Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 29 undertakes extra tests to guarantee that there are no budgetary shocks later down the line. As a result, each project can be carried out calmly, quickly, and with the client’s informed consent. Such practical checks are then complimented by an assessment of the client’s daily activities, for which Skala Studio Ltd maps their flow and meeting points in order to cultivate a greater understanding of their psychology. Ultimately, this certifies that the design is harmonious with the client’s individual health requirements. In addition, when fulfilling a project that involves children or prospective job or lifestyle changes, Skala Studio Ltd makes notes as to how it can future-proof the design. This has resulted in Skala Studio Ltd distancing itself from the rest of the market – it is a wholly unusual yet effective service. As the company believes that everyone is unique, it carries out each project in an entirely bespoke manner. Additionally, it urges its customers to complete a Sensory Matrix Assessment developed by Dr. Annemarie Lombard, as this can help them to gain a greater understanding as to how their environment affects each of their senses. Through these results, Skala Studio Ltd is able to create a design that benefits the client’s and their family’s own needs. In the industry, this health-centric approach is largely unrecognised. ‘A lot of the clients in my area, who invite more than one architectural company for quote, tell us that we are the only company that mentions the concepts of ventilation and acoustics as well as pay attention to each member of the family,’ Katarzyna Czapiga testifies. ‘We found that clients are willing to invest in many healthy strategies – the main issue is that they don’t know what they are. We believe it is an architect’s duty to inform them what they can do and how.’ It is abundantly clear that Skala Studio Ltd’s atypical approach to design has leveraged the company’s success; henceforth, the company has a bright future ahead. Throughout 2022, the company will be honing its gaze in on promoting healthy design through the development of its Healthy Design Toolkit, which is set to list all the key aspects that clients need to consider when developing their homes. Contact: Katarzyna Czapiga Company: Skala Studio Ltd Web Address: kala Studio Ltd is unique in the fact that its designs are centred around healthy interactions, atmospheres, and environments. Its work is built around its clients’ ideas and needs, and strives to bolster their physical and mental health, with a focus on culture, community, and the space itself. Moreover, the five senses play a great role in the company’s work, factoring in the environment and how the senses are impacted. Skala Studio Ltd, in essence, strives to develop one-of-a-kind spaces that invoke peace, health, and freedom. Directed by Katarzyna Czapiga, an ARB/RIBA Chartered Architect, Skala Studio Ltd was established in order to celebrate and promote architecture as a way to inspire human interactions as well as a way to create beautiful spaces. It is on a mission to emphasise the value of ‘investing in the invisible,’ meaning everything in the house that possesses an impact on quality of life – such as water filtration, acoustic membranes and insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems, underfloor heating with air source heat pumps, and thermal insulation. Consequently, when taking on a potential client, the first thing that Skala Studio Ltd does is walk them through each of the RIBA stages to ensure that they understand the processes, major milestones, and responsibilities of all parties involved. From there, the company identifies the project’s risks and Best Health-Orientated Design Company - South East England Both physical and mental health is rarely considered when designing a home – but Skala Studio Ltd believes that this approach is antiquated. The trailblazing architecture firm is one of the first of its kind, as it utilises in-depth assessments to create residences that bolster its clients’ overall wellbeing. S Apr22554