Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 20 Despite the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it was clear that the future of serviced offices within Newcastle wasn’t planning to halt its pace. As such, when a brand new concept for a serviced office space was launched in Newcastle Upon Tyne, HiveTree came to be. As a bold, exciting, and revolutionary concept that placed immense emphasis on community, HiveTree marks the revival of a wealth of creativity that has long since been absent from the industry. Below, we venture through HiveTree’s accomplishments, and how these feats have reinvented the sector’s standards. Most Community-Focused Office Enterprise 2023 - North East England Having already earned itself the accolade of ‘Office Space Provider of the Year’ for two years running, HiveTree exemplifies a much needed injection of creativity into an often overlooked industry. The world of office space development is one that isn’t nearly discussed as much as it should be – after all, as humans, we spend the majority of our lives at work. Most of us operate from an office, and yet it feels as though there are some spaces that are severely underequipped to manage this fact. How can one truly flourish, if not working from an environment filled with thought and care? Enter HiveTree – more specifically its most recent projects – who has taken the historical central buildings on Bigg Market within Newcastle’s city centre, and transformed them into a state-of-the-art business hub. What was once a dilapidated building with little to no use now stands as a perfect environment within which workers can thrive, and it’s all thanks to HiveTree’s unwavering dedication to encouraging a creative spark throughout each project. In addition, it has also recently completed a project focused on breathing new life into an old library within Brinkburn. Now, the end result serves as a beacon of refreshing productivity – the likes of which having been in dire demand for years. When creating, HiveTree considers one crucial aspect. How will this project impact the overall community? With this question in mind at all times, it manages to adopt an approach that truly exists to benefit the wider collectives. Revolved around encouraging creativity, constructing a solid community, and producing jobs for individuals throughout the city, HiveTree has tirelessly built itself up to capably deliver on the sector’s most pressing needs. It holds an immense respect for those who will occupy its finished projects, and therefore goes above and beyond to ensure that these spaces are nothing short of spectacular. By forming business hubs from the ground up, HiveTree has demonstrated a prowess in focusing on the fundamentals - granting tenants the opportunity to procure growth, build networks, and achieve success at a consistent rate. It's clear that HiveTree is paving the way forward for Newcastle’s overall business growth. It brings together individuals who are each aligned with one another, be it entrepreneurs or expanding companies, to solidify a sense of community throughout the region. As such, it has had the chance to work alongside tenants such as Pockit, Dollicious, Strive, Milk Education, and Loosedays, just to name a few. These brands, thanks to HiveTree’s brilliance, have been able to thrive in ways that they may have never thought possible, resulting in a much needed boost to Newcastle’s prosperity. In HiveTree’s eyes, for too long has the industry remained stagnant, and it has taken on the task of becoming the face of change. We believe that Brian puts it best - “We wanted to build something that no-one has ever seen before in Newcastle, so it was our mission to design each space as creatively as we could. Every room has its own individual character and theme. We used mixed materials like stone and copper, and experimented with colours and lighting to bring a new dynamic into the usually dull world of office space. Our stylish and quirky-cool offices are infused with the latest smart technology, making them both unique and practical for modern businesses.”. Truly, HiveTree is spearheading the future of office spaces, and we can’t wait to see its influence spread as it continues to revitalise Newcastle on a massive scale. Contact: Brian Austin Company: HiveTree Web Address: