Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

7 a cost of £8million on a former landfill site – its four additional new parks, a new marina on the Union Canal, and a new motorway junction on the M9. At present, it is estimated that Winchburgh boasts a population of roughly 5,000 people, each able to enjoy the emerging amenities and fantastic locations that the project has to offer. However, this number is expected to soar within the next decade, with an estimate of 13,500 potentially set to inhabit the area upon completion of the Masterplan in 2033. Truly, WDL is looking towards the future, all whilst managing the most important factors in the present. This was first displayed in 2012, by determination of the Planning Permission in Principle, when a flexible consent was granted by the Local Authority to design approximately 40 sites on an ongoing basis. As such, WDL was given permission to branch out, bringing a progressive and creative approach to delivery of the entire Masterplan. WDL is a company that, at its core, is created to deliver fully serviced land. This includes instances of site platforming for the immediate commencement of development operations by partner housebuilders and developers. Its land delivery processes pave the way for developers to focus on their own housing and building products, all whilst operating under the guidance of approved design codes. In addition, WDL places immense emphasis on ensuring that all of this is carried out whilst maintaining minimum pre-construction programming and costs. It’s for this reason that it has accumulated such a stellar reputation – something that has played a huge role in the success of the Winchburgh Masterplan. In short, WDL prides itself on providing easy access for housebuilders and developers over a period of 20 years. Its amenities, local services, and facilities are consistently being delivered on an ongoing basis, all through its Place-Making strategies. It’s thanks to this adept nature that WDL is able to encourage confidence within its stakeholders – one through which they can envision the future of a stable, emerging market just west of the City of Edinburgh. Of course, positive engagement is essential when operating alongside a local community, and WDL promises this in droves. Its communication with the Winchburgh Community Council and Winchburgh Community Development Trust are prime examples of this – through its commitment to active consultations, it’s always able to work with the best interest of the general community in mind. When we queried WDL on what its greatest achievement was to date, it shared with us how, in December 2018, it entered into an innovative ‘contingent liability guarantee’ with The Scottish Government and West Lothian Council. As a result of this partnership, WDL was granted a private and public collaboration guarantee arrangement for the construction of the educational capacities required to reach full completion of the Masterplan. Prior to this arrangement, planning constraints were preventing WDL from developing beyond 550 new homes. However, once the tri-partite guarantee was agreed, it was able to proceed with construction of a 35-acre schools campus adjoining the District Park. In doing so, it already has provided space for over 1,600 pupils, with potential for expansion to accommodate a total of 3,000 in the future. WDL represents what’s possible, should one wish to make enough of a change within a pre-established area. Its innovative eye and dedication to enhancing an emerging town on the outskirts of Edinburgh have allowed it to create a marvellous community – one that’s founded on a genuine desire to provide for the people. It’s for this reason that we’re incredibly excited to share WDL with our readers. We hope that this most recent award title can assist it as it moves closer towards the completion of the Winchburgh Masterplan. Contact: Pamela Spowart Company: Winchburgh Developments Ltd Web Address: