Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 13 Having most recently put this to the test for the Steve Fields Steakhouse, its biggest challenge in this build was overcoming municipal issues regarding getting the go-ahead for the exterior façade’s design. As B Russo Designs could not add more square footage to the building, it worked with its clients to find ways around the limitations placed upon it, whilst still using as much of the existing building as possible in order to keep the space totally in synch with the surrounding structures. After all, standing out in an area isn’t about sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s about blending in enough to fit, whilst utilising enough sparkle and uniqueness of composition to draw the eye of the curious and discerning consumer. This methodology has enabled it to turn the Steve Fields Steakhouse into a classy, sophisticated, and elegant build in which the client has a great deal of pride, and that their diners have been incredibly excited to visit, reclaiming its spot as one of the shining stars of Dallas eateries. With Steve Fields, as with every project it undertakes, the relationship it builds with the client is of the foremost importance. Achieving, producing, and developing the most cost-effective, value-added project that maintains the integrity of the final design in an outstanding manner, its schematics and renderings have helped the client to visualise how incredibly each design could be. Therefore, simply by trusting B Russo Designs to do what it does best, a client can trust in the excellence of the studio and its experts to develop something that fits their needs perfectly. Functioning with staff and guests alike, another element of the B Russo Designs experience that sets it head and shoulders above the rest is its specific focus on the hospitality industry and creating spaces within which the businesses of this sector can serve their customers. Its experience in serving this specific demographic has meant that it has been able to gain an indepth understanding of the challenges the staff and customers of such establishments face, and how it can best mitigate those through design. Thus, its spaces allow labour to operate efficiently, at as low a cost as possible, whilst keeping the focus on the comfort and safety of the clients they serve. The result is a space that is as perfectly styled as it is high value, with capital expenditures ensured to be high due to the amount of allure that the space itself will have to potential customers, drawing in foot traffic and reservations by simply existing. With its service of the Texas market, its robust operational model, and long-lasting client relations – one of which is in its 20th year – it has been able to support the state in the uptick of new people moving to the region that it is currently experiencing. With Texas being such a great haven for budding businesses, and B Russo Designs ensuring said businesses start their work on the right foot with the best designed establishments, it looks forward to pushing forward with its highly anticipated concept sales plans, hoping to enlighten investors as to the specifics of this plan soon. Company: B Russo Designs Contact: Bruce Russo Website: