Architecture Awards 2023

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 63 Mar23594 ith some 25 years’ experience under his belt, Blu has more than enough experience setting the foundation for Kobe Construction’s current and enduring success. With a focus and mindset directed towards sustainability and client-centricity, it’s easy to see how the firm has established itself over the last eight years, with all signs pointing to further growth and expansion in the near future. As Blu explains, every project and, indeed, every day on the job comes from a place of passion and a need to exceed every client expectation. “The entire team is deeply passionate about all aspects of Architectural, Commercial and Residential properties, with a mission to push boundaries on behalf of all of our clients to achieve maximum results. The team work closely on each project with precision, positive energy, and systemic steps to ensure your project runs smoothly and achieves completion timelines. I make sure that I’m present each step of the way.” For this, Blu and Kobe Construction have long been recognized for their comprehensive and thorough attitude as a New Zealand building professional. In particular, Kobe Construction has a specific focus on technical delivery, with a comprehensive process that covers all aspects of system and tool development – and a noted specialised experienced with Mass Timber project delivery. “Kobe Construction is a sustainability conscious company with a fundamental focus of working to develop methodical processes to reduce carbon in construction. We have developed comprehensive Virtual Design Construction Modelling tools that enable us to Design, Build and Estimate virtually enabling project development budget expectations to assist our clients to get the most out of there development. Once the project is ground ready, we can then take the developed model to site to full scale to showcase the final product in Augmented Reality and then survey the delivery to absolute accuracy no matter how complex the design intent maybe.” The remarkable Clearwater Quays Apartments were part of a case study for the ‘Mid-Rise Wood Construction’ partnership between Red Stag Investments and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The case study was undertaken with the intention to be an open source, with all project information being made available to showcase the advantages of the new building materials and methods. As New Zealand’s first mid-rise apartment building, Kobe Construction was awarded the build for their expertise and precision in Mass Timber Construction. There’s something exceptional about Kobe Construction, albeit one that is simple in premise – to deliver results. Partnered with its innovative core, it has set new benchmarks for excellence within the New Zealand market, with a future defined only by further growth and development as it moves forward in a sector that looks set to offer ample opportunities – for those with the skill and expertise to capitalise on them. Company Name: Kobe Construction Contact: Blu Tipler Telephone: +64 581 999 General Enquiries: [email protected] Website: W Kobe Construction launched in 2015 with a central vision – to deliver exceptional, high value, costeffective project delivery across and throughout New Zealand. By all regards, it would be safe to say… mission accomplished. But Founder and Director Blu Tipler isn’t done yet. Not by a long shot. Best Residential & Commercial Architecture Specialists 2023 - New Zealand & Best Apartment Development Project 2023 (New Zealand): Clearwater Quays Apartments “Our vision is to use innovative techniques and work alongside forward-thinking stakeholders who share our vision to deliver sustainable projects with a highly adaptable team focused on delivering exceptional results with a solution-based approach to safety.” -Blair (Blu) Tipler, Director