Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 15 Three years ago, just as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, Naoyuki Kikkawa came to an astonishing revelation that permanently altered both his mind, and his life. The result was Kichi Architectural Design – a design firm that seeks to harmonise land, space, and people through its ideas and projects. Though it specialises in the design of homes throughout Tokyo, Kichi Architectural Design has exhibited prowess in a variety of other areas. Join us as we venture into how, guided solely by Naoyuki Kikkawa, Kichi Architectural Design has developed designs for homes, hotels, offices, and more. Best Residential Design Firm 2023 - Tokyo Company: Kichi Architectural Design Web Address: Contact: Naoyuki Kikkawa Paying mind to the energies of the land upon which it builds, Kichi Architectural Design is a design firm unlike any other. Where most firms would simply approach a project through the lens of the typical construction industry, Kichi Architectural Design does something entirely different. It manages to expertly identify how to create harmony through its works, often taking into account a client’s personality, request, and the overall feel that they’re seeking to achieve through their new build. Once this understanding has been reached, Kichi Architectural Design places a heavy focus on embarking on a project throughout which land, people, and space resonate with one another. As someone who has always been incredibly in tune with the natural resonance of the earth, Naoyuki Kikkawa uses Kichi Architectural Design as a conduit for his spiritual mindset. Often times, this manifests through his design processes, allowing clients to gain a unique perspective on a sector that tends to follow the same trends time and time again. Kichi Architectural Design is incredibly aware of the individuality of people, and therefore tries to forge a design that will succeed in capturing the exact outcome that a client is seeking. Whether this takes the form of a home that harmonises with its family, or a mental hospital that encourages healing through surroundings alone, it has successfully defined its style as an undeniably holistic one. To Kichi Architectural Design, dedicating its lifetime to configuring environments of time, place, space, and people that empower individuals to live as their true selves is what architecture is all about. After all, once a structure is built, it will last for generations, and this is a notion of which Kichi Architectural Design is acutely aware. As such, it truly thinks each design through to meticulous lengths, all in the hopes that each new project will result in an enriching atmosphere suited to those who will inevitably occupy the build. Doing what is useful for the everyday person is where Kichi Architectural Design thrives, placing it a step ahead of other design firms. One key project of great focus, however, is Kichi Architectural Design’s ‘14Days’ project. 14Days is an architectural application of two complimentary philosophies – Japanese Zen and Denmark’s Hygge – created with the intention of fashioning a unique oasis wherein people can discover their true selves, and exist in harmony with this hidden part of themselves. It’s a project that encourages natural healing, leaning from one another, and establishing a union between mind and body. Letting go of self-limiting behaviours that are often present within modern society has been a struggle for many in recent years, and it’s for this very reason that 14Days exists. Kichi Architectural Design truly believes that the role of an architect is to leave behind a beautiful piece of work that the earth will cherish for generations to come. Crafting power spots, through which spiritual energy can flow, is the key – a notion that, since its inception, has fuelled this selfless design firm to constantly create new safe havens for people from all walks of life. It’s this immense love for accepting oneself that formed Kichi Architectural Design in the first place, and it’s what will surely help it to continuously flourish as it undertakes more projects in the future.