able to expand throughout the world, operating on an international scale. The growth has seen Geveko Markings gain a prominent position throughout Europe and beyond. The success of the company has come from a passion for what they do. Every Geveko Marking is the result of the impressive skill of their employees. This focus on the individual whilst operating around the world is the sign of the success of Geveko Markings. No matter where in the world, the local attitude of each part of Geveko Markings ensures that there are close, long-term relationships with customers and local stakeholders. To facilitate this international audience, the Geveko Markings team have established their own sales and technical Best Road Marking Solutions Provider 2022 R Apr22667 When we see road markings, it’s easy to overlook the care and attention to detail that goes into each. A team that knows precisely what goes into these incredible parts of our day-to-day lives is Geveko Markings. Their efforts have seen them recognised in the Architecture Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover what lies beneath the team’s amazing achievements.