Architecture Awards 2023

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 64 and environmentally considerations. After all, if we don’t design spaces that incorporate those considerations – by tackling it at the root design phase – the drive will slow to a crawl. In this technology will play a significant role. “The Architecture profession has a very important position in society because the built environment is always needed and growing annually. The industry has continuing issues for the last two decades in their project delivery process as the existing platforms are based on older foundations not taking the advantages of latest technologies yet wasting billions of capital annually. It’s important that we make drastic changes now.” All in all, the future of the firm is a continuation of the work it has achieved thus far over its lifetime, as Ghazala explains in her closing comments. “Dexign 3D is very optimistic about its future contribution to the building industry. The proprietary platform IDS is designed to be the future of project delivery for the entire AEC industry as it is solving many long term issues and long term concerns for user community. We have recently started products promotions on our website for two upcoming products.” Company: Dexign 3D Founder: Ghazala Miftah Email: [email protected] Web Address: n a nutshell, Ghazala identifies Dexign 3D’s offerings as similar to that offered by Netflix – innovation through technological development. While many endeavour to emulate the sort of success that has been driven by the largest corporations and enterprises on the global business landscape, few can say that they have achieved it. In many ways, the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries need the acceleration that technological development offers. The difficulty lies in creating a solution that appeals to a wide audience, fulfilling endless criteria and considerations – it’s easy to see how such a solution has failed to take root entirely. Yet, that is exactly where Dexign 3D has positioned itself, with all signs pointing towards enduring success through its next-generation offerings. “Netflix have changed the industry through digitization and lead to the end of Blockbuster. History might repeat itself here. Exceptional user experience through innovation and creativity is the major goal of our IDS (Innovative Design System). Our priority project from IDS platform title as IDS Climate Smart I-BOT with C-MG technology is now entering into execution. This project has a resolution of achieving AIA commitment 2030 for net zero emission buildings.” “The Climate crisis is not a problem of a single country, a single continent, or any region around the globe but it’s a problem of the planet we all live in, Earth. Policies, finance, actions, and collaborations will not work without an authentic solution and there is lot of work already done in electrification and carbon handling technologies. The result can be well seen as the climate crisis is aggravating each year instead of sustaining or declining. Focusing on global scale solution C-MG technology as part of IDS, Climate Smart I – BOT is a thoughtful work towards authentic solution to sustain the climate crisis and eventually towards reversing the issue. Innovation is the core for C-MG model. Research for this project includes the NASA climate data, Google earth relevant data and Dexign 3D Research. At Dexign 3D we strongly believe that Innovation has no end and the power of human potential to resolve unsolvable issues is very strong.” As Ghazala rightly spotlights, the architecture industry holds a central role in the greater movement towards sustainability The architecture, engineering and construction spaces require excellence on multiple fronts, and a dedication to staying aloft despite consistent uncertainty and challenges that are sure to shift paradigms as we move, collectively, forward. As pioneers and innovators, Dexign 3D has thrived under these conditions. We spoke with Founder Ghazala Miftah to find out more. I Mar23563 Leading Innovators in AEC Industry 2023 - Orange County