Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 31 With over 25 years of experience behind the team, the studio was built on and founded “out of passion to add value, seek pleasure in spaces, and reconnect people with style, insight, and new experiences. We believe in sharing and embracing the yet unexplored,” enthuses Nanna Lagerman. Everything that Nanna Lagerman touches seems to turn to gold as they create opulent spaces to cherish and experience as you have never known before. The way that Nanna Lagerman develops its designs constructs a tailor-made understanding of space, use of materials, and experience of new life pushed into the surroundings. Playing with textures, materials, colours, light, and space can be exciting – and Nanna Lagerman squeezes every last drop of creativity out into each space, leaving no stone unturned and no corner untouched. The Lamb is a 700 square metre ‘anti-burnout space’, a member’s club, and a coworking space that “focuses on wellbeing and belonging”. Nanna Lagerman tells us that the “space has a sustainable focus” with “90% carefully handpicked, upcycled, and repurposed furniture.” The clean, bold, and beautiful design plays with light in order to create a larger space to the eye – offering plenty of space for living, working, cooling down, and focusing. Rich and colourful woods, creamy paint, and dazzling metals reflecting light all allow us to channel our imagination and puts us in a state of respite and ease. The Lamb was constructed with modernity in mind – from raw brick to soft and ruffled curtains, this is a space for collaboration and invention. This elevated space demonstrates Nanna Lagerman’s ability to form structures that calm our thoughts and – instead – shift our perception into feeling. So many of us get lost in our thoughts and forget to step into our raw feelings to let them guide us into our essence. If you’re looking for a space that allows you to reconnect with the fundamental nature of the self, you’ve found the perfect place to explore. Contact: Nanna Lagerman Company: Nanna Lagerman Web Address: ulti-award-winning Nanna Lagerman is a designer who started the Studio Nanna Lagerman which specializes in boosting sophistication in any space. By improving interiors from something average to something otherworldly, Nanna Lagerman inspires passion, comfort, and ultimate luxury when there was no true feeling before. Senior Interior Designer, Nanna Lagerman, is a firm believer in the company’s ethos. She says, “Our goal is to create spaces that help us to feel, to let us dream, to silence our mind, and to have a positive and mental well-being. Halting the modern life flow, we get out of time and get in touch with something bigger than ourselves. If you don’t feel it, it’s not there.” A twist of modern design in your life will bring a fresh zest to your day, every day. “We bring thought, relevance, and style to forward thinking environments,” says Nanna Lagerman. The kind of person that will welcome Nanna Lagerman’s designs is someone who is driven, revolutionary, and has the desire to make their mark on the world. Best Public Space Interior Design Studio – Nordic Region & Most Innovative Workspace Design: The Lamb Creating a serene space where it never was is Nanna Lagerman’s mission. Seamlessly guiding our heart and headspace to a place of rest and inspiration, Nanna Lagerman promotes positivity and a modern use of colours, light, and textures. Here we look at her creations as Nanna Lagerman boldly explores the realm of design, pushing it to new heights for the present moment and future generations. M May22215 Nanna Lagerman