Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 14 Best Office Space Supply Company 2023 - Puget Sound Creative Workspace specifically focuses on independent workers, such as freelancers, consultants, counsellors, and other self-employed workers. Although the business hosts field offices and agents of larger companies, independent office workers are its primary focus. Creative Workspace values independence and strives to foster this quality in its clients. In the post-pandemic world, technology is now universally accessible to allow office workers to work from home. It is easier than ever before to operate as an independent worker without back-office support. However, there is still a demand for physical workspaces, as not everyone can work from home. Independent workers may need a place to meet clients, a real-world address, or simply a place to escape from the distractions of home life. It is Creative Workspace’s objective to fulfill clients’ requirements with its range of spaces. All units include large windows and high ceilings to promote a productive working environment. Workspaces come prewired with multiple phone lines, cable, and high-speed internet. Creative Workspace also offers office/warehouse combination units, which allow workers to store inventory and work in the same space. The business prioritises client safety and security with electronic access control, 24-hour alarm monitoring, and security officers. Each private workspace is also equipped with a locking steel door and a unique key. The business primarily focuses on small clients who are underrepresented in the market. Creative Workspace fosters the growth of independent workers and supports the development of startups by providing increasingly larger workspaces. Its team is particularly proud of how they managed regulatory constraints during the pandemic. Creative Workspace successfully navigated the changing landscape to avoid lockdowns and loss of income for its clients. Embracing the business’s core values, property managers at Creative Workspace are encouraged to be independent and flexible in their work, just like their tenants. The company aims to promote an internal culture of trust, confidence, stability, and mutual respect. Creating a positive workplace culture impacts all areas of the business, from customer satisfaction to profitability. The commercial office space industry in the Puget Sound region has experienced a rise in vacancy rates and a fall in rents. The work from home trend and significant layoffs in the area have reduced the demand for office space. Despite this, Creative Workspace remains unaffected and reports occupancy of between 95% – 100% in its Renton Highlands and Lynnwood rentals. Located in Puget Sound, Washington, Creative Workspace is a provider of cost-effective office space for independent workers. With a variety of spaces available, the business offers flexible leases to self-employed workers and provides tenants with their own dedicated and private space. Creative Workspace offers independent workers the opportunity to create their ideal workplace and meet clients in a professional office building. For its reliable, low-cost workspaces, Creative Workspace has received our award for this year’s Best Office Space Supply Company - Puget Sound. In the Washington suburbs, Creative Workspace has few competitors and is unique in its business model of catering to independent workers. The company differentiates itself through its offering of very small spaces with flexible leases. Its rented workspaces do not require a long-term lease, and the simple full-service contract can be terminated at any time. Market competitors provide coworking spaces and hot desks but cannot rival Creative Workspace’s private and dedicated spaces. With a flexible design policy, tenants can customise their rooms to create their perfect working environment. Over the course of 2023, Creative Workspace spent a substantial amount on exterior maintenance. The remainder of the year will involve the business further improving its buildings’ security. Creative Workspace has plans to expand in the future, taking advantage of the evolving workplace landscape. The company will continue to provide cost-effective workspaces and flexible leases to empower independent workers to take control of their livelihoods. We look forward to seeing what further innovations Creative Workspace will bring to the commercial office space industry. Contact Details Contact: Lukas van Ginneken Company: Creative Workspace Web Address: