Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 30 Contractors has seen others in the industry try to appease clients with minimal effort and difficulty – henceforth, it is passionate about subverting this. It wants to be different. In an industry centred around appearances, this is an advantage. The construction and renovation industry in South Florida is going through a period of explosive expansion, which has been amplified by the post-covid era. In turn, this has enabled Expo Convention Contractors to expand its services. Although the pandemic brought numerous challenges, it changed the company for the better, and has provided the company with a multitude of opportunities. As such, 2022 is bringing plenty of Expo Convention Contractors’ plans into fruition. The company is setting its sights on expansion, growing its position in the South Florida market through leveraging its ability to turn projects around quickly. In addition, the company hopes to delve into a wider variety of events, with a particular focus on outdoor solutions. Contact: Richard Curran Company: Expo Convention Contractors Web Address: mall enough to be personable yet large enough to be exceptional...’ This encompasses the heart of Expo Convention Contractors, a Florida-based design and display contractor that supports special events and trade shows. Established in the mid-90s, Expo Convention Contractors is a family-owned and operated business, with over 50 in-house team members available at all times. Furthermore, its Miami facility is conveniently located between all of the major convention centres in South Florida, lying within 45 minutes of each. Consequently, Expo Convention Contractors has become the premier choice for expert exhibition services – not only in Florida, but for events across the nation. It strives to be a company that employees want to work for, vendors want to engage with, and customers’ first choice. Expo Convention Contractors’ mission is encompassed by this ambition – the company endeavours to support its clients’ businesses in showcasing their brand for maximum exposure through innovation, creativity, and flawless planning. Most recently, the contractor undertook a project that involved the creation of a custom fabricated exhibit with inbuilt LED lighting and monitors – it was imperative that the project was completed in under two months. This pushed the team to work to their greatest abilities, working quickly and efficiently, in order to produce a high-quality product by the deadline. To finalise projects at this rate, Expo Convention Contractors follows a stringent process. Indeed, the workflow begins with the account executives meeting with the customer to gain an understanding of the project’s vision and the budget. The design team then takes over rendering the details and, ultimately, turning the idea into a viewable creation. Once the design is approved, the project moves into the construction stage. Planning the construction has a significant influence on the project’s difficulty; therefore, the company tries to prefabricate as much as possible so, at the site location, all the team has to do is put the pieces together. Expo Convention Contractors is constantly exceeding the boundaries of design and innovation – each project it fulfils has the ‘wow’ factor. It is this that has set the company apart from its competition. Time and time again, Expo Convention Best Trade Show & Special Events Contractor - South Florida A showstopping event needs a showstopping setting. Expo Convention Contractors, a Miami-based company, is a leading design and display contractor that strives to deliver the ‘wow’ factor, creating cutting edge spaces in a small time frame. Operating since 1995, the company has cultivated an expansive portfolio – however, in 2022, it is looking to further diversify its skillset through exploring outdoor services. S May22495