Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 25 Best Real Estate ESG Monitoring Partner 2023 - Germany workcloud24 AG in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a leading ESG in DACH and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), supporting a host of asset managers, landlords, banks, and tenants in the implementation of their respective ESG strategies. In order to ensure the firm consistently achieves the best results, services are available that span consultancy, software, and certification. All of the ESG reports offered by the company align with protocols ISO 14001 and ISO 26000, as well as European Norm EN 15643. For stakeholders, this assures science-based analytics and reporting formats, and cements the company as having their best interests at hand. We speak with Founder & CDO Hubert Abt, to learn more about the firm and its award-winning successes. It is workcloud24 AG's mission to assist owners and tenants in meeting the necessary criteria they need to make their real estate projects suitable and more profitable through ESG software options. To achieve this goal, a host of new, science-based products are being worked on, but these are easy to understand, and have been developed thanks to a high engagement rate from all stakeholders across the board. Solutions offered by the firm are open to all, and with more than 10 years of direct experience in the field, the company follows its tried and tested bottom-up approach, ensuring as far as possible that nothing interferes with the operation team’s duties to conduct successful ESG assessments. By achieving its “smart goals”, workcloud24 AG can know ahead of time whether or not a prospective project will be successful. One recent undertaking by the company that showcases its skill was an office building due for refinancing, that found itself in danger of receiving a stranding asset due to the bank raising a red flag as a result of the property’s poor ESG rating. workcloud24 AG found themselves in a situation with a little budget from the landlord and an incredibly short timeframe in which to complete the turnaround. Following an initial first analysis, the team proposed the installation of a sensor-based low-range network facility, which had the impact of measuring air quality and energy consumption. Concurrently, an investigation was launched by the company which adhered to ISO guidelines, and two months later, the landlord was able to present a bankable product with a sound ESG strategy, having eliminated all of the red flags that were initially raised. When asked how workcloud24 AG differentiates itself from the competition, Hurbert replied, “Our competitors usually have no experience on how to operate properties and 90% of them provide software with a top-down strategy.” This approach only benefits clients to a small extent, as ESG, especially in terms of standing assets, is all about education and engagement, requiring a practical, hands-on approach to make a real difference. This is where workcloud24 AG excels, regularly achieving an impressive 50% result with a 5% investment. The culture boasted by the firm is straightforward, yet effective. Since engineering, business development, and business practice all go hand in hand, the opportunity is afforded for short cycles of development and consistent operational excellence, which ultimately results in a fully dedicated team who always go that extra mile to deliver services with the highest calibre of excellence and attention to detail. For the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, the company has detailed plans in the pipeline that will soon come to fruition. By the end of this year, the firm’s offices in Austria will officially be opened, adding to operations already underway in Germany, Poland, and Hungary. 2024 will see the release of the company’s “janitor’s app”, a groundbreaking system that will allow for the building of an on-the-spot digital twin, with help from the janitor and facility manager. From there, embedded carbon can be measured, and material passports issued which are valid and vital for the circular economy. Moreover, EU Taxonomy states carbon emissions must be reduced 60% by 2030. If a bank is asked to grant a credit for an asset, they must check that the asset is still bankable by the end of the credit facility. workcloud24 AG knows that in excess of 90% of assets are not ESG compliant, so there will be an increase in demand for ESG reporting as this 2023 deadline draws closer. Never content to settle and always looking to innovate, the company is working tirelessly on a solution to this problem, hoping to use cutting-edge technology such as AI support to overcome the challenges needed to successfully tackle this problem. Contact: Hubert Abt Company: workcloud24 AG Web Address: