Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 27 carried out face-to-face; however, for the time being they are being held virtually. As a result of these exceptional and rather unique services, Graphite Security has had the opportunity to work with a range of clients and build a diverse portfolio filled with successes. One project undertaken by the company involved the provision of a Security Needs Assessment for a Jaguar/Land Rover Showroom in Swansea, in which it fulfilled the assessment in order to provide the client with a higher BREEAM rating. The proposed development consisted of a 3,700 sqm. showroom, a valet facility and workshop, an outdoor display area, and more. The company approaches projects with a great amount of professionalism, as it truly understands the importance of its contributions. Henceforth, it begins each project with a meeting with the design team, as this allows for a greater understanding of the project. A significant element within Graphite Security’s process are crime statistics, which ultimately impacts the security measures that it provides to the design team. The report is then reviewed by the design team. Unlike many businesses within this field, Graphite Security pushes for fairness. It strives to provide quotes that reflect the work it will be undertaking – which is a rarity, as companies on an endemic scale like to overcharge their customers. In fact, it entirely subverts this tradition, supplying discounts of 10 and 20% for all developments. Graphite Security is also involved in the Northern Powerhouse Initiative, a scheme that is focused upon the development and economic growth of northern England. Its devotion to ethics is sure to bring in dozens of clients over the upcoming year. Whilst the company does not have any plans set in stone, it is setting its sights on growth and evolution. In essence, Graphite Security wants to be the best company it can be, without compromising on affordability, customer service, or quality. Contact: Nasr Haque Company: Graphite Security Ltd Web Address: rior to the founding of Graphite Security Ltd., Nasr Haque gained experience working within the built environment and designing out crime fields. During this time, The Manchester Metropolitan University graduate spent time working for the Greater Manchester Police and Toren Consulting Ltd. for which he acted as a design and security consultant. These experiences have culminated in the establishment one of the UK’s leading security design consultancies. Graphite Security supplies a range of services that have been designed to help clients achieve opulent designs with premium security. Such solutions include BREEAM Security Needs Assessments, SBD Consultations, and security enhancements to both public and private spaces. In addition, it offers Crime Impact Statements (CIS) – the report requested by local authorities during the processing of major planning applications. The CIS service is accompanied by a consultation and evaluation process in partnership with the Greater Manchester Police. Clients may choose to undertake a 30-minute free consultation, which includes the assessment of the client’s plans, drawings, 3D models, or documents by one of the company’s consultants. Through these consultations, Graphite Security has crafted an efficient way for clients to receive the advice that they desperately need without breaking the bank. Graphite Security views this as a way for it to give back – if it can help people with planning for free, it will. Typically, these consultations would be Best Commercial Security Design Consultancy - England & Wales Graphite Security Ltd. has rocketed towards an abundance of success, taking part in a variety of esteemed projects. From Security Needs Assessments to free consultations, the company’s services are a vital part of any private or commercial project plan. P May22528