Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 5 However, the Duggan Associates Ltd team were equipped to overcome the aforementioned obstacles and delivered the 1800sqft. project in six months. Additionally, in collaboration with RDC Ltd., the company aided with achieving planning permission for 40 houses with an adoptable road and landscaping. The project then proceeded to the construction phase. On top of this, Duggan Associates Ltd provided its expertise from inception to handover and assisted in procuring an affordable housing partner for 12 of the 40 houses. In order to consistently produce premium projects with a fast turnaround, Duggan Associates Ltd strives to abide by a stringent planning process. The company’s approach involves information gathering, communication, pro-active planning, and coordinating upfront material chains. Furthermore, due diligence and planning in advance, through all of the above criteria, has enabled Duggan Associates Ltd to increase programme performance, and provide more reliable delivery in accordance with its clients’ expectations. For Duggan Associates Ltd, the client is at the epicentre of business. It endeavours to prioritise the client and the subsequent brief at all times, maintaining a great awareness as to what the project entails. The clients wants and requirements are paramount to the bespoke methods that the company utilises. This approach is necessary in an industry that is built upon clientcentricity, and Duggan Associates Ltd wholeheartedly embodies this attitude. The company distinguishes itself from its cohort by streamlining the architecture role, combining it with a solid set of unwavering core values. By infusing this into its operations, Duggan Associates Ltd is then able to reduce communication lag and can allow for its clients to have more direct oversight into the process – more inclusion – and gives them the confidence to allow the company to act in their best interest. Crafted by Sean Duggan, Duggan Associates Ltd’s founder, this devotion to the client greatly reflects his experience within the industry. Sean boasts an extensive architecture career, beginning with his BSc in Architecture from Anglia Ruskin University where he gained a Special Commendation from the Director of Studies & Awards Board. Prior to the creation of Duggan Associates Ltd in 2017, Sean spent time working for multiple architecture firms, and has furthered his skills by sitting on the boards of numerous organisations, such as the esteemed Royal Institute of British Architects. The company has experienced a number of trials, with the most notable being the Covid-19 pandemic. In the post-Covid era, Duggan Associates Ltd has noted that many challenges are stemming from logistics in the delivery of materials and maintaining client expectations. On a broader scale, the current financial situation in the United Kingdom is causing a number of potential obstacles. Duggan Associates, under Sean’s leadership, has developed an array of proactive techniques that have aided it through a plethora of challenges and allowed it to consistently priorities its clients interests. Henceforth, Duggan Associates Ltd has walked onto the path of success, and it is continuing to gain higher levels of prestige. Going forwards, the company hopes to continue to serve clients and communities with exceptional architecture services, exceeding their expectations at every turn. It plans to use its expertise to deliver meaningful and responsible designs to its clients whilst growing its team and further bolstering a collaborative network within the construction community. As such, throughout 2022 and beyond, Duggan Associates Ltd intends to continue delivering substantial projects in size and number. Contact: Sean Duggan Company: Duggan Associates Ltd Web Address: