Real Estate and Property Awards 2023

11 KOSL was founded 35 years ago by its determined president Bobby BenSimon, with a vision to build high-quality homes. It was always an aim to become the most reputable building firm in Westchester County NY, an ambition that is certainly holding true to this day for the multiple awardwinning company. Bobby brought to the fore his seasoned background in engineering, architecture, and real estate brokerage to quickly establish his company as one of the most sought-after developers in the region. Bobby has been fortunate to receive significant assistance and help in supporting the company to flourish from Vice President, Oran Ben-Simon. He has managed to diversify the company, adding new markets and expanding the company’s project volume. Oran brings a background in business construction management, which he studied at Columbia University to gain an MBA. He is well versed in all aspects of real estate development, and works closely with Bobby on the company’s expansion plans. He is thrilled to see KOSL’s trajectory soaring, with no perceived plateau on the horizon. As one of the best real estate developers, KOSL is always focused intently on client needs. Working extensively with high-net-worth individuals, it is careful to tailor its services around its clients’ lifestyles and goals. KOSL is known and appreciated for its integrity and high standards, with an expertise in residential construction that is unparalleled. The results of this are apparent in the company’s consistent recognition and success within various topic bridging awards over the years. # For example, it has been provided substantial acclaim as the number one builder in individual towns/villages it has worked within, and has consecutively hit the top spot for 10 years running as the best Westchester builder. Individual award titles have encompassed areas such as most projects completed, most unique home, most expensive home, highest builder recognition, greatest development diversification, best custom builder and many more. “Whether you are looking for vacant land to custom build or a completed home, we provide a plethora of options to choose from. With numerous properties in various locations, price points, timing and magnitude, our vast selection can accommodate any and every prospective buyer. Schedule your exclusive tour today!” Primarily, KOSL’s focus within the real estate and development space is on high-end residential properties. Its development interests range from single-family estates to luxury apartments and transitional senior housing residencies. Owing substantially to its rigorous client-oriented approach to each and every project, KOSL is much renowned for its accommodative flexibility across a profusion of clientele. It provides a consistently ordered customisation process that extends all the way from concept to carefully refined vision. Thanks to its extensive experience, KOSL is able to provide options to suit and accommodate any client. KOSL averages 6-8 developments a year, all of which vary in complexity and magnitude. It revels in the fact that every project it works on has its own unique challenges and attributes. It delights in working with a vast array of clients including international moguls, affluent nationals, and often also entailing exclusive arrangements with sophisticated highnet worth individuals. As a top real estate developer, known as one of the best in New York, it always prides itself on delivering the quality and vision clients and partners expect. KOSL has a focus on premium locations and quality craftmanship throughout its construction endeavours. It promotes an ambitious model that has been coined the “Trifecta of Living”. This involves striving to accommodate individuals across several stages of their lives, which might include various living arrangements such as rentals, full ownership, and retirement properties. KOSL’s vast network and intricate expertise has aided it in its ability to maintain a vast array of living solutions suitable for any stage of the client’s life. Real Estate is a hugely competitive industry of course, so it is vital for KOSL to do its utmost to stand out from its competitors. The luxury developer embraces this challenge by treating every project it works on as if it were to be its own personal residence. It thinks that ultimately, what really differentiates it, all comes down to high standards and excellent customer service. Approaching each project with this thinking kept in mind ensures that every client is 100% satisfied, and privileged with conscientious ongoing support. Because KOSL only develops premium properties, the state of the current property market in its area is making it harder and harder to identify good prospects. Thankfully, knowledge and patience are key components of the KOSL attitude, and they are never compromised. Its family orientated team pull together through thick and thin, making sure all its objectives are clearly defined with goals that are aligned. It has several active projects on the books, and about a dozen more pending, so there’s certainly no let up for KOSL as the year draws to an end. It is still grafting away, with an exciting mix of custom and spec projects in the works. KOSL Building has been awarded the title Best Custom Home Builder 2023 - New York in the Real Estate and Property Awards. We are delighted to commend the industrious Westchester builder and developer with another award to add to its growing tally. Company: KOSL Building Web Address: Contact Name: Bobby & Oran Ben-Simon Email: [email protected] Phone: (914)-777-0007