Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 19 Apr22390 Best Emerging Full-Service Architecture & Planning Firm - South Florida Austin Fox Architecture was created and founded by Austin Fox in January 2021, within a few months of which he saw a tremendous amount of exponential growth. Mr Fox is very driven and ambitious, and he provides superior work, not only for his previous employers, but now for clients of his own. Crafting unique, creative and innovative design solutions, he sets the bar high as he understands that the firm’s identity is defined by what it builds, and he takes pride in every finished product that has been designed and will be designed in the future. In light of the firm’s extraordinary success within the BUILD Architecture Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what Mr Fox and his team can offer clients. even months into becoming licensed, Austin Fox had created a profitable, successful architectural practice totalling a net revenue of over $500k thus far. From developing multi-family homes, apartment complexes, residential, commercial, and medical facilities, this is only the start. Austin Fox Architecture has designed several million dollar projects. He is currently in the process of developing his biggest project yet, Progressive Pointe Boutique Apartments, a four-storey 37-unit apartment complex in Pompano Beach, FL. Approximately 40,000sqft, the apartment building is designed to provide a higher quality of living and reasonably priced units for residents in the community, providing housing to the underserved market in Florida. The project has come with its challenges, like any other, as Mr Fox tells us, “The key challenges we face with any project vary, so site analysis is how we start every project – Understanding the challenges of each unique site and then providing solutions. Our approach to solutions is a balancing act of design, form, and function that provides a profitable investment for the owner and users.” Austin Fox Architecture approaches every project with a full picture of understanding. Understanding all angles from start to finish enable the team to fill in the gaps and solve problems. Every project has its unique goals and visions, and the firm’s mission is to provide solutions that allow clients to accomplish their own goals. Mr Fox has also been involved recently in the development of affordable townhomes. Pompano Townhomes is an affordable 10-unit townhome development, partnering with the City S of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency to provide home ownership to the community. This project has been a truly rewarding experience due to Mr Fox and his team making such a positive impact on the community, thanks to their dedication, transparency, and efficient communication skills. Being located in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the overall architecture and construction industry is on fire due to lack of housing and increase of population. Mr Fox explains, “We are seeing several people from both New York and California invest and move to South Florida. We foresee this trend to continue the next 2-5 years, as the climate and taxes are very investorfriendly here.” But what makes Austin Fox Architecture different from the rest is its revitalising and innovative approach to architecture. As a young firm, it is not stuck in its “old” ways, and it is therefore able to be versatile. There is a mixture of ages and experience within the team, which complements its strengths and balances its weaknesses. It is a team that truly strives to deliver exceptional value to clients by providing the highest level of professional services based on trust and leadership, while leaving behind a legacy of great work. Now with its sights set on the future, Austin Fox Architecture’s vision is to be recognised by the industries it serves as a trusted partner that provides great value while creating exceptional spaces. By 2025, its aim is for complete brand recognition within the industries and locations it serves. Company: Austin Fox Architecture Contact: Austin Fox Email: [email protected] Website: