Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 23 Acting as a means for landlords and operators to advertise their properties at low commission rates, with zero upfront fees, Livinc is an online booking platform unlike any other. Offering guests a global network of serviced apartments in over 55 cities across the globe, Livinc utilises its intrinsic understanding of what clients are looking for to deliver results. Join us as we explore how, through its UK, Europe, and Middle East based operations, Livinc has come to accumulate over 3,000 units in rural towns and city centres alike. Best Serviced Accommodation Agency 2023 - Yorkshire Contact: Amy-Louise Brown Company: Livinc - Leeds Web Address: Since its establishment, Livinc has been working with both global operators and small landlords to bring real solutions to pressing matters within the industry. As a distinctive entity within its field, Livinc is committed to ensuring that every client is given an equal opportunity to thrive. Regardless of whether they have a single property, or possess a brimming portfolio, landlords are guaranteed to receive an unwaveringly friendly and professional service. Such a quality is what truly defines Livinc as an accommodation agency – unlike most others within the field, it has built its services on the foundations of true equality between clients. At its heart, however, Livinc is concerned with one main goal – to guarantee that every guest has a seamless experience from the moment of enquiry to securing their new home. Holding immense passion for operating within a space that’s often neglected – namely mid term lets that last between one and twelve months – Livinc places emphasis on a more flexible approach to accommodation. This is accomplished all whilst it tirelessly works to guarantee a tenancy that’s all inclusive of bills, with each location fully furnished and ready to be lived in. And, thanks to taking the form of an exclusively online platform, Livinc provides an accessibility that truly helps it to stand apart. Livinc is a brand under The Parklane Group, and therefore has access to some of the most discreet tricks of the trade. Having hailed as a leader in the property and leisure industry for over 45 years, The Parklane Group grants a breadth of experience to its brands, allowing Livinc to make use of a plethora of sector knowledge. As such, it’s able to adapt its practises in accordance with proven strategies, leveraging its unique stance to deliver fully managed services to landlords and operators. The aim is to boost occupancy, regardless of the nature and status of a client – a truly selfless goal that amplifies Livinc’s undeniable presence. As the cost of living rises, so too does the demand for short to midterm rentals. Whilst there aren’t an abundance of agencies willing to rise to the dire needs of the industry, Livinc has taken it upon itself to become one of the most comprehensive entities for the task. Livinc thrives when helping guests with flexible requirements find the perfect place for them, which truly separates it from the traditional estate agencies that tend to cater towards long term rentals. As such, it’s the perfect pick for those who need a little push in the right direction, all whilst receiving friendly, equal advice, no matter their background. We’re eager to see what the future holds for Livinc as we transition into 2024. Its success is undeniable, but there are still many exciting plans for the future that Livinc was eager to share with us. In Q4 2023, it’s looking to launch the second version of its already immaculate website, transforming it into a tech-driven digital platform that offers a bespoke partner portal, guest portal, and corporate portal. In addition, Livinc is hoping to expand its scope in a geographical sense, with a resounding emphasis placed on growing its presence in the USA, Europe, and Middle East before the end of the year. Its plans for the coming months are nothing short of extraordinary, and we’ll be waiting to see them come to fruition.