Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 24 Statoncoe Lettings is a property management and lettings agent based in Teddington, a suburb of London in the borough of Richmond. The company specialises in managing professional shared houses (HMOs) and singlelet properties across London and the Southeast of England. Statoncoe always puts its landlords first, aware of just how significant a property investment is to them. As the only agent in its local area that provides a personal manager to each property 24/7, the team proudly manages every property as if it were their own. Most Trusted Property Management & Lettings Specialists 2023 - Richmond When two local HMO landlords, Amanda Staton and her business partner Daniel Coe, noticed that their fellow landlords were ready and willing to stop managing their portfolios but did not want to use a high street real estate agent, they quickly sought to remedy a solution. Statoncoe Lettings was subsequently formed to provide a boutique lettings service that could offer the same high attention to detail and excellent customer service that a self-managing landlord would provide. Many of Statoncoe Lettings' portfolio landlords rely on their properties' monthly income to fund their retirement. They also seek to retain these properties to benefit from the long-term capital growth they offer their owners. When landlords become tired of the monotonous day-to-day operations of running their HMO property, they assume the best solution is to sell their portfolio and reinvest the proceeds. Statoncoe Lettings can ease the pressure on landlords, nurturing their properties to yield higher returns and offering a better long-term solution than selling. A key example of recent clients the firm has worked with are landlords Jim and Ann, who took a very handson approach to their landlord duties before handing their portfolio management over to Statoncoe. As a result, Jim and Ann have been able to escape the bustle of London and fulfil their long-term ambition of starting a new life on the coast of Devon, pleased to learn that their rental income had increased. Statoncoe's overarching mission has always been to put its landlord customers first, allowing them to enjoy all that life has to offer with the ability to rest easy, knowing that their property investments are being carefully looked after. To this end, the level of customer service that landlords and tenants receive sets Statoncoe Lettings apart from its competitors, and the property and financial management services that it provides have led to a customer base acquired from positive recommendations and word of mouth. The company knows that reputation matters, and to this end, it has crafted a name for itself in successful dealings with experienced portfolio landlords and those looking to let a property for the first time. Its loyal customers have come to trust Statoncoe due to its successful track record, and the business is proud to have helped its clients retire to the coast, live abroad for the winter, spend more time with their families, or simply ease them of the burden of managing their HMOs. With dedicated property managers, Statoncoe's team creates prosperous relationships between landlords and tenants across all of the properties they manage. HMOs possess unique personalities, and property managers go above and beyond to pick housemates that fit right in. In the case of single-let properties, prospective tenants are handpicked and interviewed, making sure that they are a good match and show the utmost respect for the property. All of the hard work done by Statoncoe Lettings starts with its team, and the company adopts a healthy work-life balance for its employees, with lettings managers encouraged to work flexible hours where they can. Furthermore, Statoncoe's teams work remotely, allowing their working routines to fit in alongside the rest of busy family life. Looking ahead to the future, the company has spent the first half of 2023 streamlining its back office, aiming to support the next stage of the business' growth. Now that this has been completed, Statoncoe Lettings looks forward to expanding its customer portfolio and is developing new services to help facilitate what is sure to be an increased demand in customers as the business continues to go from strength to strength. Contact Details Contact: Daniel Coe Company: Statoncoe Lettings Web Address: