Architecture Awards 2023 Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City Huatan Featuring: Metro Project Services: Best Infrastructure & Construction Management Firm 2023 - Australia As the human race, it is of utmost importance that we come together to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and green world to live in now – as well as for future generations to come after us. Huatan is a cutting-edge, international firm which utilises a plethora of technological advancements to improve design, architecture, environmentalism, care, and the preservation of our planet. We learn from Huatan’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, as it wins its title in the Architecture Awards 2023.

Best Spa & Wellness Resort Transformation 2023 (USA) - The Grand Lodge Nemacolin Since 1987, Nemacolin has been creating magical moments that are simply unforgettable. Tucked within Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands and covering 2,200 acres, Nemacolin offers guests a getaway like no other. With the thrilling grandeur of The Chateau and the modern elegance of Falling Rock, visitors will be inundated with tasteful design and luxe accommodations throughout the property. Undergoing a transformation and reimagination, The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin has people from all walks of life excited to witness its unveiling.

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BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 4 Contents 6. Huatan: Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City 10. Nemacolin: Best Spa & Wellness Resort Transformation 2023 (USA) - The Grand Lodge 14. D&V Customs LLC: Best Custom Closet & Cabinetry Company 2023 – Southern Florida 18. Galant I.D: Most Innovative Architectural Designer 2023 (Lisbon): Yaroslav Galant & Mountainside Residential Project of the Year 2023 (Portugal): Monterey House 20. TBA Studio: Best Education Architecture Design Firm 2023 – Louisiana & Best Elementary School Rebuild Design 2023 (Southern USA): Boley Elementary School 22. Martin Kolarik Home Design: Luxury Residential Renovation Firm of the Year 2023 – Australia 24. OFICINA TECNICA ARENI SL: Best Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm 2023 – Lleida & Best Workshop Conversion Project 2023 (Lleida): Square Bar 26. FMK3 Architects: Best Bespoke Modern Home Design Architecture Firm 2023 – Cebu & Best Completed Contemporary Residential House Design Project 2023 (Cebu): YY House 28. KMF Architects: Best Institutional & HQ Architecture Firm 2023 - Southeast USA & Best Design: Orange County Fire Rescue Training Center, Florida 30. arqflores: Best Residential & Commercial Architect 2023 (Mexico): Juan Carlos Flores & Most Ambitious Residential Design Project 2023: Casa Arriba 32. Shinsaku Munemoto & Assoc., Architects: Most Attractive Architecture Design Studio 2023 - Japan 34. Metro Project Services: Best Infrastructure & Construction Management Firm 2023 - Australia 36. Urbatect Development, LLC: Best Residential Design- Build Firm 2023 - California 38. Modern Gem: Leading Experts in Multi- Family Interior Design & Renovations 2023 - USA 40. B. Russo Designs: Hospitality Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 - South-Central USA 42. I.F.O. Srl: Best International Interior Fit-Out Contractor 2023 – Italy & Most Anticipated Workplace Interior Design Project 2023 (Italy): HQ Enel- Roma 44. BllendDesignOffice: Multidisciplinary Design & Research Office of the Year 2023 - Athens 46. Absolute Civil Engineering Solutions, LLC: Best Women-Owned Engineering Firm of the Year 2023 - Florida 48. kmd architects: Best International Mixed- Use Architecture & Design Firm 2023 - Mexico 50. Layton Consulting Ltd.: Best Glass & Cladding Engineering Specialists 2023 - British Columbia 54. Investwell Architects: Best Woman-Owned Architecture Firm 2023 - Texas 56. Stephensen Constructions Pty Ltd: Best Residential Construction & Renovation Firm 2023 – Queensland 58. Archipix by SPP: Best Travel & Architecture Photographer 2023 - Australia 60. Yanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers: Most Innovative Architecture Firm 2023 – Athens & Best Resort Design Concept 2023 (Greece): Pytharia 62. Allem Nefra Architects: Best Biophilic Architecture Firm 2023 - Saint Barthélemy & Best Natural Stone Residential Project 2023 (Caribbean): Villa Borderline 63. Kobe Construction: Best Residential & Commercial Architecture Specialists 2023 - New Zealand & Best Apartment Development Project 2023 (New Zealand): Clearwater Quays Apartments 64. Dexign 3D: Leading Innovators in AEC Industry 2023 - Orange County 65. VITA International: Best Sustainable Passive Road Safety Systems Manufacturer 2023 – Europe 66. DSA Architects International: Most Innovative Architectural Design Practice 2023 – UAE & Best Architectural Multiple Residence Development (UAE): Jawaher Al Saadiyat 67. ByEmmaJaneInteriors: Best Interior Design, Construction and Finishings Firm 2023 – Oxfordshire 68. D J Luscombe Garden Services: Best Full-Service Gardening Services Company 2023 - Surrey 69. Four Square Architects, LLC: Best Interior Design & Architecture Firm 2023 - Mid- Atlantic USA & Best Completed Commercial F&B Project 2023 (Mid-Atlantic USA): Pizzoco Pizza Parlor 70. Abode Architects: Best New Build Architecture Practice 2023 – Scotland

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 5 71. AIMA ESTUDIO: Best Integral Sensory & Biophilic Design Studio 2023 – Madrid 72. Global Engineering INT: Best Integrated Architecture Engineering & Consulting Firm 2023 – Balkans 73. Tickadeboo Insideout Design Ltd.: Home Staging & Styling Firm of the Year 2023 - New Zealand 74. Erez Shani Architecture,: Best Residential Architecture Practice 2023 - Israel 75. Hustømrerne: Best Nationwide Carpentry & Construction Business 2023 - Denmark 76. ShiStudio Architecture & Interior Design: Most Comfortable Home Renovation Studio 2023 – Porto & Best Modern Home Design Project 2023: Mimo’s House 77. Voltin: Most Innovative Facade Assessment Solution 2023 – Australia 78. Atelier O’R Architecture & Partners .: Most Innovative Sustainable Architecture Firm 2023 - Brazil 79. Naboo Studio: Best Premium Interior Design Specialists 2023 - Warsaw 80. Jan-Jaap van Os: Leading Providers of Building Integrated Solar Solutions 2023 - Netherlands 81. Robinette Architects, Inc.: Boutique Residential Architecture Firm of the Year 2023 - Southwest USA 82. CK Consultancy Solutions Ltd: Most Innovative Residential & Commercial Surveying Company 2023 - West Midlands 83. Turquoise Interior Design: Best Design Consulting & Management 2023 - Maryland 84. Jon Powell Architecture PLLC (JPA): Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Firm 2023 - Northeast USA 85. GIANCARLO ZEMA DESIGN GROUP: Most Innovative Green Architecture Firm 2023 - Italy 86. Charitou Charmm: Design & Construction Firm of the Year 2023 - Cyprus 87. AURA Architecture & Interiors: Best Sustainable Residential Architects 2023 – London & Best Kitchen Extension Project 2023 (London): Straithville 88. ALP architecture ltd: Best Multi-Sector Architecture Consultant 2023 – Yorkshire 89. Ministudio Architetti: Best Interior Architecture Design Firm 2023 – Italy & Best Apartment Design Project 2023 (North West Italy): Double Dream 90. Enrico Muscioni Architect: Modern Luxury Architect of the Year 2023: Enrico Muscioni & Most Innovative Luxury Residential Project 2023 (Italy): Lift house 91. Innerchi Studios: Best Multi-Disciplinary Architectural Designer 2023 – NSW & Most Innovative Community Architecture Project (Australia) - Tallwoods Chapel of Light 92. Global One: Facade Engineering Specialists of the Year 2023 – Balkans 93. Sehw Architektur GmbH: Best Contemporary Sustainable Architecture Studio 2023 – Berlin 94. VM Studio + Architects: Best Residential Architecture Design Practice 2023 – Cyprus 95. Steinberg Dickey Collaborative, LLP: Best Full-Service Muti-Family Residential Design Firm 2023 - Southwest USA & Best Multi-Family Building Design 2023 (Nevada): The Palms 96. JR Arquitectos: Most Visionary Mexican Architecture Firm 2023 97. TotalProof System: Leading Innovators in Thermal & Acoustic Insulation 2023 – Italy 98. Future ECOsystems Sà rl: Best Green Design Architecture Firm 2023 – Switzerland 99. YDS Architects: Leading Innovators in Architectural Design 2023 – Japan 100. MEGASORBER Pty Ltd: Best Soundproofing & Absorption Specialists 2023 – Australia & Most Innovative Soundproofing Solution 2023: Megasorber FM 101. Jenna Bayer Garden Design: Best Bespoke Garden Design 2023 - Mountain View, California 102. IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS: Best Luxury Interior Design Studio 2023 - Belgium 103. Geveko Markings: Most Innovative Pedestrian Safety Product - TacPad™ & Most Vibrant Community Project 2023 (Scotland): Lots of Different Fish Swim Here 104. Mesoni Ltd: Best Independent Construction Consultancy Firm 2023 - UK

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 6 known restaurant chains across Mexico, the country’s leading television networks, and multiple large corporate offices. Not only has Huatan successfully redefined the look of these commercial spaces, but it has also made a tangible difference in residential sectors. These curated landscapes cultivate a sense of familial connection, enhancing everyday experiences and bringing joy to families within their tastefully designed gardens. In addition to its captivating work in landscape design, Huatan is renowned for its creative abilities in both public and private festivals and events. The company’s vibrant and imaginative participation in these occasions is proof of its distinctive originality and commitment to enhancing green spaces. Daniel has been at the helm of Huatan for over 16 years – a tremendous level of dedication from a strong leader with a great vision for a more sustainable way of living. Ensuring that he, and his team, is committed to creating spaces that will stand the test of time, act as great sources of joy, and make the world a cleaner, greener place to live. ince 2006, Huatan has been serving customers in both the commercial and residential sphere. Huatan continues to surpass all expectations in order to create a greener landscape in Mexico. Also working in four major cities in the US – Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Texas – and very soon, Florida - Huatan has already started unbreakable partnerships throughout its time. Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, shares an impressive list of their clientele, which extends to real estate developments, prestigious hotels, a major airport, and various public and commercial spaces, thus shaping the aesthetic appeal of numerous establishments. Huatan’s expertise in landscape design is appreciated by some of the most wellAs the human race, it is of utmost importance that we come together to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and green world to live in now – as well as for future generations to come after us. Huatan is a cutting-edge, international firm which utilises a plethora of technological advancements to improve design, architecture, environmentalism, care, and the preservation of our planet. We learn from Huatan’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Gómez Bilbao, as it wins its title in the Architecture Awards 2023. S Mar23487 Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City “For more than 15 years and with over 10 million square feet planted, we have had the amazing opportunity to transform grey into green with each of our projects and services.” “Our passion is to work to make the world greener.” “For us, each project has specific needs and is completely unique. This is why we seek to design every green space in a special way.”

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 7 Daniel tells us that Huatan works seamlessly by using its entire team’s innovative, creative, and exciting imagination – feeding into “out-of-the-box concepts.” He continues, “We sketch those out on paper and begin drawing the general shape of the project. This is followed by narrowing the ideas down based on the needs of the space and our clients’ experiential requirements, analysing the aesthetics and functionality of our plant palette to propose botanical families that harmonize and introduce well-being in each space.” Each member of Huatan strives to make a difference. They are all part of a multidisciplinary team which operates like a well-oiled machine. Able to work individually to come up with new ideas, and competent in sharing ideas to create simple yet effective solutions for advancements in the industry. The team includes “architects, landscapers, agronomists, industrial designers, biologists, and gardeners. Who their wisdom of ages that have spent generations learning from the land, are the ones who work in each of these processes in order to contribute their knowledge and offer solutions to every need that arises,” says Daniel. Green spaces bring a breath of fresh air, literally and metaphorically. The way plants grow means that they are constantly trading our carbon dioxide for an output of oxygen – purifying and oxygenating our air. Daniel adds, “May each space we design be a contribution to people’s well-being and encourage the rediscovery of the innate bond we have with nature. For each of our designs to be a haven of tranquillity, generating peace and harmony in the chaos of the city, not only for the people who live there but also for all the fauna that lives there such as birds, insects, and millions of other animals.” Not only helping with CO2 capture for the health of the planet, Huatan cares for humans and animals alike. It endeavors to look after the pollinators and all other inhabitants for the greater good of the planet and the health of its inhabitants. Huatan takes pride in incorporating sustainable practices such as Huatan takes initiative to every new journey, every new project, to truly transform “grey into green”.

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 8 converting 80% of waste into compost, replenishing the soil and mitigating subsurface erosion. Furthermore, the firm actively incorporates the use of treated water from diverse industries, contributing to the conservation of water resources. Flora and fauna can completely renovate the landscape, both externally and internally. We can see a shift in how we view the world, but we also feel a shift within ourselves – mentally. Good for our mental health, plants can actually have an impact on the way we feel; plants can lift our spirits, cleanse our bodies with their oxygen output, and soothe our minds when we spend time around them. Huatan creates “small, natural paradises within cities” so that we can find a beautiful escape from all of the intimidatingly grey buildings. Talking of one of Huatan’s fantastic achievements, Daniel tells us, “One of our most recent projects was to give life to a green space inside the most important television station in Mexico.” Ultimately, life isn’t without challenges, but Huatan knows how to tackle them and transform them into windows for opportunity. Daniel continues, “The challenge was to make this space, not only a breath of nature within the facilities but also, serve as part of the scenery for the transmission of its newscasts with the largest audience. For this reason, the concept of this landscape design was created to connect people with nature, both for those who work within the television station and thousands of viewers who see it through its transmission.” By working together as a team, Huatan has increased its success rates and become a great player within the industry. As an integral part of society, landscape companies are doing invaluable work which improves all of our lives in some way. Daniel comments on the industry’s development in the current world. He says, “Landscape architecture, which is our area of specialty, is in a period of global growth. It is a prevailing need for cities to be increasingly greener, for asphalt to be replaced by plants and quads by gardens. People have gone back to look toward nature as a fundamental piece of their daily happiness.” Daniel, amongst many others, believes that “the isolation caused by the pandemic boosted this need for reconnection at an unstoppable speed.” Indeed, we have all experienced the bitter taste that the pandemic has left. After such a tumultuous time it has been magnificent to see companies like Huatan to flourish despite any hardships they may have faced throughout the past few years. Huatan has faced its challenges head on and continued to design and implement its plans for a more sustainable – and beautiful – surrounding environment. By cultivating its own sustainable technology which has, ultimately, pushed it even further into the limelight, Huatan is changing the industry as we know it. “The challenge we face is to create more and better natural spaces using technology as an ally for sustainability, which is why we are developers of our own technology. This obviously implies constant evolution and maintenance,” says Daniel. The four major cities it works with in the US are only the tip of the iceberg for Huatan’s expansion as it continues to look for more partnerships in different locations. Always striving to innovate, improve, and explore new ideas – alongside its technological developments – Huatan is making a huge impact on the world around it. As the first company to successfully export live Mexican plants to the United States, Huatan has truly made a name for itself. Bringing beauty to every project it touches, Huatan consistently advances, makes more connections, and improves the ecosystem – which means that Daniel and the team can continue doing what they do best, all for the greater good of the planet and everyone who lives on it. Daniel adds, “We are proud plant producers with our very own 12-acre nursery that produces more than 1 million square feet of grass and more than 1 million plants a year of different species for our own use, 25% of them with the necessary characteristics for export.” The future will bring even more bright spaces that are rich in texture, colour, scents, and life – whether it be the insects, animals, humans, or plants, all of us can enjoy the luxurious spaces that Huatan creates. Daniel shares, “We are very excited about the future and a new venture of ours is close to becoming a reality. We are about to open a new business project called Casa Huatan which will be our direct sales to the public. Casa Huatan will have three points of contact: a physical store located in one of the most upscale, busiest areas of Mexico City, online sales through our website, and Casa Huatan’s Plant Truck, a mobile shop and display in a retro Campervan conditioned to partially open like a box, with a retractable roof for a panoramic shopping experience.

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 9 “Casa Huatan will be home to an extensive variety of plants that range from the easiest to care for, to exotic and collectibles. We will also offer designer pots, pest control created with Huatan recipes using 100% natural ingredients, and promote the sale of exclusive urban gardens, designed by us. We will also have a plant hospital, where a biologist will give the necessary care to sick plants as well as guides for pest control.” Of course, Huatan will make the opportunity to dine with freshly cut herbs – from its gardens – for a “fully immersive experience”. It is set to skyrocket even further now that the troublesome times are looking much brighter, and the future looks a lot greener with Huatan in the world. With sheer passion towards making our spaces a better place for us all, and the generations to follow, Huatan is doing all it can to thrive in a world that seemed so grey before it. Due to its dedication, care, and top-tier service, Huatan has now won Most Reliable Landscaping & Gardening Business 2023 – Mexico City in the Architecture Awards 2023. We look forward to seeing what it does next! Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: Huatan Web Address:

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 10 to first explore its existing facilities and how they capture the meaning of real luxury. And with a vast array of amenities available to guests and members alike, Nemacolin has managed to cultivate an astonishingly magical atmosphere that spans its entire 2,200-acre reach. From award-winning experiences fit for all ages, to spa and wellness treatments that’ll effortlessly refresh and recharge any guest, Nemacolin boasts an expansive list of opportunities, experiences, activities, and seasonal events. Though Nemacolin started as small hotel with 500 acres of land which Mr. Hardy gifted to his daughter Maggie, it quickly became an exclusive getaway hotspot for guests across the globe. Now serving as a prime location for families, couples, emacolin is renowned for its undeniable style and its overwhelming attention to detail, so when it announced its intentions to completely reform The Grand Lodge, it had guests, members, and associates alike eager to see how it would once again redefine the meaning of luxury architecture. And with its opening date of August 2023 steadily approaching, Nemacolin has enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. The Grand Lodge is shaping up to be Nemacolin’s most ambitious project yet, and the team’s incredible passion for the whimsical and wonderful guarantees an exquisite result that will leave guests spellbound. However, to truly understand the tantalising nature of Nemacolin’s most recent transformation, we feel it essential Since 1987, Nemacolin has been creating magical moments that are simply unforgettable. Tucked within Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands and covering 2,200 acres, Nemacolin offers guests a getaway like no other. With the thrilling grandeur of The Chateau and the modern elegance of Falling Rock, visitors will be inundated with tasteful design and luxe accommodations throughout the property. Undergoing a transformation and reimagination, The Grand Lodge at Nemacolin has people from all walks of life excited to witness its unveiling. N Apr23037 Best Spa & Wellness Resort Transformation 2023 (USA) - The Grand Lodge

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 11 and individuals alike to experience true tranquillity, the property upholds its founder’s legacy in a way that’s nothing short of inspiring. It’s become a resort that encapsulates a whimsical spirit unlike any other, and it does so through its hand-picked selection of both indoor and outdoor activities and thoughtful architecture. Nemacolin embodies the prospect of well-rounded travel and has something for absolutely any type of person from any walk of life. It offers two Pete Dye-designed championship golf courses and Orvis-designed fly fishing for sports enthusiasts, as well as a multitude of activities suited to anyone looking to stay fit whilst they unwind. But if relaxation is the aim, Nemacolin boasts an impressive range of treatments and holistic therapies to soothe guests looking for rejuvenation. In addition to this already staggering selection of opportunities available to any member or guest, it also grants visitors the chance to enjoy fine art and architecture in a way that they never have before. And if guests are looking to hire a luxurious space for any event of their choosing, Nemacolin offers 35,000 square feet of space for meetings, weddings, and corporate retreats to take place. It aims to bring magical moments to life and does so through its astounding attention to detail and incredible prowess in customer service. By combining this with its gorgeous grounds and the jaw-dropping design of its variety of bars, restaurants, and lounges, Nemacolin has managed to forge a unique events experience tailored to each individual need. Of course, its dining facilities aren’t only limited to events. On the contrary, Nemacolin presents guests with exclusive avenues to cater to each and every palate, with each space representing a different type of cuisine, culture, and style. Its most notable, however, is its most recent project – The Bleu Room. Formerly the Lafayette Hospitality room, The Bleu Room encapsulates the whimsy that Nemacolin is founded upon and expresses it in a way that’s seldom been attempted before. Thanks to the design team’s acute understanding of effective architectural design, Nemacolin has managed to create a space that feels truly magical. Hidden away behind a secret door and shrouded in the utmost secrecy, The Bleu Room boasts an exclusive experience for any guest fortunate enough to uncover its whereabouts. Within, it provides a wondrous experience that’s accompanied by only the best tea, craft cocktails, and light bites. All of which are delivered by a uniformed staff of magic makers who each encourage a spellbinding atmosphere that perfectly combines elegance and mystery. Nemacolin’s The Bleu Room is a product of PJ Magerko Liquorice’s vision, partnered with Maggie Hardy’s overwhelming support. Their joined prowess, as well as Smith McLean and Motoki Asaoka’s incredible mastery over their respective design skillsets, allowed for the creation of an ultra-luxury space that’s suited to guests and members alike. Its nature is indescribably unique, and it’s all thanks to the overarching ethos that Nemacolin adheres to when considering any new project: creating “real life magic.” Nemacolin weaves this magic into each and every aspect of its facilities, however, it’s particularly captured in the recent and upcoming transformation of The Grand Lodge. Thanks to the expert minds and skillsets of 84 Lumber, Martik Brothers Inc, Moncur Design Associates Inc, and Gensler, Nemacolin has equipped itself with only the best of the best when it comes to design and execution. These masters of their crafts have worked together alongside the Hardy family to understand the needs of Nemacolin’s guests and members and its vision for the future of the resort.

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 12 As a result, The Grand Lodge demonstrates aninspiring collaboration between utility and elegance that’s designed to leave guests awestruck. When learning a little more about The Grand Lodge’s transformation, we discovered that it will have 56 suites available for guests to choose from, each with extended spaces to provide them with more indoor comforts than ever before. Additionally, the majority of suites will offer a Juliet or walk-out balcony, granting occupants the chance to enjoy an outdoor element of their suites, all whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the resort. Nemacolin knows that its gorgeous grounds simply can’t be missed, and therefore makes the views accessible from many rooms within The Grand Lodge. Though its design is undoubtedly beautiful in every sense of the word, The Grand Lodge will still capture the whimsical and woodsy charm upon which the foundations of Nemacolin are built. Every aspect, from the interior design to the color palettes, helps to emphasize this sense of enchantment, with its exterior also lending itself to the overall theming of the building. This is all tied together by the carefully selected elements of the lobby, which will be completely transformed to better suit the vision proposed by the team. Upon entering The Grand Lodge, guests will be met with a lobby that houses a spectacular split staircase, framing a statement fireplace. This, accompanied by the upscale décor and furnishings, enhances the glamorous and magical elements for which the resort is known, and serves as a reminder to guests that they’re in for a retreat that has all of their best interests in mind. And The Grand Lodge’s majesty doesn’t end there – it will also be outfitted with a study and a new cocktail lounge to act as a late-night hideaway. As a final touch of elegance, the currently named Rockwell’s restaurant will be renamed to Fawn and Fable as it is expanded upon by the brilliant team of experts. With increased size, it will be able to offer more seatingfor anyone looking to enjoy a perfect dining ambiance, whilst also establishing an intimate atmosphere that’ll nurture the needs of any guest. Every detail has been carefully considered,all to transform The Grand Lodge into a spectacle that will be proud to call Nemacolin home. Its reimagining will elevate it to a worldwide measure of luxury, the likes of whichhave not been seen throughout the USA thus far. Nemacolin understands what “special” means. It is keenly aware of the fact that guests deserve luxury, and that it’s only possible through tasteful design choices. Every inch of its grounds have been meticulously crafted to provide the best to each and every guest, no matter their status or background. To Nemacolin, guests should be impressed upon arrival, and its newest transformation project seeks to accomplish this better than any other facility within the grounds. We eagerly await The Grand Lodge’s opening in August 2023, and we look forward to seeing all guests, new and returning alike, appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into crafting this architectural masterpiece. Contact: Jennifer El Khessassi Company: Nemacolin Web Address: Phone: 866.344.6957

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 13

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 14 this first hand. No matter the project, large or small, D&V Customs truly transforms a space with its design and cuttingedge skillset. The architecture sphere within the Southwest Florida region is that of opulence, “Miami-vice ambience, sleek, ultra-modern, contemporary, and neutral building trends with a slight hint of tropical paradise,” Vince says. D&V Customs is one of the few that can keep up with this insatiable thirst for luxury, while still utilizing a space to its maximum potential. Its signature built-in closet system allows for more space within a room, while increasing the richness of the overall aesthetics. The closet itself is customizable so that each client can see their unique and individual style reflected throughout the design, but in a functional way to fit around their everyday lives. Not only does D&V Customs cultivate the perfect environment for stress-free, uncluttered living, but it raises the bar on luxury. Its molding and trim services help to restore, improve, and elevate a room so that we, too, can experience the elegance we wish to see and feel in our own space. In addition, its renovations completely transform living and working areas. Using a plethora of sustainable materials and utilizing its design capabilities, D&V Customs’ final product can be exuberant, tranquil, or anywhere in between – it’s completely up to you. With D&V Customs, you don’t have to compromise on anything. The longevity of D&V Customs’ final products ensure its clients don’t have to redesign and reconstruct their closet spaces every decade or so, allowing them to live freely and enjoy their homes for many years to come. &V Customs is a highly professional and pioneering manufacturer of quality cabinets that do more than stand the test of time. Its creations and renovations take its clients’ spaces to greater heights by opening up new opportunities for design, structure, practicality, and, of course, sophistication. Vincent M. Tomé, D&V Customs’ Chief Executive, tells us more, “We are passionate about modern design and building methodology to ensure we provide the utmost quality and craftsmanship to our clients. We specialize in remodelling luxury homes and high-rise condominiums located along the South Florida coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We provide cabinetry services for general contractors (residential and commercial), direct to consumer, builders, interior design firms, and even real estate agents/investors.” D&V Customs has over 40 years of combined experience behind its brilliance, and its many clients have all experienced When we own or rent a home, more often than not, we look for ways to elevate its design and functionality. There are many projects we can take on, but most of them need a steady hand and years of experience to carry them to perfection. D&V Customs is a high-end custom cabinet manufacturer as well as an accomplished carpentry and design firm. We hear from D&V Customs’ dedicated Chief Executive, Vincent M. Tomé, as it wins its title in this year’s Architecture Awards. D May23477 Best Custom Closet & Cabinetry Company 2023 – Southern Florida “Quality you can count on.” From renovations to molding, trim, and closet spaces, D&V Customs designs and develops the perfect harmony you wish to see in your world. Why should anyone compromise when it comes to dazzling design versus practicality, and even sustainability?

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 15 The built-in closets that D&V Customs creates are made of pre-finished birch plywood that is strong and hardwearing. They come with many doors and drawers, an abundance of shelving, plenty of adjustable hanging rods, and can be made to order with any colour its clients may desire. In addition, each and every custom project comes with a one-year labor warranty for extra peace of mind. Maximizing living spaces can be one of the most helpful things we can do, and, with D&V Customs, it has never been easier. However, D&V Customs doesn’t simply work on a residential level, it is also heavily involved in the commercial segment. Vince shares, “We’ve just recently completed a dentist office, Barkley Pediatric Dentistry in conjunction with Summit Building, located in Fort Myers, Florida. One aspect of this project that presented difficulty was that the job was located 60 miles away from our shop and office. We are proud of ourselves for tackling high-volume projects like this, and we look forward to the challenge of taking on more.” By transmuting challenges into windows for opportunity, D&V Customs has risen to the top and become the best in Southern Florida. Another challenge that presented itself to D&V Customs was the damage caused by Hurricaine Ian late in 2022, but the business decided to roll up its sleeves and dig in to help the people within the area. Vince comments, “This year we landed our largest project to date, a $1.2million flood damage renovation project in conjunction with Krehling Construction as the licensing partner. We’ve made it our mission to rebuild the lives of the residents affected by the storm, as fast and efficient as possible.” The disastrous and devastating event caused an almost irreparable amount of damage, harm that could only be fixed by those with the highest level of experience within the trade. D&V Customs rose to the challenge and, with its strong partnership, took charge of the situation for the greater good of the community. Vince adds, “We even donated several new kitchens to lower economy neighbourhoods such as mobile home parks for residents who did not have insurance protection to cover flood damages.” D&V Customs’ work for the community which surrounds it just shows what kind of business it is. Putting its best foot forward, no matter how challenging it may be, the entire team pulls together to create something astonishing for the people of Southern Florida. When speaking of the team, Vince enthuses, “We have a dream team in place right now, and we owe much success to

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 16 our workforce as they have powered us through these large projects allowing us to scale.” Without the team behind it, D&V Customs wouldn’t be where it is today, and without its founders it wouldn’t be here at all. Vince and Dennis, Vince’s father and business partner, created D&V Customs to address the needs of the surrounding community. Vince tells us, “With my partner/father Dennis’ union carpenter and trade knowledge, coupled with my creative design skills and guru like lead generation strategies, we’ve adopted a distinctive design preference and style that has captivated our clients. A blend of modern and traditional. Historically, we are not natives to this area of Southwest Florida but, through years of networking, we have established long term relationships and many repeat customers.” Dennis has dedicated his entire life to his trade, and Vince has gained an incredibly rich knowledge of design and operations. Together, they are completely balanced, and totally unstoppable. With an elite understanding of project management, Vince works meticulously through the design phase of each project. Once that is complete, D&V Customs enters the planning phase, “where the team of artisans brainstorm ideas on how to approach each task. This will ensure the best possible solution is extracted during any given situation.” It is D&V Customs’ dedication to the desired outcome, while enjoying and savouring every drop of the process, which powers its every move. Vince continues, “I will then map out the project in its entirety, planning each phase down to the date.” By managing everything in an expert fashion, and staying transparent with each client, the business tackles any challenges that may surface. Whether that’s construction delays, which are common on a global scale, or otherwise, D&V Customs effectively meets its demand and passes the test with flying colours each time. Many clients have left reviews that truly reflect the intensely successful performance of the D&V Customs team. Dan M said, “Denny and Vince are hardworking and have the utmost integrity.” Rich D commented, “Vince is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable at his craft. Closets and cabinets look better than expected! If you need any carpentry work done, these are the guys!” Joseph P said, “They did amazing work after the hurricaine to restore my condo back to a much better version of what it was!” Devoted to its immaculate work and then delivering on budget and on time – every time – D&V Customs has now won Best Custom Closet & Cabinetry Company 2023 in Southern Florida. Speaking of the future, Vince tells us, “As a firm, we plan to continue expanding our manufacturing operation so that we are equipped to complete projects at a faster rate. We are looking for the right CNC machine suitable for our facility and, once we accomplish this goal, our fabrication process will be fully automated. We’re also launching our own branded line of cabinetry with innovate door styles and custom mixed paint colours.” 2023 looks bright for the specialist design and manufacturing company and we can’t wait to see more from D&V Customs. Contact: Vincent M. Tomé Company: D&V Customs LLC Web Address:

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 17

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 18 York, with further success in the Paris Design Awards in the same year, and in 2021. “Several of the studio’s projects have also won awards in European design and architecture competitions. The studio was nominated for the Premio Nacional do Imobiliario, Portugal’s highest award in the Office Premises category, in 2021.” We’ve firmly established that Galant I.D. has secured an indelible reputation in the industry through a consistent ability to drive towards incredible creativity and dynamism. Yet, let’s take a look closer still at the portfolio on which the studio has built its foundation. With houses, apartments, hotels, offices, hospitals and restaurants among its works, it’s clear that the firm embraces challenge and variety. “Building a house is not only about the appearance and location of the premises. Space is not limited to interior design and furniture arrangement. The owner’s mindset, how sunlight enters, the angle of the roof, and the ergonomics of movement for you and your guests or clients are all part of the architecture and design of the space. The work of creating space is, first of all, the creation of a single volume of you with the surrounding world and nature.” “Together with our customers we create a future space for working, for living, for business, for relaxing, for comfort, for spiritual relations with outside world,” Yaroslav continues, detailing the mindset and approach that defines the studio. This project involved a family country house, inscribed in a mountain range and integrated into the natural landscape, created for summer and winter holidays. The spacious hall welcomes guests and their friends with a large front staircase made of metal and referring to the classic palace staircases. Dining area with open kitchen and large dining table with five chandeliers Zaha Hadid design. The other wing of the house is used for gathering the whole family around the fireplace, accompanied by gentle sounds of alant I.D.’s portfolio, in many ways, speaks for itself. Partnered with the studio’s catalogue of accolades and awards, Yaroslav Galant has proven himself to be a force on the larger industry, renowned for pushing boundaries and expectations equally. As Founder and Chief Designer, Yaroslav has endeavoured to create spaces that explore space, form and function, utilising technology and traditional methods to tread new ground, and set benchmarks. Here, Yaroslav begins by describing some of his most recognised works. “The studio’s daring projects frequently catch the attention of international media, being awarded the “Golden Arch” in 2008 for his design of a shipping company’s office in Odessa in the category “Public Interior. Hotels. Offices.” I was also honoured with the “Domus Design Magazine Choice 2008” award, and work frequently with the hard high-tech material DuPontTM Corian®, with which I created the unique furniture collection “Ukrainian Patterns,” which was first shown at the MKTM-2010 exhibition, showcasing traditional Ukrainian ornamental embroidery on a solid Corian surface. This project was recognised by the National Register of Records of Ukraine for the project’s 164,000 holes and 14,000 m of threads. “The one-of-a-kind collection was also shown at the Milan Design Show in the spring of 2012, where I represented Ukraine. The project was similarly recognised by international experts as one of the brightest and most original projects in the Milan design week programme.” Over 2012 to 2015, Galant I.D. worked in Ukraine across a variety of prominent projects. Many of those were included in core industry publications such as Crazy BQ and Rambutan. “In addition, the Bite & Go restaurant was featured on the leading architecture website DesignBoom. In 2015, the studio was awarded a contract to construct a restaurant in the heart of Lisbon. During our time in Portugal, we received orders for the construction and implementation of new projects, the majority of which were later awarded at design and architecture competitions and symposiums. The studio’s work will continue in its new home in Portugal,” Yaroslav adds. But the accolades only keep coming, and in 2020, the studio received a gold statuette at the Mus Design Awards in New Yaroslav Galant has long been held as one of Europe’s most exceptional designers. As CEO and Founder of Galant I.D., Yaroslav has impressed and flourished in the industry through an ethos defined by innovation. On the back of his dual recognition in the Architecture awards programme, we spoke with Yaroslav to find out more. G Mar23617 Most Innovative Architectural Designer 2023 (Lisbon): Yaroslav Galant & Mountainside Residential Project of the Year 2023 (Portugal): Monterey House Monterey House, Private Residence Location: Serra de Estrella, Portugal Galant I.D.

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 19 a piano. On the second floor there are four bedrooms, dressing rooms and two bathrooms. The architecture of the house repeats the surrounding landscape - rising columns and the geometry of the roofs are associated with the tops of pine trees and mountain peaks. The palette is all dark browns, greys, metals, seamlessly blending into the surroundings with an understated, but nonetheless contemporary, look. Natural lighting is used in ample measure, making good use of the surrounding environment to create a space that revels in man-made artistic lines juxtaposed effortlessly with the natural. These same lines are balanced perfectly with curves, drawing the eye across the façade of the house and to the statement forms marking the entrance. Company Name: Galant I.D. Contact Name: Yaroslav Galant, CEO and Founder Address: Rua Filipe Folque, Número 7, 3Dto, 1050-110 LISBOA, Portugal Web Address: Telephone Number: +351 968-344-198 ARQUITECTURA E DESIGN DE INTERIORES

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 20 existing building creating a new welding shop for the students. The front of the shop compliments the main campus but also defines its own appearance.” In many ways, this project perfectly encapsulates what makes TBA Studio great – that is to say, how it puts together many otherwise separate pieces into a cohesive, potent whole. Many firms can struggle to unite a project into a holistic package, especially when juggling a large team comprised of many moving parts, all while ensuring that the client’s expectations are met at every beat. TBA Studio, under Tim, almost makes it all look seamless from the outside looking in. “Our work is informed by a holistic approach that begins with the end in mind. Through an intensive information-gathering process, we develop solutions that balance clients’ priorities and budgets with their project’s impact on the community. This approach is strengthened by a strong background in construction that helps us navigate around common construction challenges early in the design phase,” Tim begins, outlining the team’s careful step by step machinations. Nothing, after all, is accidental when it comes to TBA Studio. What we see here culminating here was decades in the making. “At TBA Studio we begin with conceptual planning. We believe good planning is at the foundation of architectural planning and design. From long-term master planning to big-picture conceptual planning, we help clients pinpoint the critical details needed to move forward with architectural goals on their timeline, as budget allows. Our process depends upon a thorough understanding of the client’s goals in balance with site-specific information, community context, and architectural precedence. TBA Studio continues into Programming with critical issues such as function, number and type of occupants, furnishings, equipment needs, community context, site setting, and budget considerations are identified and detailed. Programming also involves setting budget goals and detailed construction timelines.” It would be remiss to gloss over the team’s balance of the ‘old’ with the ‘new’. That is to say, the artistry of the past, with the technology and hard-learned lessons of the new. “Whether we’re developing detailed technical specifications, designing interiors that welcome and wow, or creating a cohesive approach to a multi-campus brand, we aim to create spaces that meet owners’ objectives and inspire occupants’ best performance,” Tim adds. There’s a strong ethos that forms the undercurrent and foundation of TBA Studio. This ethos and approach has worked to distinguish the firm among what is, by all considerations, a fiercely competitive environment. That central ethos is commitment, alongside a robust diligence to forging strong partnerships through that commitment. There can be no doubt that TBA Studio – and Tim equally – has flourished through those partnerships, with clients that have every expectation met, then exceeded. As Tim explains, this commitment begins at the first meeting. “We strive to build lasting relationships with clients and prioritize clear communication with all project partners. This helps us deliver projects that make a meaningful impact in their communities. While we have a strong focus on designing next-generation facilities for sports and higher education, our team also carries extensive experience in delivering innovative institutional, commercial, and multifamily solutions. We bring our excitement to innovate to every project, and we leverage a range of solutions to get results. “Today, TBA Studio has offices in West Monroe and Bossier City, Louisiana. While we are focused on growing our full-service architectural design firm’s services and reach to better serving our clients, our priority remains on bringing a personal, servicefocused approach to every project.” Let’s look at one of TBA Studio’s most notable and recent projects – Louisiana Delta Community College. Ultimately, the firm has found noted success through the designs it creates for the education sector, especially those which require an innovative and dynamic approach. As Tim moves on to discuss, TBA Studio excels in this area, and in its ability to meet otherwise challenging criteria. “Louisiana Delta Community College was in need of an upgrade to its existing campus in Ruston, Louisiana. After evaluating multiple sites, it was determined that the new facility would be located at the current location. The existing building was demolished, and a new state-of-the-art facility was designed and constructed. “TBA Studio incorporated neutral and blue exterior metal panels mixed with LDCC’s brick to provide a balanced contrast in the exterior design. The facility has a double-height lobby with a curtain wall facing north allowing natural light into the area to create a grand entry for the students and faculty while also achieving an aesthetically pleasing view for people passing through Ruston, Louisiana. TBA Studio also renovated an Established in 2004, TBA Studio has curated a formidable presence on the greater architecture landscape through its full-service, expert offerings that span all phases of design, planning and construction. Following its dual recognition in the awards program, we spoke with CEO Tim Brandon to find out more about TBA Studio’s esteemed services and unique approach. Mar23518 Best Education Architecture Design Firm 2023 – Louisiana & Best Elementary School Rebuild Design 2023 (Southern USA): Boley Elementary School TBA Studio