Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 BUILD Magazine proudly welcomes you to the ninth annual Real Estate and Property Awards! A flagship programme for the BUILD platform, these awards have recognised the key players driving this dynamic industry for almost a decade, and in 2023 we will once again present our readers with the ultimate guide to the Real Estate and Property sector. Despite multiple challenges effecting the market – with rising interest rates, a lack of affordable housing, growing construction debt, and the threat of climate change just a handful of examples – the Real Estate industry is still predicted to expand at a reasonable rate of over five percent CAGR by 2030. The Residential and Commercial sectors continue to dominate the Property market and are both expected to be major forces for growth in the coming years, thanks to increasing numbers of Millennials joining the property ladder, and the tourism industry experiencing a generous boost post-pandemic. The Property Management market is also booming, with analysts anticipating that this will be the strongest segment for growth across the next five years. As the Real Estate and Property industry expands, it is also rapidly evolving in order to accommodate the various societal shifts that have arisen in the years following the pandemic. Consumer requirements are changing, especially in the commercial sector, with modern work-from-home and flexible employment policies meaning that there is less demand for permanent office space. Industry experts indicate that up to twenty percent of office real estate stock will need to be repurposed to deal with this issue. Sofi Parry - Senior Editor Website: Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Joshua Beardsmore- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Michelle Strozykowski- Writer Matthew Wright- Writer Ali Mohammed- Junior Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer Editorial Team

Contents 4. LCM Group Ltd: Best Commercial Property Maintenance & Construction Company 2023 - UK 6. Winchburgh Developments Ltd: Most Trusted Land & Property Development Company 2023 - Scotland 8. Craft Homes: Best Residential Property Developer 2023 – Gauteng & Most Innovative Apartment Complex 2023 (Gauteng): The Hive, Rosebank 10. KOSL Building: Best Custom Home Builder 2023 - New York 12. The HMO Guys: House Share Management Company of the Year 2023 - UK 14. Creative Workspace: Best Office Space Supply Company 2023 - Puget Sound 15. Kichi Architectural Design: Best Residential Design Firm 2023 - Tokyo 16. Nurtur Student Living: Best Small PBSA Operator 2023 - Northern England 17. Bentley Group: Best Property Development Company 2023 - Gibraltar 18. NPP Developments Ltd: Most Trusted Property Investment Service 2023 - Northern England 19. Williams & Goodwin The Property People Ltd : Best Estate & Lettings Agency 2023 - North Wales 20. HiveTree: Most Community-Focused Office Enterprise 2023 - North East England 21. Base Lockwood: Best Property Rental & Management Enterprise 2023 - Lincoln 22. E&M Property Solutions Ltd: Best Resident Sales & Estate Agency 2023 - Lancashire 23. Livinc - Leeds: Best Serviced Accommodation Agency 2023 - Yorkshire 24. Statoncoe Lettings: Most Trusted Property Management & Lettings Specialists 2023 - Richmond 25. workcloud24 AG: Best Real Estate ESG Monitoring Partner 2023 - Germany 26. Fair Street Realty Pty Ltd.: Best Real Estate Management Service Provider 2023 - Perth 27. Magenta Inventory & Property Services Ltd: Most Trusted Property Inspection Company 2023 - South Wales 28. Applied Property Development Institute: Best Property Development Training Company 2023 - Victoria 29. First Facility: Best Facilities Management Company 2023 - Central Europe 30. Talford Realty International: Luxury Real Estate Firm of the Year 2023 - South Carolina 31. Clavis International GmbH: Real Estate Agents of the Year 2023 - Hamburg 32. Browns Estate Agents: Best Property Estate Agency 2023 - Dublin 33. PLATFORM_: Best Property Development & Management Platform 2023 - UK 34. Stacks Property Search and Acquisition: Most Trusted Property Search Director 2023 - Gloucestershire

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 Sep23363 Best Commercial Property Maintenance & Construction Company 2023 - UK

5 The LCM Group is an impressive company located in the Northwest of England and boasts services inclusive of the design, building, and maintenance of commercial properties and complexes nationwide across the UK. The company services all sectors, but particularly noteworthy is the work carried out for the Arch Co, Spamedica, Biffa, AH Pharmaceuticals, NHS, Salvation Army, YMCA etc. With foundations dating back more than fifty years, the company possesses long-standing strategic relationships with an array of high-profile companies. Through the offering of innovative solutions, the safest working methods, and tried and tested managerial strategies, value is assured through a combination of technical excellence and an unwavering commitment to service. We speak with Marketing Director Alexander Livesey to learn more about the company’s dedication to providing innovative and excellent solutions. LCM’s multi-disciplined design, building, and maintenance services are complemented by the added advantage of a specific projects division, a team which delivers a complete 360-degree range of services. This extensive array is in turn supported by an impressive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, which provides clients with a comprehensive written and photographic audit trail, in addition to real-time information. As far as possible, LCM is determined not to use outside subcontractors, with a drive to deliver only the highest calibre of workmanship to its clients, as well as excellence and value across the board. It is this comprehensive host of services provided by the company which serves to set it apart from competitors and position it at the forefront of the industry. By acting as a one-stop shop solution for every aspect of property maintenance and project-based work, the team can cater to any number of demands and tackle challenges big or small. Through LCM’s design and build division, refurbishment projects through to base builds of up to £5 million can be carried out with the highest quality finishes, with refurbishments, fit-outs, and shopfitting all being offered in addition. With impressive offerings and a stellar track record, The LCM Group boasts an extensive client portfolio inclusive of large national and international Blue-Chip organisations, as well possessing a wealth of experience working directly with a significant number of smaller companies. LCM’s mission statement is, “to exceed our clients’ expectations in all aspects – each and every time.” The uppermost important relationship the company has fostered is that of company and client, and this mission involves the highest degree of involvement and commitment from employees, confidently led by the management team. Due to the company’s proud status as a regional contractor, LCM draws as heavily as possible from locally sourced suppliers and, when necessary, subcontractors. Thanks to longtenured relationships, the company always has consistent and reliable resources on-hand, coupled with strong communication links across all elements of its supply chain. Not only does this help in securing availability, but it also allows for an early commitment to projects, and seamless project management which is guaranteed to yield optimum results. For added peace of mind, all contracts are formally vetted in the fields of health and safety, environment, finance, quality assurance, insurance and equal opportunities. With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, The LCM Group possesses a commitment to environmental sustainability that is unparalleled, believing this to be not only fundamental to the success of the business, but a moral and ethical duty. The team is committed to adopting systems that tackle waste minimisation and ensure as much as possible can be recycled, and it is only after careful consideration that a responsible disposal process will be undertaken, done so in partnership with dedicated supply chain members and adhering to robust waste management procedures. Possessing a keen belief in the importance of giving back to the local community, The LCM Group proudly supports a host of local charities and events, sponsoring and participating in fundraisers whenever the opportunity presents itself. Recent projects undertaken in this vein include the plan to install a new pathway, seating, and statue at The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, and a sizeable donation to the iPads for Catforth Project, which aimed to raise money so that teachers and students could use the technology as part of their everyday curriculum. In addition to this expansive repertoire of construction and charitable services, prospective customers in need of maintenance also need look no further, as through LCM’s maintenance teams, 24/7/365 reactive maintenance plans are in place, as well as vital compliance and planned maintenance checks such as CP12 gas inspections, five-year fixed wiring, PAT testing, and L8 compliance chlorination. Finally, a fire management service offers all aspects of fire management and prevention services, providing customers peace of mind that LCM is there to cater to all of their needs. Additional services offered by the company in this field of property maintenance are inclusive of commercial fit-out and refurbishment, commercial drainage, commercial plumbing and heating, bespoke interiors, electrical services, joinery, roofing services, glazing services, and ground working services. Each of the above services, as well as the plethora of others provided by company, will be carried out to the highest level of skill and can be undertaken across an extensive degree of disciplines and stakeholders. As Alexander explains, “LCM Group exists to provide exceptional levels of service to each and every one of our customers, we aim to build solid, collaborative, mutually beneficial working relationships with all our clients.” This is the company’s overarching goal and has ultimately paved the way for its continued success. One notable way that this is achieved is through delivery commitment and programme certainty, thanks to reinforcement by the firm’s strong project management team, who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and constantly review performance levels and working practices, as well striving for only the best in regard to health, environmental, and sustainable issues. To ensure continued compliance and prosperity, LCM has nurtured an internal culture of respect and altruism, while rewarding hard work and adopting a customer-centric approach. A few key areas of this approach include looking after members of the team, seeking out bright new talent to drive the organisation forward, investing in staff members through a combination of industryclass coaching and training, and continuously developing across everything that the company and team sets its mind to. Due to the nature of the work, an uncompromising focus on health and safety protocol is also necessary, and solutions are focused on internal and external matters assuring consistency across all areas of the operation. Over the past three years, The LCM Group has seen business double thanks to a combination of hard work, dedication, talent and excellence, and the target has been set to double this again in the next two years. With this comes the difficulty of guaranteeing that any growth the business achieves is both sustainable and profitable, something the team are keen to ensure so that the company can continue to deliver unparalleled value and performance. Much of the recent growth has been driven by providing national coverage to both new and existing clients. To better serve its customers and support the expanding operational structure, LCM will shortly be opening a new regional office in central London. Ultimately, the degree of brilliance shown by The LCM Group is what has resulted in its continued success, winning multiple awards and receiving customer feedback that is overwhelmingly impressive and recommendatory. As the company continues to expand exponentially, its specialist knowledge and expertise will benefit companies and clients across the UK for many years to come. In finishing Alexander is keen to take this opportunity (on behalf of Paul and the board of directors) to thank LCMs dedicated colleagues as well as much valued clients for helping LCM to win such a prestigious award. Contact Details Contact: Alexander Livesey Company: LCM Group Ltd Web Address:

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 In 2005, a proposition was put forward – one that would go on to reshape the boundaries of West Lothian and the City of Edinburgh for many years to come. This proposition was, of course, the Winchburgh Masterplan. Aimed at providing around 4,000 new homes to the area, alongside 50 acres of employment land, education facilities, a new town centre comprised of c 600 homes, and roughly 100,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, this plan would see major economic growth for the area. By combining the natural landscape of the region with the necessities required to encourage the enjoyment of a more modern lifestyle, the Winchburgh Masterplan promised a wholly unique living experience unlike any other. However, before we dive deeper into the genius behind the Winchburgh Masterplan, we believe that it’s necessary to first explore WDL’s impressive skillsets. Primarily operating as a place making and infrastructure delivery company that specialises in selling land to volume UK homebuilders, local builders, housing associations, and commercial developers, WDL came to secure its position as lead Most Trusted Land & Property Development Company 2023 - Scotland Following twelve years of tireless excellence, Winchburgh Developments Ltd (WDL) is a single purpose company that has truly come to understand the scope of its capabilities. Its impact on the industry is simply undeniable – a quality that clearly manifests through the major project for which it was created: the Winchburgh Masterplan. Located twelve miles west of Edinburgh City Centre, this project has served to demonstrate the full extent WDL’s talents. Below, we venture through the Winchburgh Masterplan’s origins, intentions, and results, and how WDL was a key player in bringing it all to fruition. developer for the Winchburgh Masterplan in 2011. It places immense focus on early commencement of development operations, making it the best possible lead for the project. After all, the primary aim of the Winchburgh Masterplan is to deliver a new town that would help boost the local economy, all whilst creating new spaces and reforming former brownfield sites, in a programme that matches the delivery of new homes. As such, WDL was created to represent a coalescence of beneficial qualities. In turn, WDL has also managed to garner an exceptionally high level of engagement with the Winchburgh Community. This has allowed it to continuously monitor the impact that its project has had on the rapidly increasing members of the community. Whether these individuals hail from Winchburgh or have been attracted from Edinburgh or even further afield, WDL has been able to gather insights and perspectives that have ultimately assisted it in shaping the Winchburgh Masterplan in completely nuanced ways. This has for example manifested through the construction of an 85-acre District Park – one that was built at

7 a cost of £8million on a former landfill site – its four additional new parks, a new marina on the Union Canal, and a new motorway junction on the M9. At present, it is estimated that Winchburgh boasts a population of roughly 5,000 people, each able to enjoy the emerging amenities and fantastic locations that the project has to offer. However, this number is expected to soar within the next decade, with an estimate of 13,500 potentially set to inhabit the area upon completion of the Masterplan in 2033. Truly, WDL is looking towards the future, all whilst managing the most important factors in the present. This was first displayed in 2012, by determination of the Planning Permission in Principle, when a flexible consent was granted by the Local Authority to design approximately 40 sites on an ongoing basis. As such, WDL was given permission to branch out, bringing a progressive and creative approach to delivery of the entire Masterplan. WDL is a company that, at its core, is created to deliver fully serviced land. This includes instances of site platforming for the immediate commencement of development operations by partner housebuilders and developers. Its land delivery processes pave the way for developers to focus on their own housing and building products, all whilst operating under the guidance of approved design codes. In addition, WDL places immense emphasis on ensuring that all of this is carried out whilst maintaining minimum pre-construction programming and costs. It’s for this reason that it has accumulated such a stellar reputation – something that has played a huge role in the success of the Winchburgh Masterplan. In short, WDL prides itself on providing easy access for housebuilders and developers over a period of 20 years. Its amenities, local services, and facilities are consistently being delivered on an ongoing basis, all through its Place-Making strategies. It’s thanks to this adept nature that WDL is able to encourage confidence within its stakeholders – one through which they can envision the future of a stable, emerging market just west of the City of Edinburgh. Of course, positive engagement is essential when operating alongside a local community, and WDL promises this in droves. Its communication with the Winchburgh Community Council and Winchburgh Community Development Trust are prime examples of this – through its commitment to active consultations, it’s always able to work with the best interest of the general community in mind. When we queried WDL on what its greatest achievement was to date, it shared with us how, in December 2018, it entered into an innovative ‘contingent liability guarantee’ with The Scottish Government and West Lothian Council. As a result of this partnership, WDL was granted a private and public collaboration guarantee arrangement for the construction of the educational capacities required to reach full completion of the Masterplan. Prior to this arrangement, planning constraints were preventing WDL from developing beyond 550 new homes. However, once the tri-partite guarantee was agreed, it was able to proceed with construction of a 35-acre schools campus adjoining the District Park. In doing so, it already has provided space for over 1,600 pupils, with potential for expansion to accommodate a total of 3,000 in the future. WDL represents what’s possible, should one wish to make enough of a change within a pre-established area. Its innovative eye and dedication to enhancing an emerging town on the outskirts of Edinburgh have allowed it to create a marvellous community – one that’s founded on a genuine desire to provide for the people. It’s for this reason that we’re incredibly excited to share WDL with our readers. We hope that this most recent award title can assist it as it moves closer towards the completion of the Winchburgh Masterplan. Contact: Pamela Spowart Company: Winchburgh Developments Ltd Web Address:

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 Since it laid its very first brick in Khyber Rock when building an apartment block called The Paddock, Craft Homes has made huge strides forward, growing from strength to strength alongside its country. Originally known as Sable Homes, the company was renamed in 2009 when it underwent significant branding changes. Despite this, Craft Homes has ensured the consistency of one important factor over the years: it always crafts homes with care. Craft Homes understands that a home is more than just four walls and a place to sleep. It is a space that has been carefully crafted by its inhabitants, decorated with love, and filled with boundless memories as they have grown up together, grown old together, and laughed together. Craft Homes strives to put the same Best Residential Property Developer 2023 – Gauteng & Most Innovative Apartment Complex 2023 (Gauteng): The Hive, Rosebank Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Craft Homes is a residential development company that has been developing homes across South Africa for almost three decades. Whether the project involves modern bachelor apartments or a luxury family-sized home, the company’s team will put the utmost care into their work. Ultimately, Craft Homes is committed to delivering quality properties that are not only beautiful but also built to last for years and years to come. amount of care and precision into every space it develops, knowing that it will someday serve as a home to its occupants. Craft Homes has worked on a variety of residential projects, ranging from small cluster apartments to world-class precincts. Spanning across Gauteng to the banks of the Vaal River, each development has put the company’s expert craftmanship, unparalleled skill, and deep-rooted passion to the test and enabled it to demonstrate its resilience. As part of the Abcon Group, Craft Homes benefits from partnerships with a diverse range of property companies, allowing it to leverage the valuable knowledge and expertise of others in its field. In particular, the company has formed a close relationship with Contact Details: Contact: Paul Chileya Company: Craft Homes Web Address: Craft Homes

9 Abland, whose groundbreaking approach to precinct development has helped it to undertake substantial residential projects like the Hazeldean Node, Waterfall Ridge, and Sandton Gate. In Gauteng, sectional title is the most popular ownership structure. Setting itself apart in a competitive market, Craft Homes is one of few developers in the area to offer sectional title developments where each unit, section, or house is detached so that residents benefit from the exclusive use of their gardens. This enables buyers to purchase into one sectional title scheme with the communal benefits of freedom, space, and exclusivity. On the other hand, full title ownership comes with more choice and flexibility. Craft Homes develops its full title properties so that owners can easily adapt their living areas to suit their own needs. The company is committed to enabling buyers to modify and extend their property as they wish to express their individualised visions, style, and creativity. Furthermore, Craft Homes recognises the continued evolution of living spaces to meet the modern needs of consumers. In recent years, nodal developments have become central to the company’s development strategy. Craft Homes is proud to have been situated at the forefront of nodal developments like Hazeldean and Sandton Gate, playing the leading role as a residential developer within a greater lifestyle precinct. To deliver its vastly diverse service offerings, Craft Homes is equipped with a highly experienced and knowledgeable construction team that is proud to produce only the highest quality of work. The nature of its construction processes allows for increased quality control and facilitates synergy between its various development teams and professionals, resulting in a product that meets a higher standard. By taking a holistic approach to construction, the company maintains better time management, heightened control in the procurement processes, and high rates of client satisfaction. Moreover, Craft Homes boasts a qualified civils team that upholds the highest standards of business conduct and adheres to the strictest of health and safety regulations. The company understands that every detail adds up when it comes to setting the stage for homes that are not only visually attractive but also serviced and planned to perfection. To truly understand the excellence of the Craft Homes team and gain an insight into their values and capabilities, one must look no further than the company’s most innovative development project to date. The Hive is a high-rise apartment block located in Rosebank, a cosmopolitan commercial and residential suburb that is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its increasing number of high-end shopping centres, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. Surrounded by Rosebank’s finest amenities, The Hive is one of Craft Homes’ most ambitious and innovative concepts in city living. The development stands out for its focus on individuality, with 40 different unit designs that buyers can put their unique stamp on. The project is all about allowing people to own who they are and express themselves through their living spaces. Those who choose to inhabit an apartment at The Hive will not only experience the daily conveniences of city living but also benefit from access to a number of exclusive amenities, including the city’s first rooftop padel court, a swimming pool, a gym, and laundry facilities. On top of this, the development offers a concierge service, flexi-office space, a business centre, and a coffee shop. The Hive is the first of several contemporary high-rise apartment buildings to be built by Craft Homes. They will be located in popular areas across Gauteng, including Sandton, Waterfall, Centurion, Loftus, and Hatfield. Through this, the company intends to deliver a unique solution to those who want to live in prime high-density, high LSM locations throughout the province’s major metros. As a result of its continued excellence, Craft Homes has been awarded Best Residential Property Developer, Gauteng, in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023. On top of this, The Hive has been named this year’s Most Innovative Apartment Complex. We are delighted to congratulate Craft Homes on its achievement of these two prestigious titles and wish it the best of luck in the years to come.

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 Apr23339 For many decades KOSL Building has been renowned as one of the best and most prestigious residential developers in the New York region. The company is based in Mamaroneck, NY, and specialises in high-end single family homes in Westchester and Greenwich. It is dedicated to building dream homes for its plethora of valued clients. Best Custom Home Builder 2023 - New York

11 KOSL was founded 35 years ago by its determined president Bobby BenSimon, with a vision to build high-quality homes. It was always an aim to become the most reputable building firm in Westchester County NY, an ambition that is certainly holding true to this day for the multiple awardwinning company. Bobby brought to the fore his seasoned background in engineering, architecture, and real estate brokerage to quickly establish his company as one of the most sought-after developers in the region. Bobby has been fortunate to receive significant assistance and help in supporting the company to flourish from Vice President, Oran Ben-Simon. He has managed to diversify the company, adding new markets and expanding the company’s project volume. Oran brings a background in business construction management, which he studied at Columbia University to gain an MBA. He is well versed in all aspects of real estate development, and works closely with Bobby on the company’s expansion plans. He is thrilled to see KOSL’s trajectory soaring, with no perceived plateau on the horizon. As one of the best real estate developers, KOSL is always focused intently on client needs. Working extensively with high-net-worth individuals, it is careful to tailor its services around its clients’ lifestyles and goals. KOSL is known and appreciated for its integrity and high standards, with an expertise in residential construction that is unparalleled. The results of this are apparent in the company’s consistent recognition and success within various topic bridging awards over the years. # For example, it has been provided substantial acclaim as the number one builder in individual towns/villages it has worked within, and has consecutively hit the top spot for 10 years running as the best Westchester builder. Individual award titles have encompassed areas such as most projects completed, most unique home, most expensive home, highest builder recognition, greatest development diversification, best custom builder and many more. “Whether you are looking for vacant land to custom build or a completed home, we provide a plethora of options to choose from. With numerous properties in various locations, price points, timing and magnitude, our vast selection can accommodate any and every prospective buyer. Schedule your exclusive tour today!” Primarily, KOSL’s focus within the real estate and development space is on high-end residential properties. Its development interests range from single-family estates to luxury apartments and transitional senior housing residencies. Owing substantially to its rigorous client-oriented approach to each and every project, KOSL is much renowned for its accommodative flexibility across a profusion of clientele. It provides a consistently ordered customisation process that extends all the way from concept to carefully refined vision. Thanks to its extensive experience, KOSL is able to provide options to suit and accommodate any client. KOSL averages 6-8 developments a year, all of which vary in complexity and magnitude. It revels in the fact that every project it works on has its own unique challenges and attributes. It delights in working with a vast array of clients including international moguls, affluent nationals, and often also entailing exclusive arrangements with sophisticated highnet worth individuals. As a top real estate developer, known as one of the best in New York, it always prides itself on delivering the quality and vision clients and partners expect. KOSL has a focus on premium locations and quality craftmanship throughout its construction endeavours. It promotes an ambitious model that has been coined the “Trifecta of Living”. This involves striving to accommodate individuals across several stages of their lives, which might include various living arrangements such as rentals, full ownership, and retirement properties. KOSL’s vast network and intricate expertise has aided it in its ability to maintain a vast array of living solutions suitable for any stage of the client’s life. Real Estate is a hugely competitive industry of course, so it is vital for KOSL to do its utmost to stand out from its competitors. The luxury developer embraces this challenge by treating every project it works on as if it were to be its own personal residence. It thinks that ultimately, what really differentiates it, all comes down to high standards and excellent customer service. Approaching each project with this thinking kept in mind ensures that every client is 100% satisfied, and privileged with conscientious ongoing support. Because KOSL only develops premium properties, the state of the current property market in its area is making it harder and harder to identify good prospects. Thankfully, knowledge and patience are key components of the KOSL attitude, and they are never compromised. Its family orientated team pull together through thick and thin, making sure all its objectives are clearly defined with goals that are aligned. It has several active projects on the books, and about a dozen more pending, so there’s certainly no let up for KOSL as the year draws to an end. It is still grafting away, with an exciting mix of custom and spec projects in the works. KOSL Building has been awarded the title Best Custom Home Builder 2023 - New York in the Real Estate and Property Awards. We are delighted to commend the industrious Westchester builder and developer with another award to add to its growing tally. Company: KOSL Building Web Address: Contact Name: Bobby & Oran Ben-Simon Email: [email protected] Phone: (914)-777-0007

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 Following his successful 15-year long career in recruitment, Founder and Managing Director Neil Walton launched The HMO Guys in his back bedroom as a small independent owner managed agency. Since then, he has worked hard to build his team and grow the company, driving it to become a multi-award-winning Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) agency. Today, it manages HMOs that have between four and 22 bedrooms, maintaining occupancy levels as near to 100% as possible. Based on the belief that having a safe, secure, and comfortable place to live plays an important role in a person’s success, The HMO Guys focuses on creating professional HMOs for tenants aged between 18 and 35, providing them with a safe, stable, and House Share Management Company of the Year 2023 - UK Currently serving Greater Manchester, Salford, Lancashire, and Cheshire, The HMO Guys is an owner-led house share management agency that works with landlords and investors to provide young professionals with safe, highquality shared accommodation. Launched four years ago, the company now manages hundreds of rooms and is equipped with a team of six permanent employees as well as a strong contractor base. well-maintained home in which they can learn and grow. Through this, the business hopes to establish communities of young people with similar goals, all starting out in life and building their careers. Striving to create synergy amongst tenants, The HMO Guys works tirelessly to expertly match housemates. In this, it considers more than just their career backgrounds, aiming to pair individuals who have common ground and therefore mutual respect. For young professionals, there is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and being able to share their successes and frustrations with people that they consider their friends. To accomplish this, The HMO Guys gets to know each potential tenant, learning about Contact Details: Contact: Neil Walton Company: The HMO Guys Web Address:

13 their interests and needs in order to help them find their ideal home. Whether they are looking for a calm, quiet home in their local area or seeking a fresh start in a new city, the agency will find them somewhere that they will love to live. Interested tenants can start the process by making a call to The HMO Guys. They will be invited to attend in-person viewings of any available rooms, but can arrange video call viewings through Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp if they are moving to the area from further afield. When they have decided on the room they want, tenants should let The HMO Guys know as soon as possible so that it can be reserved for them. From this point, they will have 24 hours to pay the holding deposit and fill out the application forms. The holding deposit will go towards their first rent payment once referencing is complete. Lastly, the agency’s team will contact the tenant to arrange their move in date and meet them at the house with their keys. With its primary role being the management of properties, The HMO Guys works with commercially minded landlords and investors who want to maximise the opportunity and value provided by their properties. Its investor clients are entities of all sizes who invest within the UK, whether they are based locally or abroad. The agency provides them with hands-off management services, delivering the perfect balance between cashflow, profitability, and long-term tenants. Through this, it enables them to focus solely on what they do best: investing. Operating in a competitive market, The HMO Guys differentiates itself through the fairness, transparency, and value of its pricing structure. It also stands out for its provision of high-quality and high-touch services, which enable clients and tenants to feel looked after and cared for. Exclusively managing HMOs, The HMO Guys is equipped with a thorough understanding of the unique challenges that come with managing several households with shared facilities. It recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work well, and that clients’ needs will vary at different stages of the lifecycle of their property. For this reason, The HMO Guys works to collaborate closely with clients to fulfil their requirements and help them achieve their goals. Internally, The HMO Guys is proud to have an excellent team who operate with an open and honest culture, freely contributing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The agency’s leadership team aims to foster an empowered employment relationship where teams can present their own solutions to customers within established boundaries. Serving areas across the Northwest, The HMO Guys has recently seen an increase in demand for housing as several key employers, including BBC and ITV, have moved into the area. The agency strives to provide quality accommodation to the many up-and-coming professionals who are relocating to follow their career goals. Moreover, The HMO Guys is proud to have successfully doubled in size every year since its inception. In the next 12 months, the agency will focus on achieving increased growth by expanding its areas of coverage whilst creating further opportunities for its team and providing them with training. As a result of its continued excellence in all areas of business, The HMO Guys has been awarded House Share Management Company of the Year, UK, in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023. With ambitious plans, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in the years ahead.

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 14 Best Office Space Supply Company 2023 - Puget Sound Creative Workspace specifically focuses on independent workers, such as freelancers, consultants, counsellors, and other self-employed workers. Although the business hosts field offices and agents of larger companies, independent office workers are its primary focus. Creative Workspace values independence and strives to foster this quality in its clients. In the post-pandemic world, technology is now universally accessible to allow office workers to work from home. It is easier than ever before to operate as an independent worker without back-office support. However, there is still a demand for physical workspaces, as not everyone can work from home. Independent workers may need a place to meet clients, a real-world address, or simply a place to escape from the distractions of home life. It is Creative Workspace’s objective to fulfill clients’ requirements with its range of spaces. All units include large windows and high ceilings to promote a productive working environment. Workspaces come prewired with multiple phone lines, cable, and high-speed internet. Creative Workspace also offers office/warehouse combination units, which allow workers to store inventory and work in the same space. The business prioritises client safety and security with electronic access control, 24-hour alarm monitoring, and security officers. Each private workspace is also equipped with a locking steel door and a unique key. The business primarily focuses on small clients who are underrepresented in the market. Creative Workspace fosters the growth of independent workers and supports the development of startups by providing increasingly larger workspaces. Its team is particularly proud of how they managed regulatory constraints during the pandemic. Creative Workspace successfully navigated the changing landscape to avoid lockdowns and loss of income for its clients. Embracing the business’s core values, property managers at Creative Workspace are encouraged to be independent and flexible in their work, just like their tenants. The company aims to promote an internal culture of trust, confidence, stability, and mutual respect. Creating a positive workplace culture impacts all areas of the business, from customer satisfaction to profitability. The commercial office space industry in the Puget Sound region has experienced a rise in vacancy rates and a fall in rents. The work from home trend and significant layoffs in the area have reduced the demand for office space. Despite this, Creative Workspace remains unaffected and reports occupancy of between 95% – 100% in its Renton Highlands and Lynnwood rentals. Located in Puget Sound, Washington, Creative Workspace is a provider of cost-effective office space for independent workers. With a variety of spaces available, the business offers flexible leases to self-employed workers and provides tenants with their own dedicated and private space. Creative Workspace offers independent workers the opportunity to create their ideal workplace and meet clients in a professional office building. For its reliable, low-cost workspaces, Creative Workspace has received our award for this year’s Best Office Space Supply Company - Puget Sound. In the Washington suburbs, Creative Workspace has few competitors and is unique in its business model of catering to independent workers. The company differentiates itself through its offering of very small spaces with flexible leases. Its rented workspaces do not require a long-term lease, and the simple full-service contract can be terminated at any time. Market competitors provide coworking spaces and hot desks but cannot rival Creative Workspace’s private and dedicated spaces. With a flexible design policy, tenants can customise their rooms to create their perfect working environment. Over the course of 2023, Creative Workspace spent a substantial amount on exterior maintenance. The remainder of the year will involve the business further improving its buildings’ security. Creative Workspace has plans to expand in the future, taking advantage of the evolving workplace landscape. The company will continue to provide cost-effective workspaces and flexible leases to empower independent workers to take control of their livelihoods. We look forward to seeing what further innovations Creative Workspace will bring to the commercial office space industry. Contact Details Contact: Lukas van Ginneken Company: Creative Workspace Web Address:

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 15 Three years ago, just as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, Naoyuki Kikkawa came to an astonishing revelation that permanently altered both his mind, and his life. The result was Kichi Architectural Design – a design firm that seeks to harmonise land, space, and people through its ideas and projects. Though it specialises in the design of homes throughout Tokyo, Kichi Architectural Design has exhibited prowess in a variety of other areas. Join us as we venture into how, guided solely by Naoyuki Kikkawa, Kichi Architectural Design has developed designs for homes, hotels, offices, and more. Best Residential Design Firm 2023 - Tokyo Company: Kichi Architectural Design Web Address: Contact: Naoyuki Kikkawa Paying mind to the energies of the land upon which it builds, Kichi Architectural Design is a design firm unlike any other. Where most firms would simply approach a project through the lens of the typical construction industry, Kichi Architectural Design does something entirely different. It manages to expertly identify how to create harmony through its works, often taking into account a client’s personality, request, and the overall feel that they’re seeking to achieve through their new build. Once this understanding has been reached, Kichi Architectural Design places a heavy focus on embarking on a project throughout which land, people, and space resonate with one another. As someone who has always been incredibly in tune with the natural resonance of the earth, Naoyuki Kikkawa uses Kichi Architectural Design as a conduit for his spiritual mindset. Often times, this manifests through his design processes, allowing clients to gain a unique perspective on a sector that tends to follow the same trends time and time again. Kichi Architectural Design is incredibly aware of the individuality of people, and therefore tries to forge a design that will succeed in capturing the exact outcome that a client is seeking. Whether this takes the form of a home that harmonises with its family, or a mental hospital that encourages healing through surroundings alone, it has successfully defined its style as an undeniably holistic one. To Kichi Architectural Design, dedicating its lifetime to configuring environments of time, place, space, and people that empower individuals to live as their true selves is what architecture is all about. After all, once a structure is built, it will last for generations, and this is a notion of which Kichi Architectural Design is acutely aware. As such, it truly thinks each design through to meticulous lengths, all in the hopes that each new project will result in an enriching atmosphere suited to those who will inevitably occupy the build. Doing what is useful for the everyday person is where Kichi Architectural Design thrives, placing it a step ahead of other design firms. One key project of great focus, however, is Kichi Architectural Design’s ‘14Days’ project. 14Days is an architectural application of two complimentary philosophies – Japanese Zen and Denmark’s Hygge – created with the intention of fashioning a unique oasis wherein people can discover their true selves, and exist in harmony with this hidden part of themselves. It’s a project that encourages natural healing, leaning from one another, and establishing a union between mind and body. Letting go of self-limiting behaviours that are often present within modern society has been a struggle for many in recent years, and it’s for this very reason that 14Days exists. Kichi Architectural Design truly believes that the role of an architect is to leave behind a beautiful piece of work that the earth will cherish for generations to come. Crafting power spots, through which spiritual energy can flow, is the key – a notion that, since its inception, has fuelled this selfless design firm to constantly create new safe havens for people from all walks of life. It’s this immense love for accepting oneself that formed Kichi Architectural Design in the first place, and it’s what will surely help it to continuously flourish as it undertakes more projects in the future.

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 16 Operating across the North of England, Nurtur Student Living is a luxury student accommodation operator that provides welldesigned, high-quality living spaces and inspiring environments in which residents can thrive. The company aims to set a new standard for student living, offering a warm welcome, a community of friendly faces, and a true home from home. Here, we explore Nurtur Student Living’s existing property portfolio and its plans for the future. Best Small PBSA Operator 2023 - Northern England In 2018, Nurtur Student Living was established to deliver a health and wellbeing student living initiative for Fraser Morgan, a UK-based property development company known for its integrity, fairness, transparency, and professionalism. Through this initiative, the company aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and social interaction in the design, development, and management of its student accommodation buildings. In 2020, Nurtur Student Living began managing its flagship property, Nurtur House. Located near Sheffield’s city centre and main university campuses, the building was designed with a focus on student wellbeing. Each resident benefits from the comfort and privacy of their own studio apartment, featuring a kitchen and en-suite. Furthermore, with carefully placed windows, the building allows entry to the optimal levels of daylight. To facilitate and encourage socialisation, Nurtur House also offers plenty of common areas. This includes a Garden Courtyard, which was carefully designed based on the idea that green space positively impacts mental health. Alongside this, the property boasts a state-of-the-art gymnasium that is open at all times and free of charge to residents. In 2021, Nurtur Student Living took over the management of Fraser Morgan’s Canterbury Hall after the previous managers received negative attention online. Developed in 2017 with the health and wellbeing initiative in mind, the property is another studio-only offering with a number of well-designed spaces, including a cinema room, home room, games room, roof terrace, gym, hub area, and study areas. Each resident also benefits from access to a fully equipped communal kitchen. To breathe new life into Canterbury Hall, Nurtur Student Living followed a strict plan of action, including extensive renovation works which were finished in February 2022. By March, the property was fully sold out for the following year, six months ahead of schedule. In just 12 months, Nurtur Student Living was able to salvage Canterbury Hall’s reputation, driving its Google reviews rating to a respectable 4.6 stars. Thanks to the company’s hard work, the property is now the second-best ranked accommodation building on Student Crowd and has received extremely positive feedback in the National Student Housing Survey. This led the company to receive the title of Best Small Operator at the Global Student Living Awards. In line with its unwavering focus on the health and wellbeing of the UK’s student population, Nurtur Student Living ensures that each new staff member takes mandatory training to become a qualified Mental Health First Aider. Together, the team work hard to support various company initiatives, which aim to protect the safety of its residents. For example, they have worked with the University of Sheffield’s Dedicated Police Officer to deliver sessions on numerous topics, including common crimes that students can fall victim to. They have also worked with Blackpool’s NHS Trust to host sexual health stands, giving residents the opportunity to access information and tools to protect their sexual health. Alongside its commitment to student wellbeing, Nurtur Student Living is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment within its properties. For example, the company’s events calendar is diverse and inclusive to international students studying in the UK. It embraces festivities from all cultures, including Chinese New Year, Burn’s Night, Diwali, and Halloween. Furthermore, Nurtur Student Living has recently received approved status from Safe Space Alliance, an LGBTQI+ led non-profit organisation that aims to help people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for LGBTQI+ communities. As a result of its excellent work, Nurtur Student Living has been named Best Small PBSA Operator, Northern England, in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023. Over the next five years, the company ambitiously plans to expand its portfolio to include 10 operational buildings. Whilst it currently only manages two developments, Nurtur Student Living has three further properties in the pipeline for the next 18 months and two more locations on the radar for the near future. Contact: Heidi Hawkins Company: Nurtur Student Living Web Address: