Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 28 inspiration for the team. Located across the globe, the firm’s team is comprised of the world’s leading talents, each of whom come from an extensive background within the industry. Positions at the firm are highly sought after and are incredibly hard to acquire – subsequently, every project that Urban A&O has completed has won at least one international architecture award. This distinction of excellence is further reflected in the firm’s testimonials, with dozens of pleased clients, including Fortune 100 companies, endorsing the company. For example, Tom Hennes, Principal at Thinc Design, comments, ‘I have worked with Joe and Urban A&O on several projects, but one really stands out. The Water Planet, the central gallery of the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences, was a radical approach to a thematic aquarium exhibition. […] We developed the gallery plan jointly, and then UAO created a parametric design for flowing walls that were punctuated by streamlined openings for the dozens of aquarium habitats.’ He goes on to describe the collaboration as ‘magical,’ adding that, ‘the collaboration generated something truly amazing.’ Urban A&O is set to continue as it started – with a bang. The company has disrupted the architecture industry on a global scale through emphasising the importance of sustainability, beauty, and innovation within design. Each aspect of the company is seeing constant, rapid growth, which is in line with the expansion of its core competencies. It is with this firmly in mind that Urban A&O can expect to have a fruitful 2022. Contact: Joe MacDonald Company: Urban A&O Email: [email protected] Web Address: ome to Coney Island, the Barclays Centre, and the internationally recognised Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, New York, is a hub for innovation, culture, and creativity. Making its home within this bustling borough is one of New York State’s best known architecture firms, Urban A&O. Indeed, inspired by the vibrant backdrop, the firm specialises in the creation of sustainable solutions and green buildings. It is, in a sense, defining the future of urbanism, architecture, and landscape design. Over the years, Urban A&O has gained a name for itself through its devotion to energy efficient techniques, environmental management systems, climate change mitigation, and adaptation. Moreover, it has pioneered a plethora of Net-Zero [nZEB] building solutions – the company defines nZEB buildings as buildings ‘with a very high energy performance’, where ‘the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be extensively covered by renewable sources produced on-site or nearby.’ Urban A&O has, in turn, had the opportunity to establish a portfolio filled with unique and often ground-breaking projects. One such project, titled Project Energos, comes in the form of a 3,700-acre mixed-use development near Reno, Nevada. As a result, when finalised, the project will stand as America’s largest industrial/ commercial development that is wholly powered by renewable energy. Working in tandem with TerraScale, Project Energos will create a new method for the secure, swift storage and transmission of data between government agencies and commercial clients. Leading the Urban A&O team on such projects is the firm’s founder, Joe MacDonald. A highly decorated architect, MacDonald has undertaken numerous highly celebrated projects, including the design for Johnson & Johnson’s Olympic Games Pavilion for the Beijing Olympics. Furthermore, he spent many years on faculty as an Associate Professor at Harvard University, his alma mater, the top architecture school in the world for the last decade. He and his work – both as an individual and through Urban A&O – has been internationally recognised, landing him in Harvard Magazine, The New York Times, and Vanity Fair. Consequently, Urban A&O only puts out a premium standard of work, with MacDonald’s vision, expertise, and drive serving as an Most Innovative Sustainable Design Firm – USA & Best Industrial / Commercial Development Design (USA): Project Energos From the 2008 Olympics to the heart of Nevada, Urban A&O has left an impact on critically acclaimed projects across the world. In addition, it is home to some of the industry’s greatest talents, including its founder, Joe MacDonald. Under his leadership, Urban A&O has become a pioneer in sustainable yet practical designs that do not compromise on aesthetics. H May22102