Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 In 2005, a proposition was put forward – one that would go on to reshape the boundaries of West Lothian and the City of Edinburgh for many years to come. This proposition was, of course, the Winchburgh Masterplan. Aimed at providing around 4,000 new homes to the area, alongside 50 acres of employment land, education facilities, a new town centre comprised of c 600 homes, and roughly 100,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, this plan would see major economic growth for the area. By combining the natural landscape of the region with the necessities required to encourage the enjoyment of a more modern lifestyle, the Winchburgh Masterplan promised a wholly unique living experience unlike any other. However, before we dive deeper into the genius behind the Winchburgh Masterplan, we believe that it’s necessary to first explore WDL’s impressive skillsets. Primarily operating as a place making and infrastructure delivery company that specialises in selling land to volume UK homebuilders, local builders, housing associations, and commercial developers, WDL came to secure its position as lead Most Trusted Land & Property Development Company 2023 - Scotland Following twelve years of tireless excellence, Winchburgh Developments Ltd (WDL) is a single purpose company that has truly come to understand the scope of its capabilities. Its impact on the industry is simply undeniable – a quality that clearly manifests through the major project for which it was created: the Winchburgh Masterplan. Located twelve miles west of Edinburgh City Centre, this project has served to demonstrate the full extent WDL’s talents. Below, we venture through the Winchburgh Masterplan’s origins, intentions, and results, and how WDL was a key player in bringing it all to fruition. developer for the Winchburgh Masterplan in 2011. It places immense focus on early commencement of development operations, making it the best possible lead for the project. After all, the primary aim of the Winchburgh Masterplan is to deliver a new town that would help boost the local economy, all whilst creating new spaces and reforming former brownfield sites, in a programme that matches the delivery of new homes. As such, WDL was created to represent a coalescence of beneficial qualities. In turn, WDL has also managed to garner an exceptionally high level of engagement with the Winchburgh Community. This has allowed it to continuously monitor the impact that its project has had on the rapidly increasing members of the community. Whether these individuals hail from Winchburgh or have been attracted from Edinburgh or even further afield, WDL has been able to gather insights and perspectives that have ultimately assisted it in shaping the Winchburgh Masterplan in completely nuanced ways. This has for example manifested through the construction of an 85-acre District Park – one that was built at