Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 26 Fair Street Realty offers sales and property management services in both the residential and commercial markets in Perth, to a client base consisting primarily of four key categories, young families, real estate investors, retirees, and young adults/students. Operating under the guidance of a strict code of honour, which consists of achieving excellence in everything the company does, doing things right the first time every time, an unwavering attempt to create smiles and silver, tell the truth no matter what, and remain dignified at all times, the code acts as a secret weapon and is the key to their success. At Fair Street Realty, there is a keen focus on finding new and innovative ways to best serve customers interest, while at the same time remaining focused on upholding the overarching principles which guide and govern all transactions within the industry and are necessary in executing the technical nuances that distinguish residential and commercial properties. The company is essentially a boutique agency, one with a commitment to ensuring clients have a safe, secure, and fulfilling real estate journey. Through the offering of end-to-end management in the sales and property management, clients can remain rest assured their interests and assets are well looked after. One prime example of the companies ability to solve complex problems is case study from January 2023. A husband and wife who were living outside of Australia had their Perth property managed by themselves. They reached out to Rajni as the tenant had not paid rent for several weeks, notices had been received from the water company for nonpayment of fees, and property inspectors described the property as being in a total state of decay and disintegration. Rajni listened to their concerns, took the matter to court as a representative of the owners, terminated the tenancy contract, sent traders in to give the property a complete makeover, and secured a new tenant with higher rent. This combines neatly with Fair Street Realty’s overarching mission, with a customer-centric philosophy providing the foundations for the firm’s endeavour to partner with its customers and create a one-stop shop for all real estate needs. Rajni and Manoj’s mission is driven by an intense passion to provide people with an enjoyable, safe, and fulfilling experience as they navigate their journey through the marketplace. Targets the company is hoping to achieve include growing to AUD 5 million in 5 years, a plan named the 5 X 5. A roadmap has been created with this end goal in mind, and a robust monthly performance management system has been implemented to make sure this course remains unchanged. Many factors set Fair Street Realty apart from the competition, chief among them is Rajni’s Fair Street Realty aims to re-define the quality of service across Perth’s real estate market, bringing the right houses to the right people so that they can weave a harmonious, happy, and healthy home to fulfil their aspirations and enjoy all that life has to offer. With a master’s degree in human resources & marketing and a diploma in real estate from WA, Founder Rajni Walia is well-equipped, experienced, and committed to delivering a superior quality of service to clients. We talk with Rajni and business partner Manoj Niranjan to learn more about the business and the outstanding service provided. philosophy of applying the “Art of the Heart”, inclusive of empathy, compassion, comradery, and celebration, to all dealings with people. At its core, it is this approach that serves to dictate what is done and how it is carried out, and this is what makes the company unique in its operations. Google, ratemyagent and other online reviews act as a litmus paper test for performance standards, and these speak eloquently of the quality of services provided. For Rajni, nothing else matters. With Rajni and Manoj comprising the entire team, the company has the input and support from an expert team of partners and allies. Thanks to this expertise, Fair Street Realty has a unique and celebrated ability to solve complex problems and manage transactions of all sizes. In spite of the agency’s small size, it is well-prepared to tackle any changes in the market, which over the last twelve months has seen rapid ascendancy due to a strong demand and stagnant supply. Regardless of what the future of the market holds, Rajni and Manoj under the Fair Street Realty brand are expertly equipped to handle it and will continue to offer the highest calibre of service, remaining true to their code of honour and customer-first approach. Contact: Rajni Walia Company: Fair Street Realty Pty Ltd. Web Address: Best Real Estate Management Service Provider 2023 - Perth