Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 21 Best Property Rental & Management Enterprise 2023 - Lincoln Originally two successful, locally owned and led companies, each pursuing the same goal, Base Lockwood was born when these market leading businesses merged and formed a rental and management enterprise. It is committed to offering landlords and tenants the best property experience possible, whether this is within or simply around Lincoln, Base Lockwood equips itself with dedication, teamwork, and compassion to deliver a client’s desired result time and time again. Below, we journey through Base Lockwood’s inner workings, and how its operations have earned it a staggeringly favourable reputation within the Lincoln area. Base Lockwood, since its inception, has been tirelessly working to master the art of property management both in and around Lincoln. Leveraging its directors’ 25 years of respective experience, it has garnered the necessary qualifications and insights to advance towards its goals. At its heart, Base Lockwood is an enterprise that’s predominantly concerned with helping smaller, commercial landlords and block leaseholders manage their properties in the most efficient and straightforward ways. As an incredibly diverse region, Lincoln holds an abundance of potential, and Base Lockwood aims to provide guidance to any clients who may require a little extra boost in their property management capabilities. However, none of this would be possible were it not for the exceptional team that helps to drive Base Lockwood forward. Equipped with vast amounts of experience, Base Lockwood’s staff is nothing short of fantastic – time and time again, it has been able to come together to solve even the toughest of enquiries, all whilst maintaining a helpful and friendly attitude. Each individual is a delight to work alongside, regardless of the request, leaving clients feeling as though they’re working with a group of people who genuinely wish to see them succeed. After all, Base Lockwood is an incredibly compassionate agency that really cares for its clients, and this quality manifests through each of its practises. A prime example of this is its willingness to respond when it was called upon to outsource its services to a local student housing provider. When said client was in dire need of assistance in order to ensure smooth administration of their portfolio, Base Lockwood demonstrated an outstanding level of service that far exceeded what one would typically expect from an enterprise of its nature. It prides itself on its flexibility, enabling it to offer a range of services that are suited to any businesses seeking professional approach, and it’s for this reason that it has earned itself a place among this year’s Real Estate and Property Awards Supplement 2023. In short, Base Lockwood is an enterprise that recognises the needs of its clients, and is prepared to put itself in their place in order to identify the best possible outcome. It is fully committed to guaranteeing prompt excellence – something that keeps clients coming back for any of their enquiries or problems. Regardless of what they’re seeking, Base Lockwood is on-hand to help. Though the industry may be complex and filled with competition, it has managed to flawlessly define itself as a separate entity that regularly tends to the needs of clients throughout the Lincoln area. And, once the process is complete, Base Lockwood will be on standby should any additional support be needed. We believe that, as a Lincoln-based letting agent, Base Lockwood has set the standard. Its industry knowledge is impressive, but its most defining characteristic is, by far, the dedication that it displays towards each and every client. Whether large or small, if a company enlists the help of Base Lockwood, it will give its all to secure a beneficial outcome for every party involved. Lincoln really is lucky to have Base Lockwood to depend upon. Contact: Jonathan Lee Company: Base Lockwood Web Address: