Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 22 Offering a wide range of services to investors and tenants alike, E&M Property Solutions Ltd is a cold start property management company that has spent its years honing its ability to deliver a myriad of services to the utmost level of quality. Despite possessing prowess across a variety of specialties – spanning sales and lettings, property refurbishment and conversions, commercial to residential conversions, and HMO conversions – it has gone above and beyond to ensure that its plethora of capabilities have been imbued with equal amounts of excellence. As such, clients can rely on E&M Property Solutions Ltd to deliver comprehensive services that have no competitor. It’s this quality that E&M Property Solutions Ltd truly prides itself on, proving that it really is an agency that operates in tandem with its clients’ best interests. E&M Property Solutions Ltd is an agency that specifically focuses on providing comprehensive property management and maintenance services within the real estate and property space. Having been driven by the previous experience of its Director, Tina Etherington, the company has managed to come leaps and bounds in the six years it’s spent within the industry – as such, it’s notably one of the fastest growing agencies of its nature. All of these combined factors allow E&M Property Solutions Ltd to demonstrate an unrivalled understanding of its field, granting it the opportunity to assist clients with even the most complex of requests. Regardless of the requirement, its thriving network of industry relationships guarantee an outcome that’ll completely exceed expectations. As expressed by E&M Property Solutions Ltd, its most defining characteristic is, by far, its unapologetic dedication to quality. It places a primary focus on delivering exceptional customer service, no matter the circumstance. Whether this manifests through communication with the client, to addressing their needs in a prompt and effective manner, E&M Property Solutions Ltd promises an experience that’s simply second to none within the industry. In short, it has managed to expertly differentiate itself from its competitors, not just through the plethora of services that it offers, but through its ability to deliver said services to an unparalleled level of quality. Its wide Established in 2017, E&M Property Solutions Ltd has spent the last six years delivering continuously improving services to investors and tenants alike. Promising value for money, quality services, and experience spanning over 600 managed tenancies, this cold start property management company seeks to do what has never been done to such an exceptional extent. Join us as we venture through how E&M Property Solutions Ltd leverages its in-depth insights to exceed client expectations time and time again. spectrum of services, complimented by the team’s overwhelming passion for the field, has resulted in a collection of positive reviews and testimonials, each singing the praises of this ambitious collective. No matter how it goes about doing so, E&M Property Solutions Ltd is an agency that has achieving exceptionality at its core. From its services to its team, it displays an unrelenting desire to do the best that it possibly can for its clients, resulting in a trustworthy reputation that has served it well since 2017. Of course, reputations don’t simply occur - E&M Property Solutions Ltd has put in the tireless work to earn itself a name within the industry, and it’s such dedication that has earned it a placement within our awards supplement. The love that it has for the sector is unapologetic, demonstrating a genuine desire to fulfil the needs of clients throughout the region. We truly hope that this award can help to further E&M Property Solutions Ltd’s success as it moves into its seventh year of operation. Contact Details Contact: Tina Etherington Company: E&M Property Solutions Ltd Web Address: Best Resident Sales & Estate Agency 2023 - Lancashire