Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 34 As a professional property finder, Stacks works with clients from all over the world who are interested in making a move to the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire or Wiltshire. It possesses local knowledge that is second-to-none, allowing it the privilege of sometimes being able to access properties before they have even come on the market. It will negotiate with estate agents on your behalf to help you secure your desired property at the right price. Stacks has a fundamental vision that is laser focused on its clientele and their specific housing wants and interests. It operates as a wholly independent intermediary, managing clients to efficiently and courteously ensure that the maze of complications property purchase can sometimes involve is magnanimously taken on its own shoulders. It is supremely aware of the huge amount of trust involved when dealing with what is quite possibly the largest transaction most people will ever make. Finding the right new home is a huge decision, and one that can inevitably take up a massive amount of time. For busy people venturing into a competitive market place, Stacks property finding services can be an invaluable aid, providing everything they need to know. It helps clients to get the best property for the best price on the best terms, and takes the stress away from the property search. Stacks works as a buyer’s agent, operating solely on behalf of its clients to find the best property for their money, and help them to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free move. With expert staff members who know the areas well, Stacks has an overarching focus on rural estates and property. A recent project the company worked on involved working with an overseas client, and stands as a typical case study. The aim was to find and secure a large house, within a relatively tight time frame. Stacks spent a number of months identifying suitable properties, and whittling down the choices, to present viewings totalling approximately £48M of property in just 2 days. The client settled on one particular property, for which Stacks negotiated a very good deal under the proviso that the completion was expedited. Stacks was able to assist the client to complete in a very short period of time thanks to its excellent network of topnotch solicitors, surveyors, and other professionals. This meant it was able to confirm the property was good to go, with everything as it should be, and completion was able to be achieved within the target time frame of just 30 days. To do this it was imperative the company was hands on with all aspects of the property business, ensuring it could provide the right people for the job throughout the whole process. Stacks Property Search and Acquisition is a Wiltshire based company offering a helping hand with property searches in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire areas. It provides a property finder service for people looking for new homes, downsizing, searching for the perfect holiday home, or seeking an investment purchase. Its company objective is to put itself in the best position for negotiating on behalf of its clients. The overall mission of Stacks Property Search and Acquisition is to ensure the best interests of clients are protected and maintained at all times. In this respect, the company is proud to go above and beyond what other buying agents offer, with a pinpoint focus and a work ethic that is superlative. Stacks works hard to maintain clients who will return for assistance with other property searches/ purchases over the years, or for help with their existing property long after it has been secured for them. The company puts this down to its ongoing clear and transparent relationship with clients. It can always be trusted to go the extra mile to ensure client interests are maintained and protected. The client relationship is vitally important, and fundamental to successful outcomes for Stacks as a buying agent, property finder, and denizen of country living. Looking to the future, the firm foresees a busy autumn market approaching, particularly as the bad weather this spring and summer caused stock to stall. Thankfully, Stacks predicts a rapid return to normal is on the cards. The company has been awarded Most Trusted Property Search Director 2023 - Gloucestershire in the Real Estate and property Awards. Well done to it, as one of the most experienced professional property finders in the UK. Contact Details Company: Stacks Property Search and Acquisition Web Address: Contact Name: Craig Fuller Most Trusted Property Search Director 2023 - Gloucestershire