Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 27 Magenta Inventory & Property Services Ltd are providers of a professional service enabling landlords and letting agencies to check home inventories prior to and post tenant occupation. It provides reports that are up to date and completely in line with all current laws and regulations. Its services cover check in, check out, and interim reports detailing all fixtures, fittings and furniture in a property at a given point in time. Most Trusted Property Inspection Company 2023 - South Wales Company: Magenta Inventory & Property Services Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Martin Moloney Magenta Inventory & Property Services Ltd was established in 2008 as a specialised property inventory and inspection service for lettings across Cardiff and the surrounding areas. It provides a professional and friendly service to lettings agents, estate agents, landlords, housing associations, relocation agents, and property management companies. Magenta provides honest third-party reports detailing the true property picture, working from a professional platform that is regularly updated. This ensures the company is always kept in line with current law changes and legislation. Within the real estate and property market, Magenta is proud to occupy a space that protects its clients from criminal damage and abuse to their properties. Its honest reports can save time and money for customers, making them an essential component that pays for themselves in the long run. Magenta is alert to customer needs, and recognises the specific demands of certain markets. For example, it quickly learned that in the world of student rentals, it’s essential to carry out interim inspections. This is critical for its clients, as unfortunately it doesn’t take very long for their properties to be trashed. Magenta is also mindful of the use of seemingly harmless objects, such as scented candles for example, to disguise smells that might be illegal in nature. The company is constantly learning, on a property-by-property basis, and willingly shares its discoveries to benefit other clients. Magenta Inventory & Property Services has an overall mission that is clearly focused on customer service. It works hard to try and achieve an offering its competitors simply don’t match, determined to be a leader in its field. It feels as though the things that really set it apart though, and mark it out as the best option for clients, is that the services it offers takes the stress away and relieves the pressure on customers. With a reputation as capable, reliable, and above all professional, Magenta is happy to work to its customers’ timetables, fully aware of the time restrictions they are often under. The team does not have set working hours, and it could be said that if there’s daylight available they will be found out there, working. This dedication includes weekend and bank holiday labour from a team that are committed to delivering a complete service for all customers. The reports that Magenta produces are not only important for landlords, but for the tenants as well. After all, the presence of a detailed inventory is there to protect the tenants’ deposits as much as it is to protect the landlord’s property. That’s why the inventory should always be checked in detail before it is signed, and copies retained for future reference. The lettings scene in South Wales has expanded massively over the past few years, as indeed it has done across the whole of the UK. Landlords are of course eager to protect their investments, which begs the question why wouldn’t they want an inventory carried out on their property? It is simply the easiest way to stay in the know, and an honest and reliable record of wear and tear and damage. Using Magenta Inventory & Property Services is the best way to keep your finger on the pulse. The company has been awarded the title Most Trusted Property Inspection Company 2023 - South Wales in the Real Estate and Property Awards. Well done to such a dedicated, committed firm, who we are sure will expand the business even further in due time, once its current areas have all been firmly established. “An inventory provides a detailed report of all fixtures, fittings and furniture within the property at a given point in time and outlines the condition of the property and its contents at that time. This detailed report is then used at the end of the tenancy to compare and establish the condition upon exit.”