Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 29 Best Facilities Management Company 2023 - Central Europe Boasting a presence across the real estate market throughout eight CEE countries, First Facility has spent over four decades delivering expansive management services to its partners. Its brimming specialist portfolio, ranging from infrastructural operations to technical and building management, captures an innate dedication to quality and client alike – one that has only grown since its inception. Let us take you through First Facility’s fascinating history, and how its lifelong partnerships stand as a testament to its excellence. Since the 1980s, First Facility has been tirelessly working to establish itself through the real estate market via its unique outlook on the industry. As a result of its 40 years of activity within the sector, it has managed to accumulate a vast understanding of its operations in a way that most other firms simply can’t claim. First Facility is vividly experienced in almost every aspect of the real estate market, therefore able to rapidly adapt to emerging trends, new demands, and fresh insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by an untrained eye. However, through actively pursuing solutions for clients throughout the sector, First Facility now finds itself in the perfect position to deliver its specialist services in a comprehensive and streamlined way. One of its most recent examples is its latest key project. Having been enlisted by a client to manage two factory sites, First Facility went above and beyond the call of duty. Whilst it specialises in hard services, mostly planned preventative maintenance, it delivered on the client’s need for both soft and hard services alike. Despite challenges emerging, such as the initial takeover process and ensuring all systems were up to standard, First Facility never once faltered in its pursuit of guaranteeing the exact outcome that the client was hoping for. This, of course, was all a product of the company’s extensive experience, partnered with the brilliance of its team members. Its colleagues were the ones that triumphed over the management project, and their professionalism and diligence made it abundantly clear to the client that they had made the correct choice in relying on First Facility. This aforementioned professionalism is just one of First Facility’s defining characteristics. After spending such a long time within the industry, it hasn’t only garnered an immense amount of understanding regarding its operations, but it has managed to settle on what the sector means to both itself and its team as a collective. In turn, it came to work alongside three core values, aptly dubbed as ‘The 3Ps’. These values, as the title suggest, focus on three specific words: precision, prevention, and protection. Making clients happy is key, but, in order to truly succeed, First Facility has devoted itself to ensuring that its clients get the very most out of their businesses. It seeks to encourage longevity, and wholly commits itself to establishing a trusting relationship born from the brilliance of both parties. At its heart, First Facility is determined to provide the highest quality facilities management services possible to its clients, all whilst creating lasting partnerships that are bound to transcend transformations within the industry’s future. Not only is it a trustworthy entity upon which companies can depend, but it’s one that actively seeks the human side of each business it operates alongside. As opposed to viewing itself as a disembodied service helping a collection of nameless individuals, it adopts a personal approach that truly cements the bonds that it forges. This is achieved, all whilst adhering to the best standards possible, guaranteeing a perfect outcome each and every time. For this, we are incredibly excited to introduce our readers to First Facility. Though its long-standing presence in the industry grants it an advantage within the field, its ability to adapt to changes, all whilst upholding that sense of connectivity and partnership, is what makes it truly shine. Exceptional quality is to be expected from First Facility, but, through its interactions with clients within the industry, it has proven that creating long-lasting relationships is the true backbone of this inspiring collective. Contact: Barbara Nagy Company: First Facility Web Address: Gergely Szabó, CEO Tamás Monoki, CEO