Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 28 Credited as Australia’s first professional body to present courses to those looking to enhance their standing within the property development industry, the Applied Property Development Institute (APDI) has been consistently helping individuals lay the groundwork for their futures. Regardless of whether one is a seasoned professional seeking further knowledge on a specific sector, or a recent graduate wanting to find their feet within this fast-paced industry, the APDI is on-hand to deliver courses to the property leaders of tomorrow. Best Property Development Training Company 2023 - Victoria Having defined itself as a proud Australian provider of Professional Development Courses, otherwise known as MicroCerts, the APDI is an organisation that dedicates its time, staff, and resources to offering practical courses to its students. These case-based courses have been specifically tailored by the brilliant minds behind the APDI for the property development and real estate industry, and act as a means for anybody involved within the sector to gain further insight into its inner workings. Fundamentally, the APDI’s curriculums primarily focus on key topic areas, such as development site acquisition, project investment analysis, and development implementation, to empower students with the necessary skills needed to advance into the next stage of their career. Leveraging its abundance of property industry leaders, the APDI swiftly got to work establishing a solid learning framework through which it would devise its courses. Many years later, it cultivated what we see today – a collection of industry specific courses, each ready to equip learners with the tools that they need to succeed. The present educational model is nothing short of exemplary – by centring around real world case studies, and reflecting the modernity of the current industry, the APDI managed to produce courses that encourage students to design, create, and deliver a Board Report Presentation that meets the standards of some of the industry’s biggest employers. The APDI is acutely aware of just how competitive the property development industry can be, and has therefore gone the extra mile to devise courses that encapsulate everything that an individual could need throughout the entirety of their career venture. Much of the knowledge conveyed through its learning framework can be applied to a variety of stages across a student’s career, lending to an overarching sense of versatility that truly sets the APDI’s courses apart from others of a similar nature. It isn’t interested in short term success, but instead imbuing its students with the power that they need to flourish in the long term. As such, it’s undeniably playing a large role in shaping students into the industry’s next highly sought after industry professionals. In addition, the APDI holds CPD Standards Office accreditation, meaning that students have access to key property development specific topics, whilst also gaining points that are attributable to professional membership bodies. So long as they are members of any bodies among the long list of property development experts throughout Australia, students can benefit from gaining CPD Points through the APDI’s courses. As such, these students in particular are granted the unique opportunity to fulfil their annual professional development quota, whilst also gaining invaluable knowledge from a trusted institute. Truly, the APDI is Australia’s best pathway for anybody wanting to earn themselves a secure spot within an otherwise competitive industry. For years, it’s been difficult for many to advance within the property development field. As brimming with potential as it is, without the proper guidance, it can feel like a monumental task just to get your foot in the door. Thankfully, the APDI prides itself on its ability to grant power to those who are actively seeking to improve their industry standing. Delivered by some of the sector’s greatest experts, the APDI’s carefully crafted courses are the answer that many have been searching for. For this reason, we’re proud to present it with the title of Best Property Development Training Company 2023 – Victoria. Contact: Ben Robinson Company: Applied Property Development Institute Web Address: