Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2023 | 31 Specialising in the development, marketing, sales, and operation of some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and resort properties, Clavis International prides itself on being a one stop shop for owners, developers, investors, and buyers alike. By offering a variety of unique services, Clavis International has made quite the name for itself within the wider market of resort & property companies, with its services known throughout a range of locations around the globe. Below, we venture into its brimming catalogue of services, and how each one demonstrates a primary focus on creativity. Real Estate Agents of the Year 2023 – Hamburg/Germany Contact: Hamid M. Farahmand, CEO Company: Clavis International GmbH Web Address: Having placed a resounding importance on harmonising exclusive living and providing special residential services, Clavis International is a worldwide real estate agency that is eager to introduce clients (property buyers as well as holiday clients) to a completely new lifestyle. It promises to act as a means for individuals to vacation in their own home, so to speak, without having to fret about sacrificing the services that often partner the hotel experience. Clavis International seeks to fill this gap completely – project developers and prospective buyers are granted the experience of a full-service principle, delivered by a globally active and experienced real estate agent. Truly, Clavis International recognises what clients are crying out for within the current industry, and exists to answer the call in a personal and holistic manner. At its core, Clavis International focuses on two primary qualities to ensure that it can truly thrive for the benefit of its clients – consistently providing outstanding, personal services, and adopting a holistic view when approaching projects. These characteristics, combined with its dedication to openness, transparency, and expressing unrivalled enthusiasm, have played a large role in the overall success of the firm. By consistently displaying an authentic love for its work, and maintaining close and regular communication with its customers and stakeholders alike, Clavis International has cemented its place as one of the most trustworthy agents on the market. However, to truly understand the scope of Clavis International’s creativity and innovation, we believe it’s necessary to take our readers on a written tour of some of the agency’s biggest accomplishments. To begin, we shift our focus onto Bades Huk – the first Baltic Sea situated German Resort. Settled in Wismar Bay on a peninsula, Bades Huk combines the wonder of nature with holistic concepts to create a wholly unique, yet astounding, experience. Thanks to Clavis International’s vision, the project stands as a place of longing – one where individuals can escape to in order to connect with nature on a more profound level. Surrounded by salt marshes and immaculately kept beaches, Bades Huk represents a whimsical approach to resort design. This is, in part, due to the fact that it was expertly embedded into a bird sanctuary, with the utmost care taken to preserve the wild beauty of the area, all whilst making it accessible to people of all backgrounds. Comprised of 77 beach apartments, each nestled into one of the most unique natural settings that Germany has to offer, Bades Huk boasts a close proximity to the beach, marina, and golf courses alike, and even offers twelve hotel rooms that have been situated directly on the marina. Truly, its main draw is peace and relaxation – a quality that translates perfectly through each individual choice made by the geniuses behind Clavis International. Every apartment has been created with five star standards in mind at all time, allowing for an incredibly modernised approach amidst the beauty of the natural world. Clavis International went above and beyond to survey the surrounding landscape, all in an effort to capture the unique essence of the German coast and harmonise it with its design elements. The result is what we see today. Bades Huk is a perfect example of the capabilities that Clavis International possesses following the deployment of hard work, dedication, and a genuine love for the craft. However, none of this excellence would have been remotely possible, were it not for the tireless effort that Clavis International has put into constructing a thriving internal culture. Comprised of professionals, each equipped with an abundance of industry experience, it boasts a collection of expertise that’s simply second to none. Through open communication, creative thinking, and innovation, its team has mastered its art – a quality that is immediately recognisable from the moment Clavis International connects with a client. Clavis International fully embraces its title as a seasoned firm. It loves to draw influence from the variety of countries that its team have visited, allowing for truly distinct designs that surpass the boundaries of a typical firm. For this creative collective, no idea is too outlandish – so long as it’s practical, it can be as interpretive as it likes. As such, Clavis International guarantees individuality in a way that no other firms can, granting it a wholly unique edge in such a notoriously competitive industry. At its heart, however, Clavis International is set on creating concepts for different target groups, and leverages its eye for innovation to meet the needs of its clients in new and inventive ways. We’re incredibly excited to be able to share the brilliance of Clavis International with our readers. Through its devotion to ensuring satisfaction throughout each client, whether they’re an investor, real estate buyer, or holiday guest, Clavis International has demonstrated a timeless prowess that is sure to continue as it moves on to future projects. It has long since recognised the breadth of talent that it possesses, which has only served to enhance the creativity that underpins the entire collective. As such, investors receive tailor-made concepts for development, buyers are able to see returns on investment whilst making full use of the finest services available, and holiday guests can relax knowing that they’re in the best possible hands. In short, Clavis International is a collective that has raised the bar when it comes to creativity throughout the resort sphere. Its services are nothing short of superb, and it’s thanks to its overarching dedication to creating something new and unique that it has earned itself a place among the industry’s best. Contact Details Contact: Hamid M. Farahmand Company: Clavis International GmbH Web Address: